How to repair a dishwasher, not draining – troubleshoot Whirlpool

Hey everybody this is Adam and let’s see if
I can help you fix your dishwasher. Now they have not changed much in the past few decades so even if you have an old one or a different brand than the one I am fixing. It does not
really matter because they are often built the same and even use the same parts. What you find in mine will probably look a lot like what you find in yours. Now before you take apart your dishwasher you are going to want to look inside your garbage disposal
and see if the pipe is clogged. Now their is a little hole inside. Kind of nasty. Or you can unscrew the pipe that’s attached to it under your sink. Now that pipe leads to
your dishwasher. If that’s clogged with food or clogged with something then the water is
not going to ba able to leave your dishwasher and it’s going to sit in there. Or it could
be just restricted. That could be a problem too, so make sure that pipe is clean. Also check your p-trap has nothing stuck in there. You will know if your sink is not draining
very well. So that will be a sign. If you have done that then you can start taking apart
your dishwasher. Take out the racks. The top rack is going to be held in with a clip. This one I have to push in a little lever on the inside, lift it up and out. There is a clip on the left and on the right. After you remove the clips the top rack should slide right out. And while you are here you might want to look at the screws around your door. These
things come loose it can stop your door from closing all the way. Also if you have a hole
in the gasket around your dishwasher it can leak. So if your dishwasher is leaking on
the floor by the door, that might be the problem. Before you take out any screws, lay a cloth
down so that they don’t drop down inside. It can be really annoying, and it happens
all the time. There is a screw in the back and the top. If you happen to loose those
screws, they are stainless steel so you are going to want to find stainless steel screws
to replace them. The lower sprayer comes out by unscrewing the part in the middle. It pops right off. I am using a T-15 bit to take out the four screws. Three of them are visible
and one is hiding behind the arm. The arm should be free to move now. Turn it about 45° and lift up. It should come right out. Somewhere there is going to be this little
plastic ring. You want to hang on to that. Don’t loose it. Now you can access the 4th
screw that was hidden before. The plug should come right out and you should be able to lift out the filter. And underneath mine, look at that. A label is floating around. This
is often happening. There are labels and stickers on plates, especially kids ones. They can
come off and jam parts inside. We have a cover that we are going to take off. It will be held on with one screw. Then you can see the blade and the screen. On the bottom of the cover there is more paper and plastic rammed in corners. Check yours out and clear it out.
You want to make sure that all the parts that you put back in have been cleaned. Spin the blade and make sure that it moves. It’s going to be a little stiff but it should be able to spin without it feeling like you are going to break anything. There’s chunks of plastic and debris. Hopefully you can find the obvious problem here. Hopefully it’s there and you
can clear it out. Also on the back of the filter; pop it off and clean out the underside.
All this crud that gets stuck on your screen slows down the water and will make it so that
your dishwasher is not cleaning as effectively. Then place the cover back on. The cover should
fit very nicely. You shouldn’t feel like you have to force it. It shouldn’t feel like it’s
fighting back. If it does, something is misaligned so take it off and make sure it slips on easily. Then put the filter back on and before you tighten all the screws, put them in one at a time. That way, if you drop one, you don’t have to take the others out. Once they are
in the holes tighten them. Hopefully cleaning and clearing it out fixed your problem. Before you put the plug back in slip on the clear ring, put it in the arm, and insert the arm and give it a turn. And it should lock in place. Put on your lower sprayer arm. The
nut inside that you tighten it to should spin freely. If it does not then pull it up and
loosen it. Then put in the back screw and the top screw. Use a cloth to catch the screws
incase you drop one. Then slide the racks in and throw the clips in place. This usually
fixes most dishwashers with a draining problem. It’s just something is down there inside and
the blade can’t grind it up. It’s just stuck, and the water is not going to leave if it’s
all clogged. Once you have cleared it out, hopefully it works. If it doesn’t you may
have a pump problem or a pump failure in which case you would need to pull your dishwasher
out. I really hope this video has helped you, if so, please click LIKE and SUBSCRIBE. Have
an awesome day.

100 thoughts on “How to repair a dishwasher, not draining – troubleshoot Whirlpool

  • I would have never dreamed it would be so simple. Thank you for clear instructions. I saved me some money by fixing it myself.

  • This is the best tutorial I have ever used. I was done in no time, and I am terrible at fixing things. It included all the necessary steps, good visuals, easy to follow directions. Thanks Adam!

  • Good service video. Thought I would start easy..with the drain such luck!! Disassembled everything and found quite the assortment of "stuff".. lol. Cleaned everything and reassembled, did a quick test and new!!… On the plus side, I am now the proud owner of a full set of Torx driver bits as-well-as screwdrivers to add to my collection. Thanks. * 2 thumbs up*

  • I found your excellent youtube video after almost destroying the lower spray arm hub by trying to loosen turning counter clockwise, like most other threaded gizmos! Seeing you loosen it by turning clockwise was a slap to forehead moment.

  • At 3:37, you remove a plastic screw off the top of the spinning arm. It looks like it's reverse threaded by how you do it. Regardless, this plastic screw in mine just turns infinitely in both directions and never comes off. Its like its just turning the thing its attached to underneath. How do i defeat this thing?

  • I cleaned and checked everything but mine STARTED not draining and cleaning dishes. Then it started making this grinding noise underneath and now it doesnt do anything other than the lights come on when you press the button :/ Ive cleaned everything including the disposal,reset it,etc this is the 2nd one thats done this both from Lowes and our fridge only 3 mnths old all kinds of issues also from Lowes.

  • Thank you so much for your video. I followed your directions and was able to clean up my dishwasher. It smells clean and actually cleans my dishes now.

  • Thank you so much! I was able to fix my plugged dishwasher and I did not have to pay a plumber to fix it. Perfect instructions.

  • Excellent, clear instructions. We just bought a new-to-us (used) dishwasher and my nephew helped install it and recommended cleaning the filter as a preventive. I had no idea how to do that. Your instructions demystified the whole process. I appreciate the finer points you made, like recommending laying down a towel just in case you drop a screw, to avoid it going into the filter area. Very professional. Thank you.

  • Use the towl or clothe people. I was that guy thinking I don't need one and low and behold, there goes the screw! Thanks for the vid!

  • I’ve had to fix my dishwasher 4 times this year. Probably need a new blade. Do you know if the blade is supposed to be sharp?
    Thank you for this video. It’s straight to the point and has been super helpful for me!

  • You are right about the dishwashers not being much different. Your video matched my Kenmore dishwasher directly. I followed your video and found a bunch of broken glass and toothpicks by the chopper clogging up the drain of the flooding dishwasher. Your video saved us at least $200 for a service call, or more, as due to the age of the dishwasher, and the possibility of a $200 plus service call, we were thinking of just ordering a new dishwasher.
    Thank you very much!

  • Whirlpool claimed no knowledge of this unit when searching for an owner's manual. This vid was my exact machine, thank you for making my night a whole lot easier!

  • This is a simple step by step to follow that solves most of the poor washing and draining issues caused by clogged drain and filter. VERY IMPORTANT, JUST DO EVERYTHING THE VIDEO SHOWS YOU TO DO, DO NOT DO ANY OTHER STEPS>>>SPECIALLY TRYING TO REMOVE THE METAL FILTER WITH THE BLADE 
    ( not easy to put back in…actually took me an extra 45 minutes just to put it back in the right notch and blades are very sharp , i cut myself pushing it back in)

  • Thank you, my husband has fixed many times a slow drainage ( he always takes the bottom of the washer open and works from there

    I will try this way and see if is better
    Because what he does works for a while but keeps coming back so I will try this

  • great video, I did it! one thing – what's with the standing water in the compartment where the blade is. I saw you have that, too, but I would feel better if it drained completely out of there. Isn't it a breeding ground for bacteria?

  • Hi Adam, Thank you so much for making this wonderful video! My husband and I were very happy to have been able to fix the draining problem ourselves. Plus we got to learn a bit on how our dishwasher works. Thanks again !!!

  • Thank you!! Was able to take my dishwasher apart down to that filter and blade find all kinds of stuff that didn't belong in my dishwasher! Haven't run my dishwasher yet but it all went back together perfectly. Found screws, bread ties, toothpicks and pieces of bones.. I bet we found what was making the awful noises. 🙂

  • It is a good video; but I was stuck with the first step. There is no screw on the back and the top. I cannot move the arm to get at the filter. Please help.

  • Perfect! Disassembly showed me a clogged strainer screen and broken chopper. Ordered new chopper assembly off of Amazon – much cheaper than online parts places. Please do a vid on replacing this part as my reading showed it’s a common issue. It seemed difficult to remove at first, but once you get the “compress the spring” trick, it’s easy to remove & replace.

  • Thanks for saying to first check the drain going into the garbage disposal. This was my problem and less than 5 minutes was free and clear. Thanks

  • Thanks!! Very good instructions! When unscrewing the wing nut screw holding the spray arm, you explained that it unscrews to the right – opposite of 99% of most screws. Many of us would try to unscrew the normal way to the left, which would break it. Also, saying you need a T-15 driver was again very helpful.

  • I have a question about my Whirlpool Gold Quiet Partner ii. I don’t use the pots and pans setting very often, and noticed when I did, my dishwasher ran for over 2 hours. I don’t have paperwork on it, as it was here when I moved, so I’m not sure how old it is. I have enjoyed it, I am not familiar with dishwashers, and it seemed quite long to run. Is that normal? Besides that, it runs fine. Thank you!

  • Thank you, I just found a new place to check when I do my semi annual DW deep clean, great vid. ( I bet the thumbs down are from contractors 🙂 )

  • So…..I went through your tips today and none of them worked
    I decided to put her down on side and proceeded to take apart ….what the hell had I to lose ….I found what looked like a motor kind of jobby coming from waste pipe , I took wires off and marked them up , took off and there was the smoking gun …a gold necklace wrapped around …..

    Two gifts in one day

  • Top sprayer wasn't working at all… This video totally did the trick… THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! I really appreciate the VERY clear step by step instructions

  • Thanks AdamDYI for an informative video. I got down to the screen and blade and you said it should rotate freely. Mine seems to rotate too freely. I couldn't tell from the video if the shaft and linkage is also spinning behind your hand. Mine doesn't however the shaft does not appear to be broken. It seems to be an issue perhaps with the washer on the end of the shaft. Is the blade suppose to rotate the shaft?

  • I’m completely not talented with fixing things, but this video made me feel like a genius. I fixed my dishwasher all by myself.

  • So happy I found your video – it's the exact model we have. We inherited our dishwasher when we bought the house. However, regardless of how much I try to unscrew the lower sprayer (clockwise) it just keeps spinning. I fear that maybe it was just tightened too much or maybe the previous owners stripped it by trying to loosen it counter-clockwise.
    Any suggestions?

  • Adam, you helped me immensely with my service of the exact same dishwasher in the video!
    We had not cleaned the filters in the 4 years we've had and we noticed that it wasn't performing well. We had lost the instruction manual to boot. You made look doable so i thought i would go for it. Thank goodness I did. Inside were the filters are were clogged to the max! It was amazing it still worked at all. The manual says to do a filter clean every month and its not easy for people who are not mechanically inclined such as yourself and me. Thanks for the video

  • Great Video and a really good help for me. Found a plastic lid stuck in my garbage disposal just downstream of the attaching rubber hose. Previously, my Maytag dishwasher was leaving several inches of water in the bottom. After removing the cap, the dishwasher works like new. BTW, my cutter blade was encapsulated by rotting paper and grease.

  • Amazing! Thank you! My dishwasher has smelt bad for weeks and this instructional video help me find the mold gross smell under the filter base. Thank you thank you thank you!

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  • Can't express enough thanks to you! Our dish washer was making a wonky noise that had us worried we'd have to replace the whole unit! Luckily my husband found your video and we spent a "date night" fixing our machine. The damn thing is back to purring like a kitten. You are a wonder person for posting this.

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  • Hi Adam, I have a maytag dishwasher that is 7 years now. I would say brand new. My problem is that drains well, but now when I start the cycle, any, it starts filling up with water it cancels itself! My husband checked the pump and it is fine. Do you have any suggestions? I dont want to spend money in a new one. Thanks in advance! Paola

  • Thanks so much for this great video. Cleaned out the debris and now it is working great! You made something that seemed difficult very easy with your instructions.

  • A glass lid exploded in my dishwasher making all the shattered pieces go inside the dishwasher drain. Shoul I follow this simple process or is there anything else I should remove?

  • I did all of this and put everything back together and ran it empty with water and it is running really loud now. Any ideas what I did wrong when I put it back together?

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