HOW TO MAKE FALAFEL – Authentic and full of flavor

Hi guys Welcome to Steve’s Kitchen today
I’m going to be teaching you how to make fantastic Falafels and stick with me because
through this little series I’m also going to be making pita pockets and almost going to make a Tahini sauce from scratch so let’s get on today and make the best
tasting Falafel you’ve ever tried. oh! and by the way
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which will be coming in the next few days. Intro Music ♫♪ Intro Music ♫♪ Intro Music ♫♪ Now for the best flavor of Falafel you want to take your dry
chick peas and just put them into a glass jar, that’s a cup of chick peas So we cover the Chickpeas at least a couple
inches above the peas themself And we’re going to leave them to soak overnight
or at least eight hours now you can use canned chickpeas as well
and they work perfectly well just make sure you drain all the moisture
out of the chickpes before you start making falafel okay let’s get these Falafel started we’ve got
two cups of our chickpeas, that we rehydrated overnight we pop
those into a bowl now the secret to really good Falafel is lots of flavor, chickpeas are
not great on their own I mean they are good but look this is a
whole big bunch of parsley I’m just going to chop that
up roughly and that’s going in the bowl as well,
it doesn’t have to be done too finely just going to chop the whole lot up and pop
it in stalks and all, actually not right down to
the tough stalks Pop that in with our chickpeas. And flavor, flavor, flavor, I’ve got four nice bunches
here a nice great big bunch of coriander or Cilantro I think Americans call it and
again just roughly chopping those up.
And we are just going to pop those in this is really what makes the flavor. oh!
the smell coming off that Cilantro that Coriander its d-licious and I’ve got two brown Onions
here that I’m just going to cut up roughly, doesn’t
have to be too fine and put into the bowl so now the onions the chickpeas and all the herbs are in there were just
going to mix that through with our hands Now guys my big food processor is not
working at the moment so I am going to use the smaller one and I’m
going to do mine in two batches but it doesn’t matter flavor, flavor, flavor this is what’s going
to make the difference all these herbs and spices just look at
the colors of that and now lets just blitz that down. You can decide if you want
it really fine or if want it fairly coarse. I prefer a fairly fine Falafel I think it fries up better Now guys look at the colors of that, that is
what falafels should look like its coarse but reasonably fine it’s packed full of flavor, the texture is moist but reasonably dry it’ll hold
together nicely but we haven’t finished yet I’ve got one tablespoon of coriander
seeds whole seeds not ground down just pop those in there. I’ve got if I get it right this is one tablespoon of seeds that I’ve
ground down into a fine powder coriander again.I’ve got 1 tablespoon of Cumin or cumin as people call it put that in there and one tablespoon of ground cumin, a teaspoon and a half of a regular
salt and a really healthy portion of ground pepper
now I’m using ground white pepper here but you can use ground black pepper either
will do now why did I use white pepper you might ask because I’ve run out of black and white
tastes really great anyway okay take a spoon and we start to mix
those spices in with the rest of our mixture here now I’ll just
show you now this is almost perfect but I think it’s
a little bit now I don’t know if you can see that there but its a little bit damp and the way to combat that and that’s
because the herbs had alot of moisture in them is just to add about a tablespoon to 2
tablespoons of flour into this mixture so sprinkle some flour over there that’s one tablespoon I’ll just fold that through and see if
that’s a enough now I think that’s enough flour
they’re holding it together nicely they’re still damp but let’s test this one and cook
it off now I’ve got a pan a deep pan with
about three inches of oil here and I want to bring the temperature of this oil up to about 350 – 375 degrees Fahrenheit
thats 175 – 190 degrees Celsius So I reckon it’s
around about 175 now, I’m testing with a little bit of bread see
straight away that fizzled up and that’s going to cook nicely within
30-40 seconds that will be brown so that’s now ready for the falafels
just making my falafels by hand just roll them into a little almond-shape and then just drop them
into the oil okay whilst it’s bubbling away like that I’m just going to use a
slotted spoon to drop the rest of them in Probably put 4 or 5 of them in at one time
Now if I just gently put a slotted spoon in there I mean look at those
they’re holding together beautifully they’ve got a lovely crusty outside I’m going to pop those on to some kitchen paper
let them drain and I’m going to cook some more. OK I’ve fried off my falafel they’re beautiful and crisp on the outside let’s
just open that one up and inside you’ve got all that flavor and I can
tell you that tastes delicious that’s the best
falafel I’ve ever had. Now we’re going take our Falafel our salad, our Tahini Sauce and mix it altogether making one fantastic meal okay guys firstly I’m going to make a quick
Tahini Sauce and I’m using freshTahini that I made
earlier you can buy shop bought Tahini but fresh is best so I’ve got 1/2 a cup of Tahini sauce there and I’m
just going to cut up a lemon there fresh lemon and we want we want the juice of that lemon in the bowl
first so I’ve got all my lemon in there and the keep all the pith in
there as well I put my 1/2 a cup of Tahini and then you want 1/2
cup of water in there as well now just take a fork and mix that through and then I just want to season it with about 1/2
a teaspoon to a teaspoon of salt and I’m just going to add one quarter of a cup of a
thick Greek yogurt into the mix as well and then mix that together with a fork and we got this lovely Thick dressing that we will be using in our Falafel Now to go with our falafel and our little pita
pockets we’re going make a little fresh salsa now a simple salsa is often best I’ve got
red onions fresh tomatoes and cucumber and I’m
going to cut these up and dice into little cubes so I’ve diced up
cucumber our red onion and our tomatoes or tomato
as our American friends say and then we’re just going to pop those into a bowl
together And then we’re just going to mix those through
Now I’ve left all of the skin on the cucumber as well it adds beautiful color there so we’ll set this
aside in the fridge ready to use when our Falafels are ready to construct okay guys we’ve got our pita pockets now
and we’re just going to cut a piece of the top and I’ve opened
up the pocket inside and this can get a little bit messy
we’re going take a couple of our Falafels and pop them inside there drop them into the bottom and then we’re going to take a spoonful of that salsa, that little salad salsa that we made and pop that in there and I want big spoonful of the Tahini sauce dressing and then another couple of falafel some more salad and again our Tahini sauce over the top of that and you take a look That is a falafel that’s going to taste absolutely delicious so there is my take on a perfect falafel
in a homemade pita pockets with your homemade Tahini. Now guys you can
buy Tahini from the shops it doesn’t matter, Pita’s you can also buy but I’m going try this
one now but not while your watching It’s going to be messy. guys thank you for watching subscribe to the channel: you know and
watch the other videos watch How I Tahini , watch how I made the flatbreads Pita pockets. Be good I’ll see you next
week take care. Hi Everyone welcome to Steve’s Kitchen today I’m going to show you how to make pita breads make pita pockets now thats not easy
to say Now if you were with me the other day where we were making falafel these are the pita breads that I used now you can buy your own pita breads in the supermarket but they will never taste as good as these ones So Lets show you now how to make wonderful Pita breads

99 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE FALAFEL – Authentic and full of flavor

  • So- u don't pre boil the chickpeas? Just soak them overnight only? I would have presumed they would still be too hard! Amazing

  • steve – we are going to use your recipes to teach english!  let me ask you two things.  will  they be ok withOUT the coriander –  and what would you suggest instead.  in this region os sao paulo brasil cilantro is not too popular and since this is a group that is all related they do NOT cook with it nor do they like it (if we snuck it in they would probably notice but since they will be making them no way to do that.  Next if we omit the yogurt will that negatively affect the taste?  what could we substitute it  with?

  • that's too much GREEN in the falafel
    I make mine without the onion and the green, just little seasoning but I add an egg and some sesame paste. Try it

  • "Fresh is best." Words to live by. Great recipe. Made this and your hummus for guests. They loved it. Thanks.

  • Steve, I made a rough translarion of your wonderful falafel recipe. Please feel free to download to your site.  we used this for one of our English classes!
    here is the link: HOW TO MAKE FALAFEL Authentic and full of flavor I included the link to your site and channel.  I also forwarded the link to the cook at one of my favorite vegan restaurants.  big hugs! randy

  • wow steve.. i loved it.. esp tahini sauce.. salad is so simple.. so healthy everything .. love you… im gonna make it…

  • Nice recipe. I'm going to try a similar thing myself, except I'll have to try and mash everything up with a potato masher. No money for a processor at the moment, so… finely chopped and mashed, it is.

    Oh, and you should try to toast the cumin and coriander seeds before adding them – really makes a difference.

  • I heard you never NEVER EVER use Coriander 🙂
    you know in India there is something called a Dal Vada. Which is made from Brown Chickpeas or Garbanzo beans And Corriander is added. Here in this city since Parsley is not available that easy they end up adding Corriander and it ends up tasting just like the Dal vada of India.
    The distinctive taste between Indian falafel and lebanese is the choice of herb.
    Your recipes is more like like Indian dal vada
    I have noticed that almost all indigenous cultures have similar dishes its just the choice of Lentil or the herb that makes it distinct or the fruit. Like the choice of Chilli in mexican and the use of tomato otherwise the curry and the tortilla are just like the roti and lentil curries of India.

  • brilliant, I'm mideastern and this is the most authentic looking falafel ive seen. We sometimes add some chunky mash potatoes into the bread, mmm~. I wonder though, what can you replace the yogurt with in the tahini sauce to make this perfectly and deliciously vegan-friendly

  • I just made falafel with tahini sauce for lunch. brought back heaps of memories when i was living in melbourne. by the way thank you so much for the recipe

  • I've been looking for a more flavorful mix and I can't wait to try this out. Oh! and thanks for explaining that coriander was cilantro. 

  • Steve: I have made this recipe twice and it may very well be the best falafel ever. The first time I did not have coriander seed or cumin seed so I added another tea spoon of ground cumin and coriander. The second time I made it I did have the seeds and I found i had to regrind the falafel in the food processor. I would not want to bite down on a whole coriander seed unexpectedly.. (I did not have quite the same success with your pita pocket recipe, They didn't puff up and separate enough to use.I will try again. Thanks.

  • Im shocked that people know about falafel in the UK
    Its my favorite food of all the time
    You made it the way it should be
    Long life falafel ❤😂

  • I made them, but they were too moisty to be shaped :'( though I added so much flour lol I guess it was because I blended them for too long. But other than that they turned out to be absolutely amazing. Thank u chef :*

  • I'm pretty sure the original falafel comes from Egypt and was made from broad beans and not chick peas. Looks nice though!

  • Can you do the same thing with broad beans (fava beans) please and let me know the differences? Thank you.

  • hello.i love the way you prepared all of your cooking tips.pita bread free for yeast,tahini sauce,falafel,i lough when u use your blender,alternative way instead those expinsive one…keep it up…

  • for the falafel:
    don't add that much of coriander and parsley, just 1/2 the qty is ok in order to prevent the dark color after frying.

    no need for the whole seeds, grounded is better in order to keep the good texture without adding flour.
    garlic is a must in falafel, you forgot to add.
    1 ts of baking soda is a must too
    keep it in the fridge for 2 hours before frying

    good luck

  • we dont use yoghurt in tahina. we also put more than salt in the sauce, we add garlic and other spices such as coriander. oh yeah and you forgot, we love to add chilli.

    your falafel also arent right but whatever. remove the word authentic from your video though because youre recipe is definitely not authentic.

  • have you ever heard of garlic??? i agree with David D below — remove "authentic" from the title, and you're good to go.

  • Lol all the pricks in the comment section. This looks really good and i liked that you used a lot of herbs, can't wait to try and make these!

  • not original. you miss the essential which is garlic ,  and dont use cumin seedes but powder. a half tea spoon of bicarbonate mixed verywell before frying cos if falafel doesnt inflate it ll not be cooked. if not bicarbnts then a Little bit of baking powder. the pita sanwich goes well with humos, sweet mustard, sweet pickles, fried potato, ovenedGreen peper, fried or ovened egg plant coliflour, when bought in some parts in the middle east it is served with more tan 10 salads and sauces.

  • Thanks for the video. your tahini sauce was just perfect and mouth watering and I love the taste. but the recepie of falafel ( not just your recepie but also dozens of other similar recepies) made me disoppointed. Initially I carefully watched and follow the exact recepie and later I made some variations by changing the quantity of ingredients and every time I got an odd taste falafel. I am a falafel lover but my falafel doesn't come even close to what I eat from market. my question is could parsley be replaced with other vegetable? because in raw form it taste awkward and there is not any other thing I can blame for bad taste. thanks

  • You want to open a Falafel restaurant here is some great names for you (Big Falafel) or (Crunchy Falafel), the domains are available now on ( for just 150 $ each.

  • Love the tahini sauce, but shouldn't the falafel have garlic, baking soda, and only the toasted ground spices? I might be wrong, and confusing this with a different dish, but the one time I had it I'm pretty sure it had a garlic flavor

  • I haven't made falafel in ages. My recipe definitely did not have the coriander/cilantro and if it had parsley (I think it had a little) it didn't have so much. All that wonderful green! Wow! These look way better than mine ever did. I have got to try this recipe!

  • Nope! 1 cup Fava beans + 1 cup Chickpeas (both put in water overnight), garlic, 1 tbsp flour, 1 tsp lemon juice, pepper, touch of cayanne, 1/2 cup parsley, 1/2 tsp cumin, 1/2 cup cilantro and a cup of onions. That IS the best falafel combo. Period. from 40 years of living in the middle east!

  • Cilantro and Coriander come from the plant Coriandrum sativum. Cilantro comes from the leaves, while Coriander comes from the seeds.

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