How To Make A Power Breakfast Smoothie With Hayden Groves

(smooth techno music) – GCN is back in the kitchen,
and you’ll be pleased to hear, with some expert help. So one of our sponsors, Science in Sport, have very kindly hooked
us up with Hayden Groves who is a top chef and
also a quality bike rider. And you are fresh, you
fucking used that term, off the back of riding
the route of all three Grand Tours this year, on the
same schedule as the pros, but one day ahead. Now, have you recovered? You’ve had a good few weeks
off, but how you feeling? – The legs are fine, you know. You know yourself being
an ex-pro, the legs will recover as you’re
riding, actually, sometimes. If it was four Grand Tours,
that’s what I wanna sign up for. – Oh really? So you actually wanna do more? Nice!
– Yeah, desperate to get back in there. Back on the saddle, shall we say. But I think Mark
Beaumont’s pushed that one a little bit too far around the world. – Can’t really recommend it. Right, so what have we got in front of us? We are gonna create what your
tip for a power breakfast. Now super important meal for bike riders. Whether it’s a high-carb
breakfast to fuel long days in the saddle, or hard training,
or a low-carb breakfast if you’re doing some kind of unpleasant calorie restricted training. But what have we got in front of us? It looks healthy, I’m not gonna lie! – Yeah, certainly healthy. We’ve got something that
we call the green goblin. Inside our blender we’ve got
about 200 grammes worth of kale. Everything’s been washed here. Rest of the ingredients,
green apple, Granny Smith. So we take our Granny Smith. – A bit of sweetness there
to offset the savoury kale. – Yeah, but also a little bit of sharpness as malic acid in the apple. So we don’t need to be too particular. We’re just cutting into four there. So we mentioned the kiwis. We’re just gonna run
around, a little twist, and look at that. – [Si] That is neat! I’ve never seen that before! – We’re using fructose,
as in from fruit sugars, from the grapes. So we’re adding a touch of sweetness. Just a handful of baby spinach leaves. – Is that for its nutritional
value that one as well, or is that for its flavour. I mean what’s the collaboration there?
– Yeah, a little bit of both. I think that kale is the super food here. We’re gonna start with
just a little pulse now. (whirring) Some apple juice in there. – Do the quantities matter? Or is it you freestyle
it to work out what– – You freestyle it to start off with. – Whoa, look at that! I could see why you call
it the green goblin. – It’s quite vibrant green, isn’t it? – Yeah, that looks cool. That looks healthy. – So that there will
be your starting point. And then we can blast it up. So we’ve mentioned how
healthy avocados are. Good fats as well. So we take our avocado, ripe
again, just at the top there. Little pinch. Just all the way ’round the
middle, twist, and open. If we’re using a whole avocado, we’d hold the avocado
like this, take the knife, here, bang, split, lift the stone out. We’re only using one half, so to stop it going brown, a
little squeeze of lemon juice, a little rub ’round there,
wrap that in cling film, and that there can be– – You serious that stops it getting brown? – That stops it going brown. Bananas do go brown, but
when they go this brown they’re actually great for your smoothie. – Where do you draw the
line with a brown banana, ’cause my father-in-law once ate a banana that was so black he pretty
much had to drink it. – I mean that there,
that’s gonna be pureed up, and that there be absolutely
fantastic in your smoothie. Now I’ve got a spare one there. That’s not really gonna last the next day. So what I do, I peel that,
and put that in the freezer. And then that actually can be
my smoothie for the next day. Cloth on top just to help
stop anything jumping out. (whirring) And there we go, that’s our
banana, and our avocado. And as we said, there
is no absolute recipe. It’s how you like it yourself. So we could add our remaining apple juice, or if you like it quite
thick, then away you go. – Can I give it a whiff? That smells more fruity than vegetable. – Yeah, believe it or not
just adding that banana and the kiwis there just
balance out that iron richness. But that there is where I would say is our basic green goblin. There we go, bottles up! – You know this is my first
ever fruit and veg smoothie. – Really! – You believe that, 34 years old. – Well, it may be your
last if you don’t like it. – All right, I’ll give
you the honest truth. You know what, that is
actually really good, isn’t it! – It’s not too shabby is it. (laughs) – Fair play, Hayden. I’m not gonna lie, that’s amazing. The reason why you were doing
three Grand Tours in a year, that wasn’t just for sheer
joy but you were also raising money for a Cure Leukaemia. – So the recipe book is
supported by my business, BaxterStorey, so that meant
that 100% of the book sale price will go to the charity, so quite unique. Face Publishing, done
some fantastic books, and it’s out at the end of November. – Right, Hayden, thank
you so much for showing us the green goblin which is remarkably tasty, I love it!
– Green! (laughs) And got no goblins either! (laughs) – No, no, it’s vegan. Now there’s gonna be plenty
more from Hayden coming up on GCN as well, so make sure
you stay tuned for that. Also subscribe to GCN
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free, and then we’ve got quite a few cookery videos
already on the channel. One from a pro cycling
chef, or as in, she’s a chef that cooks pro cyclists, Hannah Grant, so why not check out one of
her recipes just down there. Or for one that I actually concocted, my own power breakfast, which is tasty but probably not quite as good as this. – Or nutritious. – Certainly not as nutritious,
that one is just down there.

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