Importing Daz Character to Blender 2.8 – FBX vs Daz Importer

Greetings. I’m Will Whitfield with W
three productions if you’ve seen some of my previous videos I’ve discussed how
to import a Daz character from Daz Studio 4.10 – blender 2.79 using either the FBX
or film box method or using the Daz importer from diffeomorphic. I’ve been playing arround with both methods in
2.8 beta and have received some different results. I talked about it
briefly on my website at W three production dot com but I wanted to talk
about it more in depth in this video. I’m gonna bring up a bigger version of this
picture right here and zoom in a little bit. On the left we have a character
brought into blender 2.8 using the film box method on the right we have the same
character brought in using the Daz importer development version. the Daz
importer gives us pretty much what we would expect coming from Daz studio on the
left with the FBX version we have a slight difference or major difference
depending on your character. FBX now uses the principled shader upon
import automatically which is an improvement but there are some drawbacks.
The metallic and specular values are turned all the way up giving us this tin
or doll shaded color or shaded skin and hair. The clothing looks a little less
realistic, the eyes don’t come out as really brilliantly as you would expect,
and the shadows I think a little bit harsher than in the Daz importer version. Now I’m going to show you what’s going
on in blender 2.8. before I do that I wanted to show you that you can get the
latest development version of the Daz importer from If you go
down below the second picture there’s a link for the development version which
is known to work in version 2 point 8. I do have some viewers saying that the
latest stable version of 1.3 may also work in blender 2.8. So here we are in
blender version 2.8 I have already imported the Daz importer version of
the character and the FBX version of the character. I’m going to go through the
FBX version first on the right. So I’m going to go ahead and click on the body
and move this up. I already have the shader editor already populated here and
this is the general setup you’ll see for all the materials for the FBX version.
And as you can see there “several” materials. For each version or for each
material you’ll see that the metallic and specular values are turned all the
way up. So in order to fix that problem you have to turn all these down for all
of these materials which can be time-consuming. And this so this material
are I’ve already turned it down and in the preview you can see it’s a little more
realistic than the other ones. The other problem comes in with any material that
requires an alpha Channel. And I’m going to scroll up here and click on the hair
for the best example. Because hair each hair material requires an alpha
Channel. And by default the way it’s setup, this principled shader is already
connected to directly to the material output. In order for the alpha channel to
work I had to add in this mixture and also a transparent shader. I mixed a
transparent with the principled shader using the image texture given as the
factorial input. And that has to be done for every material using alpha channel
for this character. That includes the hair. Also on the body that includes the
eye reflection adding these two nodes in and also for the eyelashes. Adding these
two nodes in. You don’t have to do that for the Daz importer version, because it’s
already done for you upon import. Just as a quick note, upon all the other steps
you need for to get to add Daz importer working, one of the parts you need to do
is go to edit preferences and add your zip file using the install add-on from
the file option here. There are also a few differences when you import a Daz
character clicking on that Daz file we have some different material
options here in the bottom left. The opaque materials are diffuse materials
is pretty much the same with the two choices being BSDF or principled shader.
There’s an addition of the reflective materials you have the BSDF, principled.
Guess is supposed to be for having a better solution for eyes and custom is
supposed to be a better solution for glass. There’s also an option to bring in
an environment for the world. So clicking on the hair for the Daz
importer version we see we already have the mix shader here being fed by the
transparent shader and the principled shader. And using this image texture as
the factorial input for each material that make up that mix up the hair. Same
thing for anything on the body including the eyes and the eyelashes. And this
setup is what gave us the results we see right here. One thing I haven’t accomplished yet is
getting this to work in the Eevee renderer because the the alpha channel
material doesn’t work for either character. Eyes come out white and the
eyelashes come out as one solid material. But this does work well
with the Cycles engine in 2.8. Again my one hang-up with why I don’t convert
completely over to the Daz importer is that I have not found a way to bring
over the Morphs from Daz studio into the character. I use Morphs a lot when I use
the lip synching add-on in Daz studio. I could save poses and actions in Daz studio and
import them here using the Daz importer but that doesn’t help with the lip syncing. If you found a way to make that work, I love to hear from you.
There’s a lot more to explore in blender 2.8. Thanks for watching. If you
learned anything today, please be sure to LIKE, subscribe, and comment down below.
And definitely share with other 3d artists you may know out there. Have a
blessed day!

9 thoughts on “Importing Daz Character to Blender 2.8 – FBX vs Daz Importer

  • I am loving the daz importer, but i do notice that the eyes are having issues. Also, when I try to do an FBX export to Blender with the character posed in Blender, The entire character ends up all screwed up for some reason.

  • For the Eevee settings, there should be a Settings section near the bottom of the material tab. In Eevee, there is a Blend Mode. Change that from Opaque to Alpha Blend. There are other Alpha choices as well but I don't know which works best.

    Change this for every material with an Alpha Channel in its node setup. This should include Hair, Eyes (Eye reflection, Cornea, etc), and Eyelashes.

  • One point worth mentioning re: Daz Importer vs. FBX: The Daz Importer actually imports JCMs & automatically sets up drivers for them in Blender, which is kind of amazing (and crucial if you're aiming for realism).

  • I am confirming that the Daz Importer from Diffeomorphic does not support animation that originated in Daz Studio, that is, if you have FBX animations from Mixamo imported back into Daz, e.g., you could not import those animations into Blender using the Daz Importer?

  • Any idea why nothing appears in the view port when I import using daz importer? I can see it in the Outliner with no bones but nothing in the view port. And I also exported the json file with the same name.
    Using Blender 2.8

  • The Daz Importer does not work in 2.8 candidate 2. Getting an error when I try to initialize it in preferences.

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