How to make a Graham Cake – Mango Float Cake

Hi and a huge welcome to Steve’s kitchen
and it’s Tuesday Choseday again, Fun Mania whilst we were in malaysia you asked if
I would make a gramham cake we searched and searched for graham
crackers all over they were impossible to find but we are
in the US now and graham crackers are easy to get this is a real simple cake
to make and it’s really delicious Now if you’re new to choose day Tuesday
it is not a request show is when you the viewers can make suggestions on social
media twitter facebook Instagram YouTube of course and if your ideas spark an interest on social media people
talk about them or thumbs them up maybe you send some pictures in of your
ideas as well then they may feature in a Tuesday Choseday sometime in the future Now back to the gramham cake let’s get on
and make this delicious recipe fruit sweet cream and crackers generally
people are using mangoes wether you go small or large it doesn’t really matter you could even use a tin fruit like
raspberries or fresh strawberries as well just come down here I just want to start by peeling off the
skin of my mango now ideally your mangoes want to be
lovely and soft so they’re sweet and delicious I’m just going to take my knife now and
what you need to do with the mangoes just feel for the edge of the stone with
your knife and then let the knife sort of follow round the edge of the stone and
just slice that off Now I’m going to actually dice my mango
up so I’m just going to cut that and then just taking the knife we’re just going to slice this up into
strips and then we’re going to cut across on the other angle so we get some
nice fine cubes We’re then going to take our diced mango
and just pop it aside for the moment so we have our fruit next we’re going to need some heavy
whipping cream now I thought about you cunning Americans with your cool whip in a
packet I went out and got some of this stuff
it’s just too light it’s like shaving foam this really won’t do we are going
to want real heavy whipping cream so take one pint of heavy whipping cream
into a bowl that’s about 475 mls and then what I want you to do is whip this
up until it’s and nice and thick so I want you to mix the cream until it
virtually will stand in stiff peaks Now don’t go too far you may end up with
butter, then next we’re going to sweeten this cream a little with some sweet
condensed milk now this is a 14-ounce tin which is about 400 grams and we’re
just going to pour it in there I’m actually probably going to use about three
quarters of this you can pretty much adjust it for your own sweetness and
then what I’m going to do is mix the condensed milk through until it’s nice
and even So we have our cream or fruit and lastly
our graham crackers let’s get and construct. Next we’ll take
a baking dish or a pyrex dish now we want a layer of crackers on the
bottom you may need to break your crackers up to make them fit as best as
possible then take some of that sweeten cream and just pop it on there not
too thick on top of the crackers then we’re going to take our mango and
we’re just going to spoon it on top so we want to layer of fruit on there you
might be using other fruit whatever you decide to use actually if you do decide
to use a different fruit let me know maybe send some pictures across and tell
me how it came out now on top of the fruit we’re going to
layer some more of those graham crackers on our second layer crackers we’re going back with our cream
beautiful sweet cream layered on top and then we’re just going to smooth that
over I can say it doesn’t want to be
super-thick another beautiful layer of those diced mangoes now I used two large mangoes and I’m
going to finish them off on this layer the smell of these mangoes are just
delicious and then were just going to top these off with some more graham
crackers then I’m going to go for that final layer
of cream so this has just worked out about perfect
ease that over the top now we don’t have to be super precious
about the finish because we’re going to take some of
those graham crackers the ones we have leftover as long as you haven’t eaten them all and
using either a rolling pin or just crushing them up and what we’re going to
do is we’re just going to lay a crumble now over the top of this beautiful
Graham cake and there you have the finish Graham cake
all beautiful with mango and sweet crumble over the top but it’s not ready
yet this really needs to set overnight this is
one of those cakes that will get all volumptious with a bit of time so I’m
going to pop this in the fridge let it chill overnight and tomorrow we’ll have
a piece one day later and our graham cake is set
perfectly now I should just say if you’re new to the channel don’t forget
to subscribe share the love give this a thumbs up and get involved in the
community because I love to hear what you have to say just come down here now
you can see that this cake is almost like a trifle you could get a spoon in and
just scoop some out I’m going to try and go for a slice lets
get my knive in here and just cut in I’m going to run that knive all the way through
the cookies and beautiful sweet cream and I’m just going to take another slice all the way through the graham cake and
let’s see if we can get this out in one piece now it’s unlikely you will be able to
get out in one piece on the first cut but hey let’s take a look pop that down onto the plate so let’s
get and give this a try going through all the beautiful Graham cookies I’ve got mangoes and sweet cream I’ve
got that lovely Graham crumble on the top let’s give this a try mmm yum yum that
is really quite light and very delicious if you want something nice and simple to make
at home on a summer’s day Graham cake chilled in the fridge just
great Now I’m going to get and finish this
slice of graham cake off as I said before get involved in the community
put some suggestions across there for Tuesday Choseday come up with some great
ideas and they may feature in the future of Steve’s Kitchen I’ll leave some links up
here to some of the other videos on my channel there are over 500 be good I’ll see you
next time

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