How to Make Food Processor Salsa | Fresh and Easy Recipe

Hi! Today on the kitchen of Eatin’ we’re gonna be revealing my husband secret salsa recipe and this is what you need to get
started. You’re gonna need one spoon a large bowl, we’re gonna feel this entire thing with salsa which means lots of leftovers
which is great if you have a big family or if you just a salsa monger like my
husband and I are in our house. You’re gonna need a knife to do just a little
bit of chopping with the vegetables, a whole bunch of cilantro prewash, a
cutting board, one red onion, a lemon, jalapeño pepper and for this recipe
garlic is optional but today we’re going to be using it so we have one clove of
garlic and then a dozen pre-washed tomatoes and of course the food
processor. So let’s get started! Cut off the end of your jalapeno and
take one tomato and slice it in half. Place the tomato, jalapeno and garlic in
a food processor and blend until ingredients are you soup like
consistency. Pour you mixture into the large bowl and
set aside. Chop the stems off the cilantro
and place the cilantro in the food processor – pulse until cilantro is finely
chopped. You may need to scrape the sides of the
food processor one or two times until you reach the desired consistency. Add the cilantro to the large bowl and
set it aside. Next cut off the ends of the onion and remove the outer layer. Cut the onion into for small pieces and add it to the food processor – pulse the food processor until the onions
are diced. You may need to scrape the sides of the
food processor in case the blade misses any of the onions and pulse again. Remove any large chunks of onion and add your diced onions to the large bowl and set aside. Next use a knife to cut or scoop out
the stem of each tomato. Next cut your tomatoes in fourths and place about
half of your total tomatoes in the food processor. Pulse the tomatoes until they are chopped or chunky. Add your chunky tomatoes to the large bowl and repeat this process until you’ve used all of your tomatoes – you may need to do this
one or two more times. Slice your lemon in half and squeeze the juice of half of the lemon into large bowl. Use a spoon to remove any lemon seeds from the bowl. Use a spoon to stir all of the
ingredients in the bowl together. Add a teaspoon or more of salt to taste and stir again. Store your salsa in the fridge until
you’re ready to serve – the longer you let it set the more flavorful it will be. For more tips and recipes visit

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