How to run industrial 3 phase motor on single phase

this GS2 to drive from automation direct
I love this vintage lathe. it’s better than a rotary phase converter don’t buy a rotary phase converter because a variable frequency drive is less expensive and better single-phase from your house and convert
it to three phase for your machines you have a speed control and you will torque
control as well as a slew of other features you
can hook up additional ones which are how to set up a lathe three phase machinery. forward reverse switch speed potentiometer and switches from feature so I’m at a button for jobs so now we
have the job feature so it helps us if I’m hearing will go in
Macon Georgia Tech bridgeport milling machine threading on the lathe we also have it setup so we have a any
of our normal and then run and for learn how to weld and do it yourself metalworking machinist one of the beautiful things are running
about to drive over phase converter because I I only have a
single phase here in the job you can buy industrial machines that are three phase bio doctor dryer this one’s from automation direct spoke
to her boss as amazing functionality you gotta internet speed control review of 220 volt converter. Inverter. VFD so this is actually a a single
horsepower drive but I’ve got a couple to or somehow
motor no problems whatsoever these things are awesome if you thinking
about buying a row to face dome by a factor driving it’s just all around better and

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  • Keith

    In your video you indicated that you planned to connect two rotary phase converters to your 3 phase power supply panel in your new shop and when you needed max horsepower you would run both converters.. Would you not have to synchronize the phases in both machines or will the converters automatically synchronize? As I recall the Navy when the electrical mates would connect shore 3 phase power to the ship's 3 phase power they trireme ver hear to synchronize the passes.

    Another question. In all the machinist videos the machinist smears lubricant on parts being machined in the lathe. The cutting tool looks as if it is shearing the metal and does not contact the lubricant when cutting the metal. Is the lubricant penetrating the metal lubricating the cutting action? I understand the need for lubricant in drilling or milling as it cools the metal and removes chips.

    As always I look forward to you videos.

    Charles Moore

  • to mr AvE i have gotten myself a 3phase lathe for a steal is there any way to do a rewire to run it on single phase instead of buying a new motor

  • And there you are wearing baggy clothes around rotating machinery. It's all fun and games with the reciprocating type, but…

  • Great little box, but you gotta put your elbow over the fackin spinny bit to use it! Don't wear your loose fit tommy bahama shirt

  • Hey AvE i am in Australia we are single phase 240v and 3 phase 415v will the VFD work with the voltage increase? I am not real flash with anything pixie related!! So your thoughts would be appreciated!

  • You may have just saved me loads of money. Stupid me was considering purchasing a new single phase motor until I discovered VFDs. You still need 220 to run a VFD though, right? Still learning here.

    I friggin love your vids btw. Been a fan since I found your stuff a few years ago.

    Keep yer dick un-sliced.

  • The whole reason I started watching these videos was cuz I bought an air compressor motor to run off a power inverter because I didn't know better. the guy at the store told me it should all do it and it don't do it…works great when I plug it in at home, but no go on my inverter. turns it once or twice that's it. is there a solution to this? hope you respond don't know who else to ask.

  • I had been led to believe that one shouldn't enclose the drive like you have done because it needs more open space around it for heat dissipation? Have I been misled?

  • I have a  maximat lathe Super 11. I am changing out the electric motor due to issues. And will be adding a VFD. What would be the recommended Motor for a standard 115 outlet. That will still run the lathe. Most HP, Torque, Etc…? Any and all comments will help. Thanks

  • Hey Ave, great video, as well as many of your others. what HP is your motor?, I have a 5HP 15×40 lathe I need to retrofit to VFD from a Rotor phase. I like your remote set up. any issues with the brand you purchased?, other comparable models and brands? Looks like I need a 10HP VFD to run my 5hp motor from imput 230v single to 230v 3phase.

  • wot a blast from the past! No chooch factor measured, no skookumness rating, and no schmoo! But you know, all the bits are there, anyway. If you;re going to buy a "roto-futzdis, don't." True AvE. Keep your stick on the ice…

  • Rotary phase converters might be antiquated, but the one that I build 15 years ago for next to nothing is still running strong. It can start a 10hp motor with ease. A VFD that could do that is way more than I can afford.

  • This reminds me of the time my wife saw some high-school photos of me. She's still laughing at me and calling me beaver-head from it…

  • Awesome android delivery. Who'd have thought you'd go from this, to a silky smooth workshop guru, in just a few clicks of the YouTube
    mouse? Guys and gals everywhere appreciate your education, knowledge and companionship. Thank you AvE.

  • Is the GS2 from Automation Direct really a Vector drive? It shure is a Variable Frequency Drive, but does it use regular V/Hz-control, or sensorless feedback control such as sensorless vector control? I mean AVE claims the device does overtorque, and for that there has to be feedback control involved?

  • I haven't read all of the comments here, so if I'm not the only who picked this small detail up then oh well. I notice, maybe because I'm Panamerican, that all four of the screws on the housing cover are perfectly aligned to each other.

  • I am seeing advice to buy oversize VFDs to get sufficient current to feed motor demand. Comparing HP to HP is insufficient. Apologies if I am sounding know it all, just seeking truth!

  • How do i go about doing this can u pm me i really like this idea an think it would solve my issues is there any link or info u could sport a person like myself

  • Hey Ave it's an emergency! I've been scouwring the intervebs trying to find a supplier of the S12H Rastall tool corp Swedish nutrounder that will deliver to the back arse of nowhere here in Ireland. Do you have any advice as to how I could obtain such a tool without breaking my piggy bank and forking out a whopper 300dollhairs just for shipping costs. P.s, Skoda haven't improved their performance since you've last visited. Anywho Greetings from Ireland.

  • Hey Ave. I just bought a gs2 for my Southbend and I would like to use the same type of buttons that you used on your build. Can you give me some more info on them?

  • Hey bro I watch many of your videos they're all bullshit
    Now that is how you joke HA HA
    Could you help me answer a question I have? I'm too lazy to use the google search bar so I thought you might have some sympathy for me and help me out.
    I want to know if this VFD device loses any of my power in the frequency changing process?

    all your videos are not bullshit if you didn't understand my joke.

  • Word of warning, if a motor is not inverter rated you could end up shortening the life of it significantly. Inverter duty motors have thicker insulation. You need that because most motors have a cooling fan attached directly to the shaft, and it causes problems if you're running the motor really slow, you no longer get that airflow the motor needs to keep the windings from overheating. Most industrial motors you get these days are inverter duty but if you're picking through and get some 50 year old machine it probably won't be.

    The other wrinkle is how much you're using it and to what capacity. If you use the thing for hours a day every day at slow speeds and Max load your old motor won't last long at all. But if you turn the thing on once a month and it's way oversized for what you're doing, it's probably fine.

  • Told myself to comment on the very first video to have reference on how long it'll take me to watch all your videos and learn the lingo! ❤

  • As usual his how to run it doesn't tell you a damn thing all he does is stand there and talk about how this one's better than that one and never tells you a damn thing why is it that these people who are trying to tell you how to run a 3-phase motor with a single phase input never get it they never actually tell you how to hook it up

  • My grandpa always told me you can but youd never want to because the heat from having the wrong electricity will burn the motor up. Maybe just his way of getting me to leave his crap alone lol. Is it any more harmful than 220 operation?

  • I thought it would be interesting to come back and watch your first video. So innocent and no signs that things would eventually get skookum!!!!

  • I don't know why but it is satisfying to me to hear the high frequency hum that a driver would created while working a motor.

  • i dont know what happened to your videos from 2008 ish like i don't know if it was the legalization that made me imagine my lingual boom back in middle school where i would watch videos from a channel with an identical icon on a shitbeat sony vio i got from the office that had no battery and a broken screen.

  • Is this your very first video???? Been watching you for a long while, just got curious about your very first time on YouTube.

  • Question for you.My friend has an old school lathe and it's 3 phase and i believe 5 speed.But he uses his lathe to make hydraulic cylinder rods amongst a slew of other things.As of right now his lathe came with a very old set to convert his 100 amp service into 3 phase for his lathe.But it's getting to where it doesn't want to turn on so he was given a price and i think it was the set up you mentioned called a rotophase perhaps.So would this unit actually run this big lathe trouble free.Just that little box,no transformer thing and no resistors or whatever they are.I mean what he has now that little box thing pales in comparison.He uses his lathe alot so he would need something that would really work and hold up.Please let me know.Thanks

  • Am I the only one who is dying at the “closed captions” lmfao! Die hard fan watching from the beginning now haha. Dying!

  • Google search turned up nothing… (2019 go figure)

    TY on android ≠ search within channel…

    So after scrolling thru every last video. I successfully wasted a shit ton of time and further strengthen my proof that the interweb is the smoking gun. The absolute, unequivocal, "fuck you buddy. I know what the hell im talkin bout" proof that Mandela Effect is real. Case in point. Remember when you used to google something. Then boom you solved the answer or located that precious bit of information. Hell it was once so good at that knowledge thingy. you'd be inundated by details, origins, and facts. Making life easier and trivia night at the bars awesome. But back to my quandary.

    I cannot find the video showing AvE dissolving a broken bolt from a cast aluminum engine block. where dafuq? 0_o?

  • I was just watching another channel and thinking, why does he call his channel Arduino versus evil or is it everything? I wonder what his first video was and now I see . Derr. Loved the results for a Google search.

  • I once made a video (I’m a mechanic) but decided my voice sounded stupid and didn’t put it up.
    Listening to AvE back in the day and seeing where he is now makes me think I should try make a video again it’s fun…

  • Hi I have a Mill/drill I just purchased. It has a 2HP 575VOlt 3 phase . I cant find a VFD that will take 240 single phase in and put out 575 volt 3phase. Any help would be AWESOME!!!!

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