If You Drink Pomegranate Juice Everyday This Is What Happens To Your Body!

If You Drink Pomegranate Juice Everyday This
Is What Happens To Your Body! Pomegranate juice contains more than 100 phytochemicals. The pomegranate fruit has been used for thousands
of years as medicine. Pomegranate juice is being studied for its
many health benefits. It may help with cancer prevention, immune
support, and fertility. 1. Cancer prevention. Pomegranate juice recently made a splash when
researchers found that it may help stop the growth of prostate cancer cells. Despite multiple studies on the effects of
the juice on prostate cancer, results are still preliminary. While there haven’t been long-term studies
with humans that prove that pomegranate juice prevents cancer or reduces the risk, adding
it to your diet certainly can’t hurt. 2. Digestion. Pomegranate juice can reduce inflammation
in the gut and improve digestion. It may be beneficial for people with Crohn’s
disease, ulcerative colitis, and other inflammatory bowel diseases. 3. Vitamin C,
The juice of a single pomegranate has more than 40 percent of your daily requirement
of vitamin C. Vitamin C can be broken down when pasteurized,
so opt for homemade or fresh pomegranate juice to get the most of the nutrients. 4. Antioxidants. Pomegranate seeds get their vibrant red hue
from polyphenols. These chemicals are powerful antioxidants. Pomegranate juice contains higher levels of
antioxidants than most other fruit juices. It also has three times more antioxidants
than red wine and green tea. 5. Arthritis. Flavonols in pomegranate juice may help block
the inflammation that contributes to osteoarthritis and cartilage damage. The juice is currently being studied for its
potential effects on osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and other types of arthritis and
joint inflammation. 6. Blood pressure. Drinking pomegranate juice daily may also
help lower systolic blood pressure. A comprehensive review of randomized controlled
trials stated that it would be beneficial for heart health to include pomegranate juice
daily. 7. Diabetes. Pomegranate was traditionally used as a remedy
for diabetes in the Middle East and India. While much is still unknown about the effects
of pomegranate on diabetes, it may help decrease insulin resistance and lower blood sugar.

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