How to Use a Pasta Maker : How to Extrude Dough With a Pasta Maker

Now that you’ve learned how to get the dough
into the pasta maker, It’s time to learn what to do with what comes out of the pasta maker.
You want to try and keep as steady of a turning motion as you can while also holding the machine
steady; out is coming your pasta from the end. Now depending on how stiff your pasta
is, if it’s still a little stickier it might not be as well defined as perhaps you wanted.
Of course, you have to make sure that you continuously feed the machine so even while
I’m talking more pasta is coming out if I don’t keep turning it’s just going to stop
and it might break off. So you want to have a plate or something underneath the pasta
maker in order to catch the pasta that is coming out. You need to have something for
the pasta to dry on so you want to be prepared for that in advanced. Of course we’re having
your logs of pasta dough rolled out in advance helps too. How long you want your pasta to
be just completely depends on your own personal taste you can have it short, you can have
it long, it depends on what type of sauce. What are your plans for the pasta once it’s
done? So you want to keep feeding the pasta dough into the machine until it gets to the
length that you want it.

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