How To Make Apple And Beetroot Juice: Cooking For Kids 2

Hi I am Fiona, author of 25 Foods Kids Hate
and How to Get Them Eating 24, and welcome to my Videojug, Cooking For Kids Series with
Netmums, and this is my beet apple crush. [Music] Very simple. You need a medium sized beetroot
and we are going to bake this beet root until it is very soft. So, preheat the oven to 200
degrees Centigrade. Wrap the beetroot in some foil. Just loosely wrap the beetroot. Place on a
baking tray. And then it goes in the oven for about an
hour, maybe an hour and a half. The key is make sure that a sharp knife goes through
easily. So, people do wonder whether this is going
to taste like a vegetable fruit combination. And because we are adding honey, trust me,
it is a really lovely sweet juice and you do not have to use apple juice. You can use
orange juice. You can use tropical fruit juices, entirely down to you, and the honeyed beetroot
will work really, really well. And when it is done, as you’ll see in a moment, it creates
a gorgeous two tone effect. For now though, my beetroot has baked and
my knife is going through very easily. There is the knife test. And I am going to just
peel it up and chop it into quite small pieces. Okay. So it is all peeled and sometimes, you
can actually pull the skin away depending on how much it has been cooked so bear that
one in mind. I am going to chop it up into tiny pieces. Well, medium sized pieces. And that is just
to help along the food processor. Look how easy this is because all we are going to do
is we are going to put it into the food processor. I have got very pink fingers right now. I
am going to add a hundred mil of cold water, and two tablespoons of runny honey or you
could use agave syrup. Honey and beetroot are actually a really good
match. And I have got to say, if you know somebody who has a vegetable patch or an allotment
patch, in the summer, this is such a great refreshing drink. So if they are ever giving
away some of their beetroot or they are not quite sure what to do with it, just grab a
couple because this is perfect for that. Okay, and now you just whizz it up. Okay. So you want the mixture to be as smooth
and as fine as possible and that looks about right to me. So earlier on, we asked some of our Netmums
fans the big question. How do you get your kids eating some of the more unusual veg such
as beetroot which is very rarely, I think, is seen on kids’ plates? Thank you for your great responses and I am
going to run through some of these right now. First of all, we have had a tweet from ReMagHQ.
Beetroot cut up and boiled. My kids eat it really quickly then look in the mirror to
see who has the pinkest tongue. Isn’t that great? Make it a challenge. See who actually
does have the pinkest tongue. We have had a tweet from HelloHGKC. Love this.
Chocolate heartache cake made with aubergines, no sugar just honey, and lots of chocolate.
My son loves this. Oh please tweet us the recipe. I love the sound of that. Brian Holmes has written into Netmums. I tell
them they will lose their DS for the week if they do not eat their food. Threats and
bribes, love it. Thank you Brian. And Kelly Marie says I just keep trying to
give them veg in different ways. Roasted, mashed, steamed, hidden in stews. This morning,
I made them a spinach smoothy. Again, tell us what the recipe is. And actually, Kelly, you might like my Videojug
banana butternut smoothie. Just search for it and you will find it there. And do not
forget that it is actually free, totally free, to subscribe to all of our Videojug recipes
so please do. Get involved. Tweet us, Facebook us, and let us know how you get your kids
eating some of the more unusual vegetables. And the best bit, putting the whole thing
together. It looks so cute when it goes all two toned. Take a look. Crushed ice first
of all. This is such a summery drink. Apple juice,
pressed apple juice. And you want to fill four glasses about two thirds of the way full. Right. Take a look at this. I am going to
now spoon on a couple of tablespoonfuls of the honeyed beetroot mix onto the ice and
the juice. And it kind of floats up to the top and then
it goes and combines. Wow, that looks really cool. So there we have
it. My beet apple crush. And if you liked this recipe, there is loads more in my Videojug
Cooking For Kids Series with Netmums. Cheers! [Music]

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