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Many people prefer cooking on a gas grill
because it’s easier to start than a charcoal grill. However, there are steps that must be followed
to light a gas grill safely. Always begin by lifting the lid to the grill. Don’t allow gas to build up in the closed
cooking chamber and then ignite it. If your grill is fueled by liquid propane,
you’ll see a gas turn off valve on the top of the tank. Turn the valve counter clockwise to open the
valve. Continue twisting the valve until it no longer
turns. If your grill has an igniter button, simply
turn the burners all the way up and push the button. If your grill doesn’t have an ignition button,
use a long fireplace match or lighter wand to ignite the initial burner. Once the burner is lit, turn on the other
burners, close the lid and allow the temperature to reach 500 to 550 degrees before adjusting
for cooking. If your grill doesn’t have a temperature
gauge, heat your grill 15-20 minutes on high before turning it down
to cook. If your grill is not getting hot enough, reaching
temps of 250-300 degrees only, a common problem is the regulator has been tripped and is restricting
gas flow. This can be a quick fix, and here are the steps:
Start by lifting the grill lid open. Make sure all the grill’s knobs are off,
and turn off the propane at the tank. Disconnect the regulator from the tank, and
wait thirty seconds. Reconnect the regulator to the propane tank,
and slowly open the propane tank valve knob all the way. Then relight the grill as before. When you’re done cooking, turn the burner
knobs to the off position, and turn the gas off at the tank. An easy to install fuel gauge on your tank
will read how much propane you have left for your next cook-out. This is also good time to clean the cooking
grate while it’s still warm because any stuck on food is easier to remove. To find out more about starting a gas grill,
check out our full guide on or to browse our wide selection of grills
available, click below.

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