How to rig weapon in blender and export it to Unity 5 | [ENG Subtitles]

Hello everyone very cordally today i will teach you how to rig your weapon model and i will show you how to export it to Unity. Well without talking bullshit lets go to movie. First step, open your blend project in blender with hands. If u haven’t got model with hands u must make one or download from the internet. I will send link down below in description. Next step is import model of weapon into project and delete everything we don’t need to. The model of gun i will also send in description down below. Next step is connect all elements of our model to make it whole one. To connect our model we must select 2 each elements and by pressing keyboard shortcut “CTRL-J” connect 2 selected elements. We must do it with all parts until we got one whole model. And name it. In my case. Its gonna be FAMAS. Next step is scaling our model to that scale. To grip protruded a little off hand. Remember we must do it in edit mode. Because later we can get serious problems with exporting our model with hands. It must look like this. Next step is selecting bones of our hands and adding the first bone to our weapon. Default keybord shortcut for adding a bone is SHIFT+A. Next step is adding bones to the rest of our model. To the magazine, trigger, bolt , etc. Next very eazy step is name our bnones. We must find that bone icon. Is extremly important in order to our model element can move. SORRY MY VIDEO EDITOR NOT RENDERED THIS PART. Next step is adding a modifier in our weapon and toggle “preserve volume” Is extremly important to our model can move. Next step is adding “Vertex” group to each bone in our weapon. We must keep that in mind to name it the same as bone. Next step is selecting our model and assigning it to each “Vertex” group. Its extremly important to our model can move. With L on Keyboard we can select faster our model. Or rather element of model. Next step is removing assinged vertex group from main bone weapon. In my case. It must look like this when we select our model. Next step is connecting all bones with “Parent” except magazine. It must look necessairly like this. Next step is assign the “Child of” For weapon, hands and magazine. When we do it. It must be look like this. That’s all. The Rig is done. Next step is establishing position for our weapon. CTRL+UPARROW to pass into camera view. Next step is setup our position for fingers. I name that process called “Origin”. It must be look like this after establishing the position of our model. I exactly lower down the thumb for the better look. Next step is adding “Influence” for right hand, left hand and magazine. To appear in main animation table. We do it with “I” on keyboard. Last step in Blender is adding our animations and select the “F” Button. Is extremly important because while exporting our model with hands. Animations cannot just not appear in Unity. Last last step is just animating. Have fun. And the most important thing is not to give up when something is not going well. Next step is open up Unity and move our Rig in .blend format to our main assets in Unity. Last step is changing the rig in unity from generic to legacy and disabling the “Anim. Compression” If you want to open your animation, only enough move it into animation Window. Here. Normally when i hit play button. The animation is gonna play. But i haven’t animated nothing. Well there is no animation to play. 🙂 Well that was everything for today i hope i helped you in some way. If yes, Leave a like down below of this video. And if you want more videos like this subscribe to this channel. That’s all greattings and goodbye!

8 thoughts on “How to rig weapon in blender and export it to Unity 5 | [ENG Subtitles]

  • Siema Artem. Zajebisty poradnik jakbyś miał czas i chęci na zrobienie więcej tego typu poradników związanych z animacjami z blender'a albo 3dmax'a nawet jakieś podstawy ,bo widać ,że sie na tym wykurwiście znasz i zajebiste rzeczy w tym robisz to byłoby zajebiście, szczególnie dla mnie bo też bym chciał to ogarnąć :D. ale jak mówie jakby ci się chciało 🙂 Pozdro !

  • Thank you soooo much! This is the most straightforward video out there. You make the steps very simple. Thanks again! I did this with a Kalashnikov/Ak-47 though .

  • heh love that it is a tutorial that doesnt bother to prove that this method works. ^^ No animations actually being played in unity, and a large blacked out section right after he says "Very important part". lol

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