How to Stabilize whipped cream in Food Processor | बेकरी जैसी क्रीम कैसे बनायें

Stabilize a whipped cream in” FOOD PROCESSOR”. Subscribe to DDC Recipes Hello friends, Welcome to DDC Recipes. Subscribe to DDC Recipes Like and Share my videos How to stabilize whipped cream in FOOD PROCESSOR for the decoration of cake, Muffins ,pastry etc. Subscribe to DDC Recipes Press Bell icon for notification of new video Link of the video of Cake and Muffin given in the description box Follow my video step by step to stabilize cream without standing mixture. 4 table spoon powered sugar prepared at home 1 table spoon Gelatin to stabilize cream 1 teaspoon vanilla essence 4 table spoon hot water 1 cup whipped cream(Thawed) easily available in the market in tetrapack. Always store in freezer.Thawed before use but should be chilled. In 4 table spoon hot water add Gelatin . Mix it, by continously stirring. To avoid formation of lumps. Dissolved nicely to form a mixture. Let it rest. Always use a chilled vessel for stabilizing cream. I am using a chilled one Pour Whipped cream and whipp for 2 minutes in medium speed Subscribe to DDC Recipes AFTER 2 MINUTES Lets check it with a spatula Consistency should be same as shown in the video. Add sugar little by little continuously with the processor set in medium speed. Do not put sugar all at one time Vanilla essence AFTER 2 MINUTES Let’s check it again with a spatula Cream should be in the consistency as shown th the video. Add Gelatin in small amount at a time with continuous whipping for 2 minutes. Do not whipp the cream more otherwise cream will turn into butter and we don’t want that. AFTER 2 MINUTES WOW!!! its done .Look we have made perfect cream in the FOOD PROCESSOR . To check — Whenever cream forms pointed peaks as in the video it means its perfect. Now we can use it for decoration of cake ,muffins, cupcake or making cream base sweet dishes. Take out cream in a bowl.Mmmm .. looks so yummy. It can be stored in freezer for 15 – 20 days in an air tight container. Thaw it before use but should be chill. Try it at home it’s very easy and share your experiances through Comments in DDC Recipes. Subscribe to my channel DDC Recipes. Press bell icon for notification of my next video. Subcribe to DDC Recipes

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