How to Make Picadillo : Using a Food Processor for Making Picadillo Con Arroz

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Lizbeth Muller
and today I’m going to teach you how to make some Cuban style picadillo. I just want it
on for a little bit of time. I think it’s been on for like 10 seconds, 15 the most.
Turn it off and it’s going to look something like this. I don’t want it too mushy. I want
it to look a little choppy. Be careful with the blade. Notice it’s choppy. I’m going to
go ahead and place this in my dutchie pot, my small dutchie pot. You can use any pot
you want. I prefer to use my dutchie pot. Place this in here first just like that. Make
sure you get all of it in here chopped up and ready to go. I’m going to add my next
ingredient in there. This ingredient would be tomato sauce.

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