Hey everyone, welcome back to my channel!
Sorry again if there’s an echo… still not fully furnished in here but it’s the
best place for me to film in regards to lighting! Today I’m talking all about
high cholesterol and how to lower your cholesterol, improve your cardiovascular
system, and even narrowing of your arteries. So just to start talking about
cholesterol and what it is. It is a compound that is produced in the liver
and it’s sent to your arteries or other parts of your body that need repair. So
the real cause of cholesterol imbalance is actually inflammation. The
more inflammation you have in your body, or for example in your arteries, the more
you’re going to start to get a breakdown in the tissues of that organ or that
artery or part of the body from that inflammation. So what your liver does is
secretes cholesterol and it sends it to that part of the body to
essentially repair the damage. The problem is when you have major
inflammation and a big imbalance then over time this buildup will start to
cause some scarring and also some narrowing of the arteries. So if you start getting
inflammation in your arteries for example, you have a lot of inflammation
in your blood and toxins in your blood, and you start to get that damage, a lot
of cholesterol will be brought into those arteries to repair that. The
more that’s brought in the more you’re going to have calcification or narrowing of those arteries and that’s where a lot of the problems will start.
So what I like to say is cholesterol is not the problem, inflammation is the
problem. If you’re not having inflammation you’re not going to be
having that damage to these organs in the first place so managing inflammation
is the route I like to take to manage cholesterol levels. Also cholesterol is
not created equally! For example, LDL cholesterol is bad whereas HDL
cholesterol is good. So you want a balance between the good and the bad
cholesterol. It’s not so much you want to get rid of cholesterol, you just need to have a good balance and I’m gonna get into how to do
that. Also something that a lot of people think is that if you have
high cholesterol you should avoid all foods with cholesterol in them and that
is not true either. I’ll get into that shortly. So what we want to do when we’re trying to not only lower cholesterol but improve narrowed
arteries and our cardiovascular system in general is just start with
inflammation so you have to really get that inflammation down and there’s
there’s a few ways that you can do it. I’m gonna go through with you here but
for me the first place is with diet. You have to eat a clean diet and you have to get off of fried foods. There’s no if, ands, or buts, you just have to do it. Get
off fried foods, get off of sugar, get off of alcohol, anything inflammatory
and toxic maybe, especially if you’re eating non-organic
meats (they have so many hormones antibiotics and they’re poison for
the body), so get off of all of that do a lot of fiber. The more fiber you do the
better because fiber does help to lower cholesterol levels in the
body. Things like chia seeds, ground flax, ground psyllium husk, are all
perfect for that so you want to do a lot of fiber and then you want to bring in
anti-inflammatory food! So wild caught fish and yes it’s fat but it’s a good
fat and it helps to balance cholesterol and it’s anti-inflammatory and that’s
the place to start. So wild-caught fish, eggs are great as long as you don’t have
a sensitivity. When people say don’t eat eggs because of
cholesterol it’s not true especially the egg yolks which are so beneficial. So
things like eggs, nuts and seeds, lots and lots and lots of greens (just load up
your smoothies with greens), eat celery and cucumber throughout the day, and the more anti-inflammatory, alkaline, and clean you eat, the quicker you’re going
to balance your cholesterol levels and improve your health.
Diet is always the first place to start. There are so many types of diets out
there if you really want to follow something specific you could do you know some sort of anti-inflammatory diet but essentially just getting rid of the bad
food and bringing in the good is what you want to do. Our diet
in America is disgusting! There are fast-food restaurants in every single
corner and those fast-food places are all deep-fried chicken and burgers and
everything is bad oils and inflammatory oils like canola hydrogenated oils all
caused so much inflammation and that’s the root cause of cholesterol issues so
you’ve got to clean up your diet. The second thing is exercise. This is
something that a lot of people who kind of sit around whether it’s an office
jobs or something like that, they’re not getting enough exercise, and these are
usually the people who end up with cholesterol issues. I’m not saying skinny
people cannot and people who exercise cannot have a cholesterol issues because
it’s definitely not the case, but it’s usually more in people
who are a more sedentary, so exercising is amazing! You don’t have to do hours a
day… 20 minutes of HIIT training on a treadmill or an elliptical or on a bike
is perfect. If you are biking, you can bike super hard and fast for
30-40 seconds and then go slower and then again and just do that for 10-15
minutes you can do the same thing on a treadmill… run super fast and then put
your legs on the side and wait 20 seconds and then do it again. You can do
any type of HIIT workout you want! There’s lots on YouTube. More intense exercise is
needed to lower cholesterol levels so high-intensity interval training is my
my preference for this so that’s something you can look at doing and like
I said there’s lots on YouTube if you want to follow a guided workout. To end
the video we’re talking about supplements! There are a few that I
always recommend. The first one is actually cinnamon bark oil so it
contains things like cinnamaldehyde and compounds that specifically will help to
lower your cholesterol levels so they’re always something that I recommend doing
and garlic is the next. Garlic has, again, very anti-inflammatory properties and
it’s very warming and has astringent properties so it can really help with
your cholesterol and if you have atherosclerosis or hardening of the
arteries. There’s a supplement called Allisyn from Genestra
I’ll link it in the description box below and it has
cinnamon bark oil extract and garlic extract as well… super powerful for
balancing your cholesterol levels and it’s also great for bad bacteria because
these are great anti-fungals! The next one is Coenzyme Q10. This is
something you want to take if you’ve ever been on a statin drug for your
cholesterol because those types of drugs do pull out coenzyme Q10 from your system
and it makes you deficient. CoQ10 is an antioxidant that’s needed for
your cardiovascular system and your heart so you really want to be
supplementing with CoQ10. Last but not least our Omega 3s! These are
very anti-inflammatory and they’re the good fat… the good type of cholesterol so
you do want to be getting this in your diet.
I like cod liver oil but there are vegan sources as well,
there’s krill oil, so you have lots of options there but definitely some sorts
of omega-3 and I usually say like around 1000mg morning and night
with meals is perfect so those are the main ones. There are lots more things you
can do but if you just start with this, cleaning up your diet, doing HIIT
exercises every day or every other day, and take those couple supplements, you’ll
already notice a huge improvement after some time. So definitely look into
balancing out your diet and focus on reducing inflammation. Some things like
stress management is huge as well! I don’t want this video to be super long
so I’m gonna end it here. There’s a lot more like I said that you can do so you
can all you’re always welcome to do your own research and go dig deeper and find
some other things you can do but this is a good place to start and like I said if
you do this you will get good improvements if you’re consistent with
it and just remember that good fats help to balance your cholesterol levels and
they don’t make them worse as long as they’re the right type of fat so you
want more omega-3s less inflammatory omega-6 and you’ll be good to go so if
you look on the backs of bottles whichever fact you’re using it tells you
the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 or if there’s no omega-3 and it won’t list
so definitely want higher amounts of omega-3 and the more information you
lower then the quicker your cholesterol will reduce so that’s all I have for
this video I tried to do it super quick so you guys would have a long one to
watch so I hope you enjoy I hope you have an awesome Easter weekend and we
will chat when I come back to them thanks so much for watching bye

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