How to Use a Stand Mixer : High Speed Whipping Tips With a Stand Mixer

You have this great big bowl and what if you
only have a half of cup to cream to whip or two or three egg whites. That is what only
that is the speed is for your mixer. It’s a little bit harder to over whip something
when you have a small amount of it. So this is what the fastest speed is going to be for
it’s going to be able to get into small amounts of egg whites or cream. So that you can whip
it up properly even if you don’t have a half of bowl full. So we’re going to turn it all
the way up to ten and you can see how much faster this is working
on a small amount of egg whites. Whereas we only had it at eight the egg whites were taking
a lot longer to whip part of that is because the power and part of it is also because having
a more powerful beater beating a small amount is going to work better than a slower speed.
That is what the highest setting of your mixer is for so you can whip up even the small amount
of materials without having to get a smaller bowl.

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