How to Make Garlic Chilli Sauce (Thermomix)

Hi guys, Jackie M here and I am introducing
you to my brand spanking new Thermomix. I don’t know what its capabilities are but it
does show a lot of potential for a lot of the dishes that I couldn’t find time to make
because they’re just generally so incredibly time-consuming. It will be very, very interesting
to check it out. So I’m going to be experimenting on a bunch of different Asian recipes. And
the first one that I’ve tried here is what we call in Hakka just __ or chilli sauce which
is a chilli and garlic condiment that I used to love growing up back in Malaysia, so check
it out! Well, I didn’t measure anything as you can
probably guess from the way I was throwing everything into the bowl and blending it.
But I will backtrack and write down all the quantities for your reference. And I think
it took probably almost less than 10 seconds at the blade speed of 6.5. And if you got
any questions at all, just pop it in the Comment box and I will get back to you. And until
my next Thermomix adventure, as we would say in Malaysia, selamat makan which means happy
eating! I’ll catch you next time.

5 thoughts on “How to Make Garlic Chilli Sauce (Thermomix)

  • Jackie, is this the sauce they have on the table in Thai restaurants? I thought it had a touch of vinegar to it..Anyway, thanks for the idea, this will be my last red sauce of the season, and have one more green one to go, then the peppers are all gone for the winter, boo hoo. Don't have a thermomix, but have a handheld unit that works swingingly well. Anyway, thanks for the idea w LOTS of garlic.

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