hey guys I was giving you an update of some changes that I was gonna do while trying to it seems like every time I get on the video of this week I’m eating but anyways I’m trying to adjust some of my food intake and juicing you know things so I was looking at the Cambridge diet I don’t know if you guys ever heard it I’m not going to go on the Cambridge diet but I’m going to you you some of the philosophies of the Cambridge diet meaning the Cambridge diet consists of a lot of liquids we’re talking about soups shakes they even have shakes smoothies cuz shake the smoothies are two different things um you know and you know liquids juices and all that other stuff um primarily then liquids but they do have candy bars and you know like healthy they’re healthy candy bars I would never do the Cambridge diet because number one it’s definitely a fad diet and is definitely a diet and I don’t do diets but the concept of shakes smoothies my juices and soups excuse me it’s right up my alley because as we all know when we drink and stuff in liquid form it’s easier for the body to digest it almost actually recognizes it as not eating much of anything because it’s so easily to digest when you’re eating it in that form so this is why I’m going to incorporate while juice cleansing now it’s gonna slow down my juice cleansing a little bit because I’m going to be adding in the smoothies and shakes healthy shakes all-natural shakes you know like it’ll be like raw almonds and cashews you know like inside of my smoothies for an example and if I make a shake it’ll be fresh fruits not vegetables but usually true and almond milk I’ll make it with and stuff like that those will be the kind of shakes that I’ll have you know once in a while ice cream cheese you know but it’s liquid form types of foods because like I’ve said before anything that you drink in a liquid form like my juicing is considered food just in a liquid form so I want to to look at the concept of the Cambridge diet and um not do the Cambridge diet but look at their methods their philosophy and incorporate it into my juice and regiment so that I’m flexible you know so that at least five days out the week I’m doing liquids only two days to reefing and I’m not feeling like I’m depriving myself this is the purpose of me you know taking the concept from the Cambridge diet and not buying any Cambridge type you know foods because as we know that part of the sad diet the standard American diet that’s all processed foods and that will be like putting toxins back in my body these will be all whole fresh ingredients that I use whether it’s a soup a smoothie a shake or juice it’ll be all in raw form fruits and vegetables nuts and seeds flax seeds chia seeds those kind of things raw honey but I will incorporate those in a smoothie shake soup you know in juicing so I don’t want to stay to video I mean too long on this video just want to let you know that I’m going to start adding more variety into my arm you know lifestyle because I have very little weight to lose but I don’t want to be depriving myself too much longer because I have sacrificed for so long drinking liquids more than even eating food I have a list that I write down every day of the days that I have read since starting seven and a half months ago and I’ve been doing liquids more than eating solid foods and I want to get back to eating solid foods but I have to know what kind of sauce foods are the right solid foods that are gonna help me to continue while juicing also detox even when I ain’t in solid form so what all that being said please subscribe to the channel like share this video and make it a favorite and I’ll see you guys in the next video bye for now

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