How to Make Hot Soup (Tomato Basil Recipe) in a Vitamix Blender by Raw Blend

Hi it’s Tommy from Raw Blend One of the best things you’re going to love about your Vitamix machine is you can cook a steaming hot, nutritious soup in minutes from fresh ingredients How can a Vitamix machine cook a hot soup? you might be asking. It looks like my normal blender. Well the Vitamix is much more than a blender. It actually cooks using friction heat You could imagine if I did this, 30,000 times a minute how hot my hands would get. Well the same principles working on the blades that’s what’s cooking out soup Quite amazing when you think about it. So, today I’m going to show you how to make a Tomato and basil soup. One of my favourite recipes. In the container here, I have 2 cups of cold water. I’m gonna put some tomatoes in. Throw the whole tomatoes in. You don’t have to chop them up. In they go. I’m going to put in a little bit of carrot. Once again, we wash these we don’t peel them. we’re getting the good nutrition in the peel. We’ve got some celery, with the leaves most importantly you leave the leaves on. More nutrition in the leaves. You don’t want to waste it. In it goes. Little bit of flavour goes a long way in the Vitamix Little bit of onion. Little bit of garlic with the skin Not too much, or you’ll overpower the whole soup Let’s add some chili here. Nice bit of flavour. Even with the stalk, in it goes Some Capsicum, I’m going to get some of this green part in. once again, the most nutritious part A lot of the good nutrition lies in these parts The stem, the seeds, the peel Parts we usually throw away I’ve got some cabbage. Cabbage is a fantastic cancer fighter. Great antioxidant. Throw it in and some cashews. I like to use this as an alternative to milk or cream it’s going to thicken it up and give it a lovely texture looks delicious and some basil. Tomato
basil soup, put some beautiful basil in there Alright, and one last thing. you don’t want to forget that vegetarian stock cube. That’s a Massel vegetarian stock cube. and some seasoning. Little bit of Sea salt and pepper. That’s it, we’re ready to go. Let’s lock our lid into place. I’m gonna start on high-speed. I’m just
going to pulse the machine On off, on off, see the power of that 2 Horsepower. Just going to suck down everything into the blade Away it goes. Now that’s all chopped it up Took me a couple of seconds but it hasn’t made it hot yet, so I’m going to get it up on high speed For about 4-5 minutes and make that nice and hot. Alright, soup should be done Now in the container here we had cold water, raw vegetables and in five minutes we’ve
got a steaming hot soup. that was just friction heat, no heating element. Pretty amazing. imagine being able to make nutritious soup in the same time it takes to go through the local drive-through well now it’s possible with your Vitamix I just showed you how Alright, what Ilike to do is make a chunky style soup I’m going to put some tomato in here. I’m going to put a little bit of basil back inside there and lock your lid on slow-speed. Just going to chop it through Doesn’t get much easier than that. Now you’ve got a chunky style soup. Bit of something to chew on. Alright, let’s serve up some of this Smells so good. You ready? Look at that, so creamy the best part is, you know what you’ve put in there So so good for you. Can’t wait to taste this. Put a little bit of garnish on here. Little bit of capsicum. Little bit of basil. Beautiful! Alright, let’s try some of this. It look’s so good. Tastes delicious; Tomato basil soup. Jamie Oliver said recently if the foods
got a label on it probably not very good for you There’s no label on fresh fruit and vegetables. Just the way mother nature intended it to be. I can’t wait for you to taste this at home. Bon Appétit

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  • Hi Tommy,i realised that after watching your video again…….. it is a very tasty soup.
    I passed this recipe on to my friend who is on the 2-5 fast diet ……. she plays around with the cashew content slightly as she is only allowed 500 calories on these days and she likes to fit in a green thick in the morning …perfect!

  • Wow! I just got my Vitamix today and just watched your video. Ran to store for ingredients and as I type this, I am enjoying the best soup I have ever had. My five year old daughter loves it too. Yay! Thank you. TRULY RAWMAZING PRESENTATION AND RECIPE!

  • My Vitamix arrived today! I'm finishing a juice cleanse, but I'm tempted to have this soup for dinner… yep, I think I will!

  • Hi SonriseRoofing,
    The soups usually make around 1 litre, which is roughly 4 servings.
    The link to the recipe is just under the video 🙂
    I hope this helps!

  • Great video Tommy. I was just wondering if you could answer a question that's been plaguing me. Does the intense speed of the blades break down any potential nutrition? I have read it breaks down the digestive enzymes and other things

  • Hi Tommy! I would like to get some advices…Above 46°Celsius, the enzymes get screwed so in order to not destroy those precious enzymes what would be the average time to run the vitamix? i noticed that your marvelous soup was steaming. Would it be fine as well rather using cold water to use instead luke warm water then just spin the mix for, let say , 30 seconds? Thanks for your nice video

  • Hi Gloupek9,
    The Vitamix will heat roughly 10 degrees every minute, so if you wanted to preserve all of the enzymes, you could leave it running for up to 4 minutes without destroying any of the nutrients. You can always use a thermometer to double check. I hope this helps!

  • Hi Andrew,
    At the end of the day, all heat will destroy enzymes. When you make soup with a Vitamix, rather than boiling the food, we are just heating it up with friction heat. Many Raw Foodies will leave it running for around 4 minutes so it is roughly at 40 degrees. It is only at 46 degrees when the enzymes begin to be destroyed.
    I hope this helps Andrew. Have a good day!

  • Thanks for your advice! i should receive my Vitamix tomorrow and i will undoubtly enjoy delicious soup and perfect Victoria Boutenko smoothies 🙂
    Good Health

  • 880 mg of sodium 🙁 for the cube stock (vegetarian) from local publix. know any good brands that don't have so much that's worse then a can of soup. 🙂 the soup was awesome though minus my girlfriend and I put a little bit too much chilli peppers haha.. make more videos 🙂

  • I would like to make plit peas soup in my vitamix but I cant find any receipes I do love tomato basil to but plti pea is one my fav could you make one up for us Linda


  • If the food has a label on it, then it's not very good.
    Good one. Thanks for the great video. Will make the soup in my Vitamix.

  • Hi Rtbeile, You could substitute cooked rice, milk or cream instead of cashews. In relation in what's suitable for your baby, its best to speak to a dietician or nutritionist. I hope this helps!

  • Hi, I'm just wondering if the vitamix also heats up smoothies when blending because of the blade friction? No one wants warm fruit smoothies!

  • Hi Steph,
    To make a hot soup, we leave the Vitamix running for roughly 4-6 minutes. When making a smoothie, the Vitamix only runs for about 60-90 seconds and we like to put ice in our smoothies so its icy cold! I hope this helps!

  • Hi, thanks for the video. I love my Vitamix. You can use Kitchen Basics (or any of the other prepared stocks) unsalted vegetable stock in place of the water and stock cube. No added sodium. Flavorful without added sodium (may have to salt to taste after that).

  • I used my vitamix for the first time today. Made kale,banana smoothie with almond milk and flax seeds.  Good  stuff. It's a very powerful machine. I'm about to make  tomato soup now 🙂

  • I'd say a lot less time than it takes to go to the drive through. From the moment you decide "I want a nice hot soup", the soup will be done before you would even get to the drive through. If you have to put extra clothes on, you might not even get to your car before the soup is done.

  • Don't you think that this is false advertising? You are advertising that this is a ready to eat hot soup. But, the vegetables are not cooked and the water is hot. I would not want to eat a soup that was not cooked unless it was a fruit soup served in the summer time.

  • Don't you think that the Vitamixer is expensive? I have a thirty year old Osterizer blender that grinds grains into flour and it cost under $200.00. 

  • I tried celery, tomatoes, garlic, zucchinis, salt, pepper, sugar, mixed salad, and it tasted awful. Probably did something wrong or not yet used to the taste yet… 

  • "just the way mother nature intended it to be". yup, mother nature intended you to whip up a bunch vegetables in a 450 dollar blender. hahaha. but seriously…that soup looks amazing and i now want this blender NOW. why does it have to be so expensive 🙁

  • Tommy Nicholas…….loved it. I see a lot of tomato basil soups with the vitamix, but this one was pretty good, especially on cold days like today.  Cheers. 

  • I have the blender and am no to make this soup for tonight as ive been doing various soup and wanted anmice tomato soup

  • Ours came out frothy. I think the only addition we made was some mushrooms. Any ideas on why this occurred? The texture throughout was really quite airy throughout (not just on top) and not very appetizing, although the taste was spot on considering the ingredients used.

  • Please keep making raw soup recipes. I've been using the vitamix for 8 yrs & every night Ive make a raw soup in it. Leafy green based soups are more difficult to enjoy for most people – you have to find the right balance of ingredients. Maybe some of the green soups would be great to show on your channel?

  • Hello I recently purchased a vitamix and what I noticed is that after 2 -3 min of blending it will make a louder noise, it doesn't sound bad but is slightly louder. Is that normal?

  • Hey Tommy, I got my vitamix and I love it. We tried the brocoli soup, I loved it, (my son didn't, but he likes eating brocoli straight up). Can I make a request that you make a lentil soup using the vitamix? I was thinking just straight up lentils with some form of milk? Thank you for all your videos.  Ilove them!

  • I just got mine a few days ago, i was surprised that it didn't have a button that said heat on it, but you just explained that for me.Before I bought this I didn't think I wanted a blender that heated, but boy i changed my mind,I have always made my own homemade soups, in large batches, but this fresh meatless soup, is gonna be so good for me, and my son.

  • hi Tommy. Congratulations for your shows. Really like vivamix and raw blend. But has a question. When you do a hot soup. What is it's temperature after it's 5 minute? Thank you.

  • I tried this soup after I watched this video and I have to say taste awesome!!! Thank you for sharing the recipe.

  • Thanks again for this recipe – it is my go to summer soup. Hope your building is getting fixed OK…

  • I've just made this soup, and it's absolutely gorgeous! Unbelievably quick and simple! I didn't have a spring onion so I substituted with a white onion, I didn't have any fresh hot peppers so I substituted with chilli fakes, and no cabbage so I used lettuce, but the recipe still turned out amazing! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • I tried making this and the only thing I changed was instead of basil leaves I put basil seasoning and it was the same taste so I went with this but the rest I did perfectly and it tasted really bad. I know it must have tasted delicious but when I tried it, it was bad I had to throw the whole thing away. huge waste of ingredients and so I need to know what I did bad cause I'm confused.

  • Yummy recipe thank you look forward to watching more of your soup making, I did end up making it with vegetable broth instead of water as I had some to use up , was very good!

  • Hi Tommy, I am thinking of purchasing the Vitamix S30, will I be able to make a raw hot soup with this smaller model the same way? Do you have reviews on smaller models of the Vitamixers?

  • Tommy, thank you for the video – I just bought my Vitamix 5200 and cant wait to try your Tomato Basil Soup!

  • My vitamix 5300 started shaking at speed 2. When i brought it down to 1 even then it kept shaking- I made it run for a minute and it shut off. After an hour, when it switched on again th same thing happened. Any idea what's wrong or so I have a piece of junk?

  • Hi Tommy, thank you for this amazing recipe! For how long this soup can be stored in the fridge?
    Thank you 🙂

  • Hi! Love your videos! Keep making them I love my new vitamix! One question, what can I use instead of nuts? Or can I just skip them? Thanks!

  • I've had a vitamix for over 7 years. We purchased ours when they were 700 dollars, but I was suffering from terrible Lyme and eating raw was an option that helped my body feel much better. While it is simply the best blender we ever owned and never had any issues with it – it just doesn't make good soups. Please be aware. Sure, it pulverizes the ingredients, but what you are left with is veggies with so much AIR whipped in it is has a "foamy" consistency. Not creamy, not smooth and rich and thick. Foamy…like you are eating dish soap suds, but with flavor. We tried 2-3 different kinds and it just didn't pass. Margaritas, marinades, milkshakes, smoothies, even different fruit and veggie drinks are okay, but if you really want this for soup, please be AWARE it will give you froth not broth!

  • We just bought a used Vitamix from a box outlet. We made soup which was good and I made a pumpkin spice latte but neither became hot enough for our liking….even after 6 minutes. Is this probably not working properly?

  • I just received my new Vitamix for Christmas. Have not stop using it since. I made this today and followed exact directions. Absolutely delicious!! I wonder though can avacado sub for cashews Tommy? Thanks for your recipes and great tips. So very helpful.

  • Wow, I'm impressed. I laughed when you were just chucking all sorts of stuff in the blender, "keep the stems and leaves etc"; it reminded me of Doc at the end of back to the future when he's chucking stuff into the "Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor"…

  • Well, my Vitamix 5200 arrived today, and the second thing I tried in it was a variant of this soup (tomatoes, celery, carrots, basil, organic veggie stock, cashews, fresh lemon slice, and a pinch of chilli flakes). Yum, so good! It took 6 minutes from starting to grab ingredients to drinking the soup, with everything all washed up and put away. I only put a tiny pinch of chilli flakes in, but it's got real bite!

  • you're the bomb!!!! would it be okay to prepare the portions of ingredients for individual soups and the freeze them for storage?

  • I lold at this dude. But I had ingredients pretty much and wanted to test my blender. Didn't taste like tomato soup I'm used to but it was good and that's all that matters.

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