How to make 3d floor plan in Blender | Freelance work (Modeling)

Hi, This video is about a freelance project
in Blender and you have a lot of things to learn from this video so keep watching. The original file was in dwg format and I
have used Libre CAD to remove text and notation and convert to dxf file. So that I can use it directly in Blender, by with
the help of an addon called autocadDXF. This addon is already there in Blender. But you have to enable it in preference. Also turn on the vertex snap mode, So that
we can quickly draw walls. Now, go to File Import Autocad dxf and locate
the plan & click on import. After that create a plane & change the size
to 3 meters, rotate along x-axis 90 degrees and grab it to the right side corner. Now, here we have an important step, Turn
on the face orientation, So that we can see the inner and outer side of the wall. Switch to edit mode, Select one side vertices
and move it to meet the other end of the wall. After that, extrude selected edges along the
outer side of the wall and here select both end vertices and press f to fill the wall. Now, let’s start making the inner wall by
duplicating vertices and snap it to one corner and make it as a separate object by pressing
p. Now, hide the outer wall, select vertices
and extrude along the wall boundary. Here always make sure blue face is the outer
face of the wall. Because, when we add solidify modifier, it
will create thickness along the red side. -music- Once it is finished, add solidify
modifier and change the thickness to 0.1 meters. Also turn on the thickness and high quality,
because we want the same thickness throughout the wall. After that, unhide the outer wall and do the
same process. But here, outer wall thickness is 0.2 meter. Now we can turn off the face orientation. And here looks like I forgot to add a wall,
so let’s fix it by duplicating vertices from the inner wall and extrude. Select the outer wall, switch to edit mode
and select all vertices located at the lower side. Press f to create a face and make it as a
separate object by pressing P. Now let’s create the doors and windows. For this, we can use archimesh addon. Make sure you have enabled it in the preference. For placing the doors and windows in the right
place, we need vertices at the center of each object location. By the way, this plan is made using curves. So, switch to edit mode, select each endpoint
and subdivide it. After that, go to n panel create tab and click
on the door element. It will create a door at the 3d cursor. Move it to one of the door position. Now shift G select Children to select all
the elements and also select the empty. And now, press shift D for duplicating and
place a door on each door position. Don’t worry about the orientation now, we
change it later in the archimesh settings. And this is the main door, so let’s change
the frame size to 1.2 meters, open both sides and change the model as well. – music- Placing a window right here. Here we have a balcony. I think we have to place a window and a door
right here. So let’s add a panel window.. Ok, the panel window is too big and there
is no space for another window right here. So let’s handle it later.. Here we have control holes for all doors and
windows, but there is no opening. So we have to add boolean modifiers to each
of them. Let’s do it one by one. The main door first. If I have used archimesh addon making walls
then there is an option called auto boolean, but unfortunately, the archimesh wall creation
method is not suitable for 3d floor plans. I think it is more suitable for interior designs. Ok. here, let’s try 2-panel window. So we will get enough space for a door right
here. Let’s move this window to the right side and
duplicate this door. Ok, I think it is better to place the window
right next to the door. Here the thickness of the control hole is
not enough. So let’s scale it along the x-axis and don’t
forget to apply the boolean modifier. And now for the balcony, I have to lower this
part. so let’s add loop cuts and make this part
as a separate object. So that reduces the wall height by moving
these edges along the z-axis. Now let’s move to the interiors. First, measure this side using the measure
tool. And before adding objects lets place the 3d
cursor in the right place. So that we can avoid lot of movements. Here we can use cabinets from the archimesh
addon. Click on the cabinet and that will place a
cabinet on the 3d cursor. Here on the left side, we have cabinet properties. Increase the number of cabinets, change the
length and try different models according to your desire. -music- Now, move the cabinets to the right
place. Once the property window is closed, we have
to manually adjust everything. Add more cabinets to the scene. So that it will look more appealing in the
final renders. -music- Now let’s talk about the assets. This is our main file and here we have the
assets for using in projects like 3d floor plan and other interior designs. You can download all the assets from the link
given in the description down below. Let’s add the assets to the scene. Go to File, Link and click on the Blend file. Chose the collection so that we can rotate
and scale the assets in the main file. It is a very useful method because we can
reuse the same assets for other projects and it saves a lot of time and effort for managing
projects. – music- Here we have successfully completed
the modeling part and based on the response from this video, I will make the texturing
and lighting part. Also here I have a Video Series about 3d floor
plan workflow and I hope you will enjoy this!

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