How to make Vanilla Ice Cream in Food processor | 3 Ingredients ice cream – No eggs

It’s Soft and Creamy ice cream . Today we are going to make Vanilla Ice Cream. Hello Friends, Welcome to DDC Recipes Plz press Subscribe button below the video. Press Bell button also. Today I will show you How to make Soft-Soft & Creamy- Creamy Vanilla Ice Cream in a FOOD PROCESSOR It’s an easy and quick method You can also see my video on how to stabillize whipped cream in the Food processor . LInk is given in the card above and below in the discription box. I have kept the jar in the fridge for 2 hrs .It’s an important step. Pour 2 Cups(500ml) chilled cream direct from the fridge. You can use any Cream Dairy or non-dairy. Whip for 2min on medium speed at 2. AFTER 2 MIN Let’s check. Cream has become soft and bouble. But we are looking for a smooth and fluffy texture. Now whip at speed 3 i.e high for 1Min. Do not over do otherwise cream will become butter. AFTER 1 min. Let’s Check. Cream has become nice fluffy and smooth. Now add 1 can of condense milk(400gm). Add 2 tsp vanilla essence. Whip at speed 2 i.e on medium for 1/2 min. AFTER 1/2 Min. Now texture is perfect . Empty in a container . Nice air bubbles are visible on the mixture. It means Ice cream is going to be soft and creamy. No need to whip again as we have to do in other methods. Wrap it with cling sheet or aluminium foil. Keep in the fridge for 8-9hrs or till it is set. No ice on top. Take out cling sheet carefully. Creamy -Creamy and soft Vanilla ice cream is ready to relish. Try this recipe once, you will love it -Easy and Quick. In Summer I will make different type of juices and ice creams. You are welcome to tell which recipe you want to see next. If you have liked this method than ,press like button. Share in all social media sites so more people will know about this method. DDC Recipes ko Subscribe kijiye.

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