Import MakeHuman Files to Blender for Mac (Tutorial)

Good morning everyone! I’m with Forgotten Tree Studios and today
I’ll show you how to import MakeHuman files into Blender for a Macbook. There’s other tutorials on Youtube on how
to do this for a Windows system, but I’ll show Mac users how to do this because the
file system is slightly different. So what I’m using is the MHX2 Plugin, and
I’ll show you how to install this onto both your Blender and MakeHuman directories. I’m using Blender 2.78 and MakeHuman 1.1.0. I’ve also tested this on 1.1.1 and it does
works. This plugin works as of today, May 2 2017. If there’s new releases in the future, I’ll
try update you guys. So to get started, I’ll put the link to this
site in the description below. This is where you can download the MHX2 Plugin. So click here…It will take you to a Dropbox
site. And you can go ahead and download that. So I saved it here to my downloads folder. There’s a zip file and also the unzipped files. You can unzip the files yourself if it doesn’t
do that automatically. You’re going to see 3 different files. What you are going to do is go into your Finder
window, and go onto applications, you’ll see all your applications. First we can install it onto MakeHuman. So right click on your MakeHuman application,
and click Show Package Contents. Now open up the contents, then open up Resources. Under resources, open up the plugins folder. Go onto the 3 files you just downloaded, select
9_export and also README. Both of those files. Go ahead and drag that under plugins. Now we’re going to do something similar to
Blender. So go back under applications, find Blender,
right click on that, show package contents, open up Contents, open up Resources, open
up 2.78, open up scripts, and then open up addons. We’re under addons right now. Go back to your downloads. There’s one last file in the folder we downloaded. Go ahead and drag that, or copy and paste
however you want to, into the addons folder. There we go. So the import_runtime is now underneath your
Blender addons folder. Now you can open up your actual Blender application
and we’re going to activate the plugin you just installed. So we’re going under User Preferences. Under Add-ons, you can search for the plugin
by typing in mhx, Make sure that this one is checked. After it is checked, just click save user
settings. When you do have a makehuman file, you can
go under import and choose this format, for me it’s at the very bottom – makehuman. You can use this to import your MakeHuman
files. On the other end, let’s open up MakeHuman. Make sure both applications are closed when
you are dragging the plugin into the folders, or at least after you do that, close the applications
and then start them again. So here we are in makehuman. This is version 1.1.0 as i said. I can open up a file I’ve done in the past. Now that that’s opened up, what I’m going
to do is export it, so you can go to this export, this button up here, and now that
you’ve installed the plugin, there should be a format that says MakeHuman Exchange (mhx2),
so make sure that’s checked. You can mess with the other settings if you
want, but the main idea is to have this checked and then export it. It’s going to export to whichever folder you
have set. Now we’ll go back to Blender, and I’ll demo
really quickly how I actually import something. File>Import>MakeHuman. Alright, here she is, fully rigged. This depends on how you set the character
in MakeHuman itself. I hope this helps. Let me know in the comments if you have any
questions or comments. Thanks for watching!

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