How To Make Home Made Gotu Kola/Kodangal Herbal Soup || Natural Brain Tonic || Healthy Flavours

We are today sharing a traditional soup which is very healthy Everybody makes soup with lot of ingredients but this one is entirely different from our normal soups For this the main ingredient we are using is Gotukola herb/kodangal also known as Indian pennywort in english which is easily available Gotukola is a Brain tonic which can be given to children to stimulates the development and function of brain Also helps to strengthen the growth of hair Besides these benefits they are antibacterial, anti inflammatory Balances kapha and pitta in our body Also acts as cough expectorant by drinking juice of gotukola saritha is going to show us how soup can be made with gotukola herb Ingredients needed are gotukola herb with stems and roots shallots finely chopped 10 nos crushed pepper salt to taste Instead of oil we are using Ghee First we grind the gotukola leaves into fine paste Then fry the shallots in ghee Add grinded leaves paste to the kadai and cook for 2 minutes. Lastly add crushed pepper Its really easy to make herbal soup out of gotukola. Even cornflour is also not using in our healthy soup This also helps to elimate toxins from uterus Grind gotukola into fine paste place iron kadai on flame and add ghee to this Add finely chopped shallots to the ghee and fry till it turns slight golden brown in color Now add the grinded gotukola paste into fried shallots Add water to adjust the consistency of soup accordingly Its better to add little salt or you can use rock salt which is more healthier and commonly used for ayurvedic purpose Allow this to cook for 2 to 3 minutes Soup is ready now we add crushed pepper to this Healthy gotukola herbal soup is ready to serve Nice flavour of fried shallots in ghee is coming out Really very tasty. Less salt is added. You can also add more pepper if needed Definitely try this herbal soup which is a brain tonic good for both kids and grown up people

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