How To Make Green Juice!

hi I’m so glad to be here today and I
want to talk to you about a life-saving strategy seriously
this that I’m going to share with you today could change your life and
actually anti-age you this is about your health and I want to talk to you today
about the health benefits of juicing my name is Renee Teller I’m a life
strategist that believes in helping you ignite your life body mind and soul it’s
what I do it’s what I love I’ve been a serial entrepreneur nearly my whole life
building companies making money helping other people make money and now I want
to share my wealth of information and today it’s going to start with taking
care of you and making sure your physical body is ready to handle an
amazing life so let’s get started if you know someone that can benefit from this
make sure you share this video so the first thing I want to show you is what
we’re going to be talking about today these amazing creatures I call them
creatures because they’re alive everything in this bowl is alive and
that’s what makes it so special and so health giving to you like these little
things you might not even know what they are but I’m going to teach you today
these are called sprouts and they’re actually baby baby sunflower seeds that
grew into their very first stages of life the same with these that are pea
sprouts so today we’re going to juice just green and I’m going to talk to you
while I’m going about the benefits of green but here’s where I started before
you came to join me I washed all these and that’s your first step your first
step when you start juicing is to buy only organic vegetables and to wash them
now here’s why you want only organic when we juice we create
liquid of course from the vegetables that means when we drink and ingest that
food it goes right to our bloodstream in light of that you don’t want any
vegetables that have been treated with pesticides because that means those
chemicals are going right into your bloodstream now our blood stream has to
fight those chemicals in there so you don’t want that we give ourselves the
best chance by buying organic particularly as it relates to juicing
now you’re going to tell me oh butter organic is so expensive so on some
things if you choose to not buy organic make sure you do it only for eating
because when our bodies go through the digestive process we can actually sort
that stuff out before it gets to the bloodstream our bodies will try to get
rid of those chemicals so that’s step one then I wash them all why is it
important if these organic vegetables don’t have any chemicals why is it so
important to wash them so well the beautiful thing about vegetables is that
they’re alive well if these things are alive it’s this beautiful celery is
alive then that means the cells that make the celery up are going through the
same process that every living organism goes through that is taking in food
digesting food and eliminating so we want to wash the eliminating part if you
know what I mean p o o p want to wash that off our vegetables so right before a
juice I give everything a fresh wash I actually do scrub the outside of my
cucumbers i scrub my celery and I rinse these sprouts really really good all
right so now we’re ready for step two step two in the juicing process is
putting your juicer together all about the juicer I am using today an Omega
juicer and I’m sure there’s a lot of confusion
about there of all the different kinds of juices I’ll tell you why I love the
Omega juicer it’s an auger juicer if I were to take this apart which I’ll do
quickly I’ll show you that this is an auger and an auger if you’re not
familiar with kind of I don’t know if it’s construction terminology but you
can see an auger right turns it has like a little spiral and an auger rings my
vegetables it doesn’t tear them up why is that important it’s particularly
important when you’re juicing sprouts these little guys if you try to put them
in the other kind of juicer on the market which is called centrifugal those
are the ones that spin with little teats and cut up your vegetables really
quickly or even a blade like a Vitamix er that I have of course every kitchen
needs a Vitamix er I can’t get this back together so that might not have been a
good there we go the centrifugal juicers are good for
some things but not for sprout and the reason I love to do sprouts is there’s
many more times the amount of nutrition in these baby sprouts than there isn’t
all our other vegetables we don’t need to go through that if you’re juicing
vegetables you’re already way ahead of the game you already have health
benefits beyond most people and what I love at this point is I love the
anti-aging properties of drinking fresh juice so Omega juicer that step to get
yourself a good juicer I mean I think this is 200 maybe it is worth every
penny of it because it gives me life every single day so I’m going to turn
this on hopefully you’ll be able to hear me well it does come with a little press
to put my my vegetables through here but the second step is to start putting your
vegetables through the juicer is it a little time-consuming I’m not
going to lie it is time-consuming but I get more value out of this do you
realize that you can eat the equivalent of like ten salads in the nutrients in
your juice and there’s no way that I’m going to take the time to eat ten salads
a day let alone prep ten salads or get all those vegetables together it’s that
time consuming in and of itself so you need to look at it properly right you
need to make sure that you’re properly analyzing the cost/benefit speaking from
my old CPA world so I like to start with my sprouts I like to juice those first
instead of using this little pusher I like to push with my with my celery and
the key when you’re using sprout is to be gentle with them right don’t want to
smash things through the juicer that’s why it’s got this little tray here you
can just take it nice and slow and push them gently through there once you push
gently the auger is working down there and it just pulls them right in and it’s
going to wring them like like you’re like our grandparents eats the ring or
laundry out right they used to twit the thing that’s always doing and it’s
sucking up all the nutrients right out of there so I start with my I start with
my sunflower it doesn’t really matter you could start with your celery you
know I find that when my my sprouts might get tangled in that auger a little
I’ll let a piece of celery go through the juicer just to kind of push it along
because the celery is pretty tough as you might’ve guessed these are pshew I
also like to send them in headfirst so to speak okay because so much of our
nutrients believe it or not is not in the top the nutrients are in the roots
are in the root of our vegetables mostly so you send them
through the top see what I’m doing I’m being too hard on them so that was
getting stuff a little bit so you just push those through there I hope I’m
going to move this a little bit and hope that you can maybe see a little better
how this work as I get a little more juice in here I’m actually I’ll show you
how beautiful this is my body now I’ve been juicing and you know we go through
cycles in life right we’re we’re we’re better than not but I’ve been juicing
this side of 20 years and now my body is so adjusted to what it gets the benefit
the health benefits from juicing that I actually start to feel better just
smelling this you know I have an assistant that works with me a lot her
name is katrell and she’s a juicer as well it’s probably why we kind of fell
in love with each other we get each other but you know she
walked in when I was about to start this and she said oh my gosh it smells so
good in here because her body is used to that do you remember in school when you
learned about Pavlov’s theory and they talked about the dog and how the dog’s
mouth starts foaming it’s that same thing with us guys our bodies begin to
sense the benefit and again you no need to be perfect this isn’t pretty I’m just
sticking them through they’re trying to be gentle to falling all over no big
deal let me explain to you why I do green and if you’re new to juicing
greens are Thai green juice is some of the most difficult juice to drink
especially if you’re juicing something strong like kale but here’s why the
green juice is so important it has to do with chlorophyll which is what makes our
plants green you remember from school chlorophyll makes our plants green well
chlorophyll you also may remember is the blood of plant
it’s the lifeline of plants just like human blood is our lifeline and what
what’s amazing when the scientist took a look at the chemical makeup of blood in
the human body and blood of the plants otherwise known as chlorophyll
they’re almost chemically identical there’s only one thing that’s different
between that well what does that mean for us that means when we drink this
green juice it’s healing and cleansing to our blood and our good healthy blood
right why do we all get blood work done all the time because our blood is where
our health is determined it’s where we begin to understand what’s going on in
our body so it’s very important to do great now if you’re just starting I
would encourage you to try to supplement your green with maybe some green apple a
little bit of green apple the reason I don’t like it as well is there’s more
sugar an apple right then there is more sugar in our fruit so you don’t want to
do a lot of that and you’re better off not doing the apple but I can tell you
that it may have been as much as 10 years before I could do without the
Apple so be patient with yourself you would be doing so much for yourself by
doing any kind of fresh squeezed juices which is going to get me to lesson
number three and lesson number three has to do with enzyme and live foods versus
dead food what do I mean by that I just told you that these vegetables were
alive that why we had to wash them remember well
likewise this live food is full of enzymes enzymes are what makes any
living thing come to life I call them the spark plug of our body right so we
have all these magnificent body parts but without enzymes nothing will work
well when we ingest this Jun within 20 minutes really anyone but its most
potent within 20 minutes of making this juice and enzymes are very alive and
strong and potent so when I drink this juice I fill my body with more life I
give life back to my body I anti-age the anti-aging process is about giving my
body life and not taking life from my body on the flip side when I eat food
that doesn’t have life in it what would that be it would be things like cooked
food right there’s no life with cooked the the enzymes out of it by the cooking
process when you go over 114 degrees Fahrenheit you’ve killed the life you’ve
killed the enzymes now there’s still some nutritional value but not nearly as
good so in addition to killing the enzyme I then need to take enzymes in
the digestive process my body needs enzyme to break down any food that I
needed whether it’s a good vegetable that cooked or meat or any other non
live food you don’t believe me that this food is alive when’s the last time you
saw the carrots in your group in your pantry grow little hairs it should only
grow because it’s live or your potatoes grow those little eyes
they’re alive so nothing I’m making office factual science right so let me
show you this let me let you take a look at this amazing juice and maybe shut
this down a little bit one of the things that happens is there’s a strainer on
this juicer so that my juice is nice and really liquidy and doesn’t have that
gritty taste but I will show you in a clear glass how beautiful this juice is let me go get you a clear glass so that
you can see I’ll get this wrong with fishies on it and you can see the green
juice the fish swimming in the green juice but look at this beautiful juice I
mean again when you get used to eating and living this way like my little red
fish swimming in that is that beautiful I mean it’s it’s just beautiful but let
me share a couple other quick tips with you on juicing so the pulp is going into
this dish which you can throw it into compost if you’re a gardener that’s
great and the screen gets clogged so relatively frequently I will rinse my
screen out just to let the juice come through quicker all right and then back
in but let me tell you what else I add and you can do this and I find that it
makes my juice really yummy and fun I don’t know if you know what this is but
if you do you’re probably like me oh my gosh that’s a beautiful piece of ginger
this is ginger if you are a sushi eater you know that they slice it really thin
and it’s the stuff people put on their sushi this is so amazing and what I’ve
done is I’ve cut that up right here into these tiny little pieces and I’m going
to put it right through my juicer and give my my juice a little zip a little
thing you know this is just like ginger ale okay say you
to make ginger ale now don’t go drinking ginger ale we don’t time to talk about
the lack of benefits of our sodas right but I’ll just throw this right in here
ginger is really important to me because one of my health issues has to do with
my digestive system it’s weak where did that come from I think a lot is heredity
to be honest with you but I probably did a little bit of damage all right maybe a
lot back when I did my Wall Street kind of career when you hold and harbor a lot
of stuff in our gut and there’s all kinds of teachings I can do for you on
gut health okay so I just throw this right in there and then continue with my
celery or whatever out now it looks like I’m making a lot of juice I like you to
have 16 ounces of juice at a time this is about eight I probably got the rest
of it in there so that’s how long it took to make my 16 ounces but because I
love my husband I got to make a little more if he came home and found out that
I didn’t make him juice when I was making you he’d be a little sad as would
I if he did it to me so the other thing we put in our juice is garlic garlic is
one of the most amazing healers out there so much so that I actually juice
my garlic and I take it and I can turn this off for a second
I also take it in the form of pills a supplement so you can go to your health
food store and you can get garlic that’s amazing and it’s so good for you it will
knock anything out including your breath if you end up going to work after
juicing garlic might not want to do that but other than that we juice garlic all
the time and the last thing that we daily throw in this is a little piece of
tumeric tumeric is very anti-inflammatory promoting right if
you’ve heard anything and he’s a buzz around the
medical world today it’s this inflammation in our bodies that is the
indicator and the beginning stages of all our diseases all are generated
diseases so we want to keep inflammation in our bodies down and this is one way
to do it so I will actually be throwing this through the juicer it’s also a
wonderful thing for prostate cancer for the men in your life prostate health in
general right so these are some amazing things there are so many things you can
add to juice but let me just tell you today just think about juicing think
about the health benefit of good green chlorophyll the life line of the plants
the life line their blood going right into cleansing your blood keeping you
healthy that’s so important anything you can juice is going to be amazing
anti-aging benefits and health benefits to ward off all kinds of diseases when
I’m really on with my juicing even in the winters in the Northeast where I
live if I’m doing my juicing I am never sick it doesn’t matter who I’m around so
it’s just a testament when I get sick clearly because I haven’t been doing
what I know to do and give my body what I know it needs to fight off all kinds
of disease and even just the common cold if you need more information or health
follow my blog renee keller calm that’s our en e te ll ER renee tellers with a
t-dot-com i’ve got lots of information there I really want to help you change
your life ignite your life get you excited to live amazing again and to age
gracefully the other thing I want to tell you is if
you don’t know where to start that’s okay I got you
bird I just created some back in 2016 something I call a life audit you may
have heard me mention I was a CPA so don’t let that life audit scare you it’s
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grading yourself and seeing how you’re doing and the weakest areas are where
you want to start maybe it’s health or maybe it’s your business you need more
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and click on my life audit and go ahead and answer the questions and then I will
be emailing you the results and you can start there oh did I mention it’s free
it’s totally free so go ahead and do that I’m so happy to have been with you
today follow me Renee Taylor comm follow me on
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have a great weekend in a great day

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