How to Make a Simple Breakfast Smoothie by Leanne Ely of Saving Dinner

Today we’re going to make a super easy
wonderful smoothie recipe for breakfast and this smoothie has a special component that I’m going to share with you later. but first of all let’s get started. You need a very powerful blender 450 watts that will help you get through all the frozen fruits and what-have-you in there so that you have something nice and thick.
You want it to be a shake consistency not colored milk. So we’re going to start first with one frozen banana and that goes into the blender. And we have about a half cup of frozen berries. I’ve got raspberries, and blueberries in here. Those go in. And some tropical fruit – that adds a bit more
flavor – there’s pineapple papaya and banana in there – not very much at all – And then the last thing is going to gross you out. This is half a cup – thereabouts – of frozen organic spinach And I promise you – it sounds disgusting – but you won’t even know it’s in there. It’s just going to add a little more
fiber, minerals — make you happy – your skin all pretty and wonderful and give you some extra vegetables. Because we don’t eat enough vegetables during the day. Lastly, I’m going to put some protein powder in. This is just a protein powder that I bought at Trader Joes I like it because there’s 18 grams of protein low in carbohydrates and there’s no icky aspartame or anything else in there. I’m making this for two people as my lovely sister will be coming over shortly to enjoy this little concoction. So that’s two scoops – one for me and one for her – I’m going to put a little orange juice right over the top. And this one is going to get really really thick so I have a cold bottle of water standing by. But first we’re going to let her rip! There it goes. Ready? Tada! See – matches! I mean that is a perfect match – isn’t it? So that’s what you can do. Now one of the things you can do instead of adding water like I did is you can add a smoothie that’s already concocted —- is really a nice one. I’m just trying to keep your calories down it is after New Years and Christmas afterall… After you’ve had chocolate truffles the cheesecake, the trifles the pie. Enough with that already! I’m not going to teach you calories right now, but that is an option OK – come over here and let’s have some lovely smoothie. And if you’ll notice we like to have our smoothie elegantly in glasses. So Cheers ya’ll – Happy New Year Get your smoothie on!

11 thoughts on “How to Make a Simple Breakfast Smoothie by Leanne Ely of Saving Dinner

  • The smoothies look good, but I don't have a blender (no point in buying one just to try a smoothie recipe). However, I've been to the website and LOVE the freezer menus you can buy there. They're cheap and tasty. The best part is if I have to stay late a work, my fiance can make dinner with very little work (and very little knowledge of how to cook)!

  • Thanks Leanne! I think the secret that I am missing at home is a more powerful blender! I am going to try the spinach idea too! Every morning when I make my kids their smoothies I add flax seed oil, and probiotics for the much needed omega 3's and immune boosting power of probiotics!
    Thank you for Saving Dinner the Vegetarian way it has saved my family from meal bordem!

  • So, one of the FLY-crew has finally hit youtube. Yay! This is exciting. 🙂 I look forward to seeing your future videos and wish you the best!

  • A friend shared the youtube video, as I am launching low-carb lifestyle to reduce blood sugar. I love a woman who knows how to handle a blender. Guess 1st I need to get an industrial strength blender 🙂 And yes, the smoothie DOES match your sweater, how elegant! I look forward to making this soon! You rock, Leanne.

  • I add leaf veggies to my smoothies too! I haven't tried it with plain spinach, but I've added some baby leaf salad in there and you're right, you can't even taste it.

  • i just bought a nice blender….trying to learn how to make my own smoothies because i have been spending a lot of money at smoothie king. i am excited and can't wait to try your recipe. thank you for sharing with us….and your video is very cute! now i'm gonna check out your other videos on how to do stuff…thanks a lot!

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