How to make soymilk with your blender or vitamix! Easy DIY soy milk with Blendtec

so you wanna make your own soy milk ok the easiest way to do this is to have
a couple ingredients on hand You want some dry soybeans along with water and a container that you use to soak along with a high-speed blender such as
a Vitamix and what we want to do is we want to
soak the beans this has already been soaked, but you put in a of your soybeans and from there, you put enough water to about 2 inches above there let it soak control systems wanna put it
in for at least 12 to 16 hours depending on the age to the soybean and
if you are having news newer so you can jump right in between six to eight hours as some from this war and use were near
skimpy then do one cup about RT soaked soybeans some people
like to remove and the outer portions in there I doubt
I idly leave the men also you need a and either and that milk bag or and she’s
caught strain it out afterwards but more world news report a couple this I’m along with three and a
half cups water UK so basically the ratio again for just to
reiterate is one cup for soybeans and you put three and half cups of water
inside their so 2 cups I love a.m. soaked beans and they’re a long way and new
water during this runs there’s a knighthood and seven cups water in here and now
what we do is we start of Onslow this is a Vitamix and then we’re gonna
go on high and we’re gonna go for about two minutes and now have a minute cutaway on this so
that you can see other one and I’ll show you a little bit about this and alright so looks like we’ve done blending blending and so if you
notice by the color here’s pretty white but what we’re newsroom
transfer this out to our a.m. pot so that we can cook that both have
another batch member and one Cup drivin deals right around to now have two little under three cups have so pain so where to transfer the
server okay the senate any pretty for me on top so
we can go ahead and poor this inside this hot and I went ahead and in the spot put am this I mean hi what we’re going to do is
going to bring this up to a Boyle and then we’re sever for right around 10 and actually right around 20 to 30 minutes and up I could get right around 30 to 35
over and go through me to go and skim part of it am so we can go from
there okay so basically from here what you
gonna do after you’ve done boiled I’m all this is
I’ll gonna show a couple steps ahead we’re
going to see that same poll that we had before put a little bit cheesecloth have
doubled up on this seeking usually go through and and just do one
and or to fully over we’re gonna porn site here and get all the sold bean and pace that we in the making and the
Vitamix blunder and separate that from there
when you initially kinda put all the stuff from the Vitamix over you gonna see a lot over the phone leftover when I like to do they like to
scoop that up while it’s cookin so I can actually see
the mill so when you skip all that up you can see
the milk in there on what we’re going to do Zara get all this out and then you can’t see a film build up on top she had a spin that out here in a sec
and I Cesc since stuff at the very top the film and if you notice rehear its
hella push no on their way to an end users
know perfect science about her body is kinda
skip that step to and discarded to take is kinda a step-by-step process but you
know this right here over the top film as and use wanna fact that sidon poured down and get rid of it okay we
just finished up with boiling it for about 30 minutes
boiling and then dropping down December we’ve got a cheesecloth ready and we’re
going to a ladle each of these a.m. cups insight here so this is going to be a
slow process so when you gonna put it through you to see it can slowly
go through and this is going to be kinda the
labor-intensive part is kinda waiting through here in York notice that kinda fine pace that’s left
in there I wanna go through in ladle and get this
through and will show you the final result
insect in Kent so what we’ve seen here is that this is
the remaining soybean pace that’s in there you can either
choose to reuse this and since hors d’oeuvres you know
cookies are baking and such but and in my hand with boiling hot right
now so I’m just going to start it alright there you have it and fresh so is being milk from this if you wanna
swing it up in kinda make it the version that you’re used to
just add a couple teaspoon under half a tablespoon a sugar and I to be good II prices up in the
next three to five days let it cool down in the refrigerated
best book in making your own so the mail

7 thoughts on “How to make soymilk with your blender or vitamix! Easy DIY soy milk with Blendtec

  • Thanks so much for the video.  I have a VM like yours.  Have you ever just run the VM to heat the blended mix up, rather than transferring to a pot? 

  • Nice video can you use boiling hot water to blend the beans to cook them so you don't have to boil the on the cooker?

  • That "top film" you mentioned is called yuba, it forms when you don't stir the hot milk for a while and the fat on the top layer mixes with and sticks to the normally water-soluble solids left over by the evaporating water. If you stir the pot for a few seconds it should dissolve back into the hot milk.
    Also, I like to save the foam and use it to top a cup of cappuccino or hot cocoa. 🙂

  • Why would you strain the soaking water out of the beans, when you are going to add water back to it anyways? Seems like a redundant step.

  • This is a helpful video. I kept the vitamix on too long and it wasn't possible to strain. The one thing you don't say in this that I'd like to know is how much soy milk do you have after you have cooked and strained the soymilk made from one cup of soaked beans. Maybe someone will provide me with an answer to [email protected]

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