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Today’s video, I’m going to show you how to make
lovely energy balls using oats and dried fruit I’m Fiona. Welcome to Fiona’s Food for Life These energy balls are so easy to make! The first ingredient we’re going to
add in is Medjool dates These you can get from an Asian supermarket
for usually around 13 euro a kilo in Ireland But you can also get them from your farmers
market where you will pay a little bit more If however, you can’t find Medjool dates, you could
use other dates like say the Deglet Noor dates But just soak them in warm water for about
10 minutes then drain them and use them It’ll just make it much easier to blend up. We have our organic oats Then I have 1/3 of a cup of raisins We have a half cup of sunflower seeds we have our 2 tablespoons of cacao butter And then I’m going to add in some orange
zest and then half a cup of orange juice When you’re zesting a fruit you just want
to get a little bit of the outer colored part So these are the unwaxed oranges here You grate it along and turn, you don’t
want to get into the bitter white pit So usually I’d use about the juice
of 1 and 1/2 to 2 oranges So I’m just gonna take a little bit of zest off both I’ll make these energy balls at a lot of the
corporate demos that I do in the workplace They’re great for if you have that sugar
slump say at 11 o’clock or three o’clock and you want a nice healthy alternative You have the chocolate hit from the cacao powder.
You have the low GI from the oats you’ve got lots of nutrients in your sunflower seeds and you’ve got your vitamin C in
your orange kick from the orange. So it’s really really nice We’re looking for a half a cup of juice Perfect And then we’re just going to blitz the whole lot Have a look inside if it looks a little bit firm You can add another little bit of orange juice and if it looks a little bit too wet you
could always add a little bit more oats in this instance, I’m going to add
a little bit more orange juice Once it’s in a nice consistency like this.
You’re ready to start rolling it into balls Remove the blade Today I’m gonna roll it in a bit
of desiccated coconut You can roll it in cocoa powder and
you could roll it in goji berries bee pollen… a number of different things what you do then is you get part of the mixture, roll up into the bowl palm
of your hands and drop it onto the trail So we got a messy job. You can use
gloves if you need to or else at home I would just wash my hands after I’ve made each batch These will keep in the fridge for about a week Because you’ve got the fresh orange juice in with the
oats they won’t last much longer than that so what I suggest you do is pop them into the fridge for an hour
and they’re done just to firm up and then if you want to Take them on the go in a lunchbox or
in a container to work or to school They’re fine out of the fridge for the day, but just
take them as you need them a few at a time Then with your clean hands, you’re going to roll them
in the coating so say… I like to use coconut And then they’re ready to go And there you have about 20 energy balls
from that one batch if you did want to add a little bit
of protein powder into this recipe that also works too I hope you enjoyed today’s video
making the energy balls! Please give it a thumbs up and
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