I’LL HAVE WHAT PHIL’S HAVING | Phil’s Egg Cream Recipe | PBS

Do you try to eat together
whenever possible? (speaking Japanese) – Like they have,
like, a champagne night. PHIL ROSENTHAL:
You have champagne night? (speaking Japanese) – He likes to plan
all his party. ROSENTHAL:
My family has egg cream night. – Egg cream? ROSENTHAL:
You know what egg creams are? I can teach you
a secret recipe. Okay, so an egg cream
has no egg and no cream. (speaking Japanese) It’s a New York specialty. Here’s how you make it:
chocolate syrup. (speaking Japanese) Okay, milk. Sparkling water, seltzer. It goes… (imitates spritzing)
like this and it has foam on the top because it’s
a chemical reaction, with the seltzer and the milk. Look at this reaction. I wish I could make one
for you right now. Will you try it? Will you try to make it? They sell chocolate syrup here,
right? Do you have seltzer also and…
and milk? (speaking Japanese) – They have. ROSENTHAL: Here it is. Now… now I cook for you. (applause) Chocolate syrup, Morinaga. I use Fox’s U-Bet,
but it’ll be okay. So we squirt some of this
in there. (speaking Japanese) – He wants a lot of chocolate. ROSENTHAL:
You like chocolate. Me, too, you’re like me. (laughs) – Wow. ROSENTHAL: This is an
interesting chemical reaction. You start to stir. This is important. And as it goes… (all exclaiming) (applause) – Oh, you do good job. You do good job. – Thank you. Thank you so much. ROSENTHAL: Very nice. – This is my spoon. ROSENTHAL:
And that’s your drink. – Mmm… (laughs) ROSENTHAL: This one has a lot
of chocolate in it. Who likes a lot of chocolate? Is it nice? I didn’t even taste it,
but I’m just trusting hundreds of years of experience.– Oishii.ROSENTHAL:Kanpai.– Kanpai.ROSENTHAL: Chocolate egg creams
for everybody! Pretty good. – Thank you very much. ROSENTHAL: I love being
with you, thank you. – He wants a second round. ROSENTHAL:
Yeah, I do it, come on! (laughter)

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  • HI Phil!!! I loved your show!!!! very genuine, u don't hold back, I hope u r like that in real life, I had the what I thought was a privilege to meet Anthony Bordain and I was so disappointed, he was very snobby and rude, he was one of my favorite chefs but not anymore, if u r the wonderful person I see in your show, I would love for u to do Chile, I have many friends that can take to different regions, introduce your to the best foods, even a few amazing places for u to stay by the beach and try our incredible variety of seafood and fish, my email is if u r ever interested [email protected] I was born in chile, my family has property there and family and so many friends, hopefully even if u don't contact me on would love for u to do chile it's an amazing country with the most friendly people u will ever meet, I wish the best for u and keep being the way u r.

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