how to prepare vegetable juice with a nutri ninja blender

Hi my name is Oliver Langlois and today I
am going to do the review of a machine that I bought this week right after Christmas and
it is called Ninja Nutri extract juicer. Basically it is for creating juice; yes it is the Nutri
Ninja. It is a juice extractor and this is what I am going to show you do today. I once had a dream to become healthier probably
almost everyone right? You know a few weeks ago I decided to eat more vegetables, more
fruits because I felt that I did not eat enough of them. You know like the reason why I fail
to do that in the past was that I am busy, I have kids, I have a job, like you are always
in a rush and you like time for doing that and eating healthy especially if you prepare
your own meals it takes time. Maybe I am a bit lazy because you always have the time
for the things you decide to do, but if some of the things can get faster like it is better
that way, right? When I took the decision to eat more fruits
and vegetables at first it was incredibly easy because the place where I work they have
this awesome cafeteria with a salad bar where you can have fresh vegetables and fresh fruits
and every day of the week I was getting myself maybe 5 to 8 portions worth of vegetables
and fruits. The thing is I am like on contract work there and I am not sure if I will
continue to work there for a long time anymore. I was looking for a plan B and during Boxing
Day I was shopping my family and I, and I saw like I got like this revelation wow I
need one, I really need one. So yes I bought it, went back to my place and I went to the
grocery I bought I do not know over a hundred dollars of vegetables and all that. Yes it
is surprising like I am getting better and better to get the juices and I have made a
few mistakes but not catastrophic mistakes so I am going to share with you my first recipe
and what you get with that machine. There is a table where it compares with one of their
competitors, you can see it is way much better. The features that they have that the other
ones do no have like the blender is 900 watts, okay? Cool eh? Then
the plates they are spinning at 21,000 rotations
per minute. Wow that is really fast. I am not spinning that fast myself! Fine work assistance you work with then that
one is maybe important because even with 21,000 rpm’s you are going to find that the texture
is not as smooth as it could be because basically you work with putting in my juices are raw
vegetables. So maybe if you cut them before you can have a way much smoother consistency
but then if you do that you would lose vitamins. I think it is your choice but I prefer to
get the vitamins than having a smoother consistency, but you know that is the trick. Then it can do ice-crushing with pulse technology.
So that is the things okay, that so basically you just install this and then you put the
blender that I have here, you could replace the blades with the lid and like the other
point is that this thing fits into a cup in the car so you can prepare your vegetable
juice and you take that to the office. It also comes with a recipe book and the one
that I prepared is the highly inspired from the Ninja line and I do not know if you see
on the top where basically it gives you the time of preparation, you have a few icons
like that one is really good because all the icons in each recipe has some properties and
so to present the properties of a given recipe maybe
use the icon system and there are five different icons and the Ninja line has 9 of them. Like you have icon for a detox cleanse, longevity
and beauty, mood and immunity and weight loss wellness. Maybe you can see that there. I
truly believe that it is going to make a difference personally and in 2013 I lost about 20 pounds.
Of course it is not just because I am eating vegetables and fruits, to be honest I also
intensively started to do cross-fit so that may be something to do with my weight loss.
But you know seriously I changed a little bit, I took some else here my habits and in
my nutrition, and so yes it is really good. Beside what are the reasons like for you to
want to eat more and more vegetables more fruits, quite easy may be sometimes you like
energy more often than not you get colds and they keep coming back during the cold seasons
and like eating more fruits and vegetables this is something can help with that. I think
most people they deep inside them they know that if you eat better you are going to have
better health. Probably it is like as I said we are always busy, life is crazy you need
preparing vegetables and also eating them takes time. So you need a solution, you either
go to good restaurants or you find a way to prepare like your own vegetables and fruits
fast and easily in a fun a way that it tastes good. You know this machine does exactly what it
did give to me. So I am going to talk you about my first recipe and so basically I have
ginger, beet, where is the beet? Okay yeah it is right there and be careful not a lot
of ginger or else you are going to have a ginger juice. Really just have a thin slice
of beet, if you put beet in it like even if it is a small bit the whole thing is going
to turn red and just taste like beet. There is a lot of green in it, I would expect that
to give a green juice! Beside that I have avocado, tomato, spinach, basil, jalapenos
the small one. First time I tried it put enough jalapeno and it was too much for me it was
really spicy but it was for a family friend. I had to drink alone the whole batch and in
this one I just put like a quarter of jalapeno. At first you are going to make some mistakes,
you will be able to fix your mistakes. It is part of the fun, you know? You experiment
and you do fun things, sometimes it tastes good, sometimes – to be honest it never tasted
bad but you can make it taste better as you gain experience with your skills to prepare
juice. Then I have broccoli, green pepper, cucumber,
raw carrot and little bit of lemon, coconut oil and salt. So now I am go to do you a small
presentation, a demonstration of the machine right there and basically like I want to show
you when I put the blades because that is the boring part so, I am going to do some
editing magic and you will not see me preparing my set-up. I should not be too long anyway,
okay so thank you. Okay the most special magic. Ah there you are. So this is the end result
here again; I was expecting a green juice and I still have put in too much beet. The
next juice I make I will probably not put beet at all to try to get a green colour.
That is what we have let’s taste it. Oh my God, oh my God wow it is SO GOOD. So,
so, so, so good, amazing. Let me taste it again. Amazing, really amazing. So I mean
if you were to dream about eating healthy. If you think about losing
weight, if you think about having more energy, think about being sick less often. I mean
you know that you need to change your habits. I have given you all the information to you
I think. You might some ideas of things you might to try, so I am curious. Do you have
something in mind something you would like to buy? Or try out to see if it can help you
in your quest to become healthier? It is surprising eh? When you have like this great idea that
pops into your mind. You find yourself so enthusiastic about this idea that you want
to do it right away! So that being said I will put a link below
this video where it will show you the perfect page of the Nutri Ninja product on the Amazon
website. To be honest I have to say what this is Affiliating. What does that mean, that
means like if you visit the page and decide to buy the product from Amazon I would get
a very small commission. That being said I mean I am totally disinterested
the financial gain that I could get. My main motivation is because I have been preparing
juice for myself for the last week and I am so happy, this is almost like miraculous.
I am making my juice several times a day and even though I have being doing that for only
a few days I see a difference and I want to share my discovery with the biggest number
of people because I think it is fantastic. It is really fantastic you know? Yes so I hope you enjoy my video I try to
treat the subject with being as serious as I could be and this is really serious. We
are talking about nutrition so this will be really serious, like really, really serious.
Hopefully you will enjoy it and if you do please leave me comments below. If you decide to buy the Nutri Ninja of course
I would like to hear about you, I would like to learn about your recipes and you know maybe
the best ones I could try them out and make new videos and that. Also there will be a
link where you can go and give me your email address because I want to create a mailing
list. It is going to become Energy Health Tip and
sharing recipes like this; it is going to compliment of the project. As I said somewhere
in the renewal I started to do cross-fit. I am one of the elder in cross-fit like I
am 39, this in 2015 I turn 40 maybe I am like a special category for over 40 cross-fitters!
If you do competition at 40 they call that the Master Competitions so I would be in the
Master category. But anyway I am not a professional cross-fitter
but I have some tips and experiences that could be interesting to share with people,
maybe males in their 30’s, females in their 30’s and they can relate to what I do. It is going to be fun like if you want to
continue to follow me as well it is going to be a pleasure. Click on the link, give me your email address.
I promise you are only going to receive good stuff from me because I always over-deliver!
Yeah I hope you enjoy it. By the way it is my first video so it can
only be better because it is going to be amazing. Imagine if you decide to phone me today, and
six months from now you are going to be amazed with the quality of the tips and recipes I
am going to give you. When you look back to today when you watched my first video you
will say “WOW” that was really something amazing that taught me. So that is the way I want
you to see that viewing experience and yeah it has been fun! Woo Woo Woo Woo! See you next time.

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