How to Lose Weight with Juicing & Best Juicers of 2013

John Kohler Discount Juicers, we’re going
to do the juicer year in review 2013, I’m going to share with you guys my favorite juicers
and best juicers of 2013. Many updates and improvements in the juicers
in general with all the different manufacturers out there. One of the main improvements that
I saw happen this year was most manufacturers went to BPA free [inaudible] polymers. Now
this means to you, no [inaudible] A in the juicer. So that’s definitely a really good
move. Another thing juicer companies are doing that’s really popular is increasing the
juicer feed chute size. So that’s really cool, I like that a lot, it makes the user
experience much easier, it makes it easier to feed the produce into the machine so that
you can do more juicing and more drinking instead of more pushing.
So another thing juicer manufacturers are doing, they’re increasing the warranties
and making them even longer than before, and this provides the customer even a better value,
I mean no longer do you have to go to a department store and buy a juicer that has a short 90
day warranty and it breaks on the 91st day, and you’ve got to buy a new one, you know
that’s the disposable society we live in, [inaudible] really happy that manufacturers
of juicers, certain ones, are stepping up to the plate and increasing the warranties.
This year we’ve seen warranties as long as 15 years and 12 years when buying a juicer.
I mean man, think about if you got a 12 year warranty on your TV or cell phone. You wouldn’t
have to buy another one for the next 10, 12 or 15 years. It’s amazing, and with that
you get it with a juicer so you buy a good juicer with a long warranty and you’re going
to be guaranteed you’re going to have juice for the next 10, 12 or even 15 years. And
by juicing you’re going to make improvements in your health.
Now we’re going to talk about some of my favorite juicers for 2013. In the vertical
single auger category, my favorite juicer that came out kind of like end of the year,
the Slow Star Juicer. That guy rocks. It has the highest yield of the juicers I’ve tested
for the vegetables and leafy greens for the vertical slow juicers. I like it a lot because
it actually has a dual cutting blade that actually cuts up as you’re putting things
in, although cutting still is required on things like celery and the leafy greens. It
does a good job on the fruits, but the main bonus and the thing that’s most important
for me is that it’s more than just a juicer. It’ll allow you to do what’s called homogenize,
or make things like nut butters. I’ve made salsas in there. I’ve even done frozen banana
sorbet so now this way you can get more fresh fruits and vegetables and plant-based foods
in your diet. Now moving on to the horizontal single auger
machine. Now the horizontal and vertical augers are a little bit different, and each have
their pros and cons, I would encourage you to check out my other videos online where
I compare these two styles side by side so you can learn more about that. But with the
horizontal auger style juicers, my favorite juicer this year is the Omega NC 800 and NC
900. The only difference between those models is the color. And the reason why I like those
is because they took the winning design of the 8006 and made it even better. They increased
the feed chute size whoop—even larger, 82% larger so it’s more of a stadium shape instead
of the round circle on the previous model. In addition, they made the screen area larger
so that lets more juice through the holes in the screen. In addition they put an end
cap that allows for more back pressure on the produce so that you get higher yield.
So one of the things that I haven’t talked about yet was the changes in the market in
the centripetal[?] ejection style machine, those are by far the most popular machines
that you can find. You know some people have described them like an airplane taking off
in your kitchen because they run at high speed [inaudible] like the Breville and some of
these other brands you can find in a local department store. And this is unlike the slow
juicers, you know the high speed machines run at 10,000 RPMs you know, multitudes faster
than 47 RPM as in the slow start in an 80 RPM of the low speed machines. And unfortunately
there’s not too many improvements in there’s not too many improvements in the ejection-style
machine. To me, the centripetal ejection style machines are kind of like the old dinosaurs.
They’re kind of like the old VHS for those of you guys that know VHS. When you wanted
to record a show on TV you got your VHS recorder. It’s kind of like old school, now they’ve
got TiVos and all that kind of stuff now. And that’s where the slow juicers are at
now. They’re like the latest and greatest juicers. And those are the ones that I choose
to use in my house like 99.9% of the time. Since some of these new revolutionary slow
juicers come out, I just don’t even bother using the centripetal ejection machines, because
it is so passe and old-school. The main reason for that is because some of the studies I’ve
seen, the centripetal ejection machines have 50% less of certain nutrients because it just
does not extract as well. In addition, the most important thing for me to juice are the
leafy greens. Leafy greens are one of the most important things that people need to
get in them, and most Americans are not getting in them, the leafy greens are some of the
most nutrient-dense foods on the planet, so this means it has the most nutrients including
phytochemicals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals with the least amount
of calories. The standard American is eating calorie-rich foods that’s low in nutrition,
think about it like fast food, junk food, packaged foods, processed foods. They have
a lot of calories but very little antioxidants, phytochemicals and phytonutrients, and these
are the things in my opinion that will keep us well, heal us and allow us to have optimal
health. So especially around the New Year, one of
people’s main New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight and get healthy. And guess
what, in my opinion, juicing is the best way to do just that. What I did when I got into
juicing is that I simply didn’t eat breakfast anymore. Instead I had as much fresh juice
as I wanted and desired. I saw the weight slip off and I saw my health get even better
than it was before. Now this works very simply because you’re getting in a lot of good
nutrition better than anything else you could eat for breakfast. But also you’re taking
in less calories. Especially processed foods, animal products are very high in calories
and once again low in nutrients. And we want you to have the highest nutrition with the
least amount of calories, and by consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables you could
do just that. So to me juicing is a lifestyle, it’s not just something you do a juice fast
to detoxify or cleanse and then you go back to your terrible diet of Burger King and McDonald’s
and Wendy’s all the time and then you do that for a couple of months and “Oh I’m
going to juice fast now for a month” and then we’re going to go back to Burger King
McDonald’s and Wendy’s and then bang, bang, bang you flip-flop right? I don’t
want you guys to be a flip-flopper I want you guys to be consistent and consistently
healthy and consistently juice. What I recommend for you guys is that you always focus on what
you want. Don’t focus on “I’m not going to eat McDonald’s” focus on “I’m going
to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.” “I’m going to juice more fruits and vegetables.”
“I’m going to make more blended green smoothies and fruit smoothies” or “I’m
going to make more frozen banana desserts instead of eating ice cream.” Mmmmm. So
make juicing a lifestyle choice, not just a fad diet like the juice fast to lose weight.
No, if you do it consistently you will not only lose weight, but you’re going to have
more energy and feel great too. So now if you’re thinking “John, what
juicer should I buy, because you didn’t really say it.” Well I gave my two top favorite
juicers that are out on the market at this time, be sure to check my other videos on
YouTube. I have over 300 videos at this time where I compare juicers side by side so that
you can see the differences and learn which one may be the best for you, because the best
juicer for me may not necessarily be the one for you. I can guarantee you that I probably
sell a juicer that’s going to meet your needs, because I sell all the major manufacturers.
You want to be sure to check out my website,, and be sure to visit for special promotional offers for our YouTube visitors.

24 thoughts on “How to Lose Weight with Juicing & Best Juicers of 2013

  • This was a cool video. Different look and background; a little bit of music, a few great sound fx and text popping up on screen now and then; John's image moving from left to right/ back and forth. Lots of new ideas. It was great and different, and of course always fun, because John's a fun lively person.

  • Our boy is growing up. **sniff-sniff**  We're so proud. Exquisite 2014, John Boy. Thanks again for the swiss chard & beet seeds. Oops, wrong channel. The 8006 & the 4-shelf Excalibur are doing a yeoman's job, too. That SlowStar VRT is slammin'. BIG HUG 😀 !!!

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  • Why do you recommend the Slowstar, is it because of the homogenizing feature only or because it yields a better quality juice? Does it yield more juice versus the Omega VRT 400? Trying to decide on which one to purchase this week (my first juicer, I have only made smoothies with the Breville) Omega VRT 400 or Slowstar SW 2000, so your opinion is greatly valued and appreciated.
     How do they compare with the harder fruits and veggies such as carrots, beets, apples and pears? I have only watched you do videos comparing the two against each other with the leafy greens and cucumbers. How do they match up with harder fruits/veggies?

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