Are you tired of dying to CT’s with pistols? Do you want to be able to blend up some CT’s? Then fear not, we’ve got the best product
for you Hi! Welcome to BlendTec’s will it blend! Introducing the Sawed Off! But Will it blend? That is the question? So here we got you’re average looking CT’s
with a pistol. Ooo, he looks angry! Let’s throw em in with a sawed off and see
how they do. *wistle*
Oh salty tears. Don’t breathe this First, let’s go over some stats of the Sawed-Off
The damage on the sawed off is much higher than the cancer coming from the Rick and Morty
fan base Hey Morty turn me over Morty. I’m pickle Rick! The rate of fire of the sawed off is typical
for a pump action shotgun, so slower than a silvers reaction time The range on it is non existent. you pretty much have to touch skin with this
thing to have a chance in hell to kill someone with it. Which is quite unrealistic considering how
effective it is in real life ah, October. fall is finally here, leaves are falling from
the trees, and Halloween is almost here, and such begins the annual tradition of carving
pumpkins. Now what would be the most irresponsible way
to carve this pumpkin? well would you look at that. See, it is quite effective
Now let’s go over some background history of the sawed off
Rednecks are incredibly lazy, and Cletus was no exception. Cletus was always tired of having to clean
the barrel of his shotgun constantly, so one day he just decided to cut the whole barrel
off and fix that problem! And thus the sawed off was born
Now let’s go over some ingame tactics of the weapon. Of you’re over the rank of Nova 4, don’t even
attempt to buy this gun because everyone is just going to shoot you before you even get
close enough. Unless you’re smurfing, then by all means
go ahead. The best strategy for using this gun is stop
spam flashbangs into the site you’re rushing and hop you catch a CT off guard at close
range. it’s a high risk high reward gun, but if you
pull it off, you’ll get an insane money boost because of it’s kill reward. Now let’s see some global elite gameplay of
the weapon so that’s all there is to using the Sawed
off. tune in next time as I show you how to use
the PIECE OF S#*T 250, and remember: Jesus Christ please don’t actually buy the sawed
off it’s a piece of shit good lord

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