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– The best pomegranate juice
is fresh pomegranate juice. And if you’re fan, I’ve got a
hack that you’re gonna love. (rhythmic, upbeat, fun music) So the trick to this hack is using a resealable bag like the one I have here. And just have some
fresh pomegranate seeds, and I’m just gonna sprinkle them in. And I’m gonna go ahead and close it and just press out some of the air. You wanna leave in just a tiny bit of air. Then I’m gonna take my trusty rolling pin and just start crushing the seeds. Release all that beautiful,
fresh pomegranate juice. Got a little gin. And then I’m gonna let
all my beautiful juice go right into my glass. Add a little club soda. So whether you’re using it for baking, for pomegranate margaritas or martinis, or if you like just a simple cocktail, this Mad Genius tip is a game changer. (sighing)

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