how to zest a lemon | How To Zest & Juice A Lemon

Welcome to My Channel how to zest a lemon 1
Choose a sharp, small paring knife. The paring knife is probably the most difficult tool
for this job, but it has its benefits. You don’t have to clog your kitchen with a one-use
tool, and a sharp knife makes clean, dry cuts compared to the wet, sticky clumps other methods
can produce. Keep reading to learn the technique.[6] 2
Cut off both ends of a clean lemon. After washing the lemon, cut off both ends where
they begin to taper. Rest a cut surface flat on the cutting board. 3
Slice off a thin strip of zest. Cut off a strip of rind from the side of the lemon,
right where it meets the white pith. It may be easiest to start near the center of the
lemon, where it bulges outward. 4
Remove the white pith. Hold the strip flat against the board with one hand, yellow side
down. Press the knife blade flat on top of the strip, with the blade pointing away from
your hand. Scrape the top of the strip at a slight angle, removing most of the white
pith. 5
Julienne the strip. All this means is “cut it into thin strips.” To avoid poking your
fingers, hold the lemon peel in place with your fingers curled down into a “claw” shape.
In this position, your knuckles are closer to the blade than your fingertips. As long
as you keep the sharp edge of the knife below the level of your knuckles, you are unlikely
to hurt yourself even if the knife slips. 6
Dice the peel. Gather the thin strips in a tight row, than rotate them 90º. Cut the
other way using the same technique as above. Try to make the zest pieces as small as possible. Thanks For Watching This Video Please Subscribe For More Videos

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