How to make Star Wars birthday party food – Jakku Planet S’more Cheeseball – The Force Awakens Party

Hi, I’m Ashlee Marie. And today, we’re making this S’more Cheese Ball as part of our Star Wars birthday party series. This is covered in edible sand, and it has little chocolate Imperial ships all over it, broken down from an old war. And this represents the planet- Kids: Jakku! Ashlee: Let’s get started. I need to create some edible sand. I’ve seen some people just use crumbs, and that’s great. And I’ve seen some people just use brown sugar, and that’s also good. But I like to use a mixture of a couple different things to create this sand. So, I have 6 graham crackers. We’re going to start with that. So, that is nice and sandy. And now, we’re going to add some Nilla Wafers. I have 18 of them here. And what that’s done is give us 2 different colors of crumbs. Vanilla wafers have a darker outside but a lighter inside, and the graham crackers were kind of that medium tone. So, it’s done a great job of give it more of the depth of look. And now, we’re going to take some brown sugar, tightly packed. This is a third of a cup. And kind of break it up a little bit. Make sure you don’t have any super big chunks. Now, your food processor, if it’s strong enough, can break up those chunks. But it kind of sounds disturbing. It always creeps me out. And we’re done. As you can see, I let it run for quite a while so we have a nice fine sand. And what the sugar does is it takes it from just being a dry crumble to kind of holding its shape a little bit better, sticking together a little bit more, because of the dampness in the sugar. So, to get started, we’re going to take this cream cheese that’s softened. This is 16 oz, or 2 blocks. And we’re going to beat it until it’s smooth. And that is looking nice and smooth. Now, we’re going to add the- Kids: Marshmallow fluff! Ashlee: That’s right, the marshmallow fluff. Alright. Ugh, this stuff is so sticky! Ugh. Kids: It looks good too. Ashlee: It sure does. Now, we’re going to add the salt, the vanilla- that is beautiful and smooth now, so we’re going to add the powdered sugar. I have some mini chocolate chips and you have- Kids: Marshmallows. Ashlee: Alright, let’s pour them in. And just pulse it. Now, our cake is this nice round ball, and I’ve layered it with plastic wrap. We’re going to take our filling- Plop! And just plop it down in there. Now, bring your plastic wrap up, And gather it up at the corners. So we pulled up the corners. I’m going to kind of twist it closed. Put it back in your nice rounded bowl. And stick it in the fridge to get hard. So, I found this mold, it’s actually for ice, but it’s silicone, so it works for chocolate too. And this is for the AT-ATs and the Empire Cruisers. So, what we’re going to do is melt some white chocolate. Just add some black candy gel. Now, you want to make sure it’s the candy gel, because this is oil based so it won’t make the chocolate seize. Now what do we do? Kids: You pour it in these. Ashlee: Yep, we pour in inside the cavities. Then? Kids: Shake it. Ashlee: Then we shake it. Get all the bubbles out. Now, you stick it in the fridge for an hour, then pop them out. So, our cheese ball has sat overnight. And it’s a little bit firmer. And we have out edible sand here. Ready? Kids: Yeah. Ashlee: Plop. Kids: Ploppity plop plop. Ashlee: This is about to get really messy. Alright, this is nice and covered in our edible sand. It’s time to add our chocolate ships. What do you think? Should we put one right over here? Kids: Sure. Ashlee: You want to put it point down like that. Kids: So it’s kind of like it crashed. Ashlee: Just kind of like buried. Like that. And we’re done! This looks just like the planet Jakku, don’t you think? Kids: Yes. Ashlee: Super simple to make. We’re super excited about our party. Don’t forget to subscribe so that you don’t miss any of the other Star Wars recipe videos. This has been a really fun party to prep for, right? Kids: Yes. Ashlee: In the description box down below, there will be the full recipe and links to all of the other Star Wars food videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave me a comment letting me know what your favorite Star Wars planet is. Now, we’re going to try a little bit of our s’more cheese ball. Are you ready? Kids: Yes. Ashlee: Okay. Does it take like s’more? I think we have a winner. Alright. Thanks for watching.

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