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So you want to import images as planes
in Blender 2.8 . Hey guys, welcome back to TutsByKai, I’m Kai and today we are back in Blender once again, taking a look at how to import images as planes in Blender.
Well I’m gonna go ahead and hit delete on my keyboard to delete the cube because
we don’t need it. I’m gonna go ahead and select our camera… hit Alt G, Alt R, R X 90
to rotate the camera 90 degrees on the x-axis and then G Y to move it backwards
so we just clear the rotation location and hit 90 on my numpad R X . Alright, so
we’re go ahead and edit – preferences and then we’ll go ahead and type in
search images and then make sure images as planes is checked. We’ll go ahead and
save preferences and hit the X to close that out because we don’t need it
anymore. Now we hit it Shift A to add an image… images as planes. Now what I’m gonna do is go to the image that you’re looking for and we can move this piece
on up. Now we don’t need any of this stuff right now but we will in a
second here. So we’ll go ahead and select our image, which is this guy, so if we hit
this little thumbnail button we can see the thumbnails. We’ll go ahead and select
this guy because this is our image. We’ll import that and we can hit S to scale it
on up, go to the render tab right there at render viewport setting. You can see
that we have our image as. To scale it up we’ll select our lamp hit G. So you see
a bit easier, 0 to go into my camera’s view and I can see we have that image. It
works perfectly. If I hit render image, you can see that the image will render.
So that’s the way it is right there, but now we want a transparent image. Maybe
you want a transparent background for your image. Maybe you have some kind of
logo or something. We’ll go ahead and hit Shift A to –. Move this backward
so I hit G Y on that to move backwards. Hit Shift A, image, images as planes and
we can open up the transparent back and you can see my logo does have a
transparent background behind it. The difference there has a little pieces up
in the top and in the middle and stuff. Now we have to make sure this use alpha
is checked over here. Make sure this used alpha is checked and then we can go
ahead and hit images and import images as planes. Now you can see that it has a
black background behind which is not what we need. The way we can fix this
is we can go to the material tab and make sure we go to blend mode and change the blend from opaque to blend out to alpha blend.
Now you can see if we click that the background will be completely
transparent. Now if we scale this up, I hit S rotate R X — double tap R — sorry, scale
it on up even more… bring it out… you can see that if we were to go ahead and
render this, it looks nice and we can see behind there but, you can see we have
a problem because the shadow is still a shadow of the transparent of the actual plane. So we can fix that by going to shadow mode and changing this
from a peg to alpha hash. Now we can either do alpha hashed or — Let me
move it closer. There we go. Now you can see we had that alpha hashed right there.
Now we can see the actual shadow of just the actual logo, which is nice. We can
also do alpha clip but it’s not gonna work exactly the same way. You can see it
looks the same but does have some different properties there. You can do
either one if you really want to as long as it’s one of the ones say alpha. So
that looks good. The clip threshold you can see if I were to turn up the threshold
and you can clip it out just like how you can do in the cameras view.
You can clip it. We can clip it out at a certain degree backwards if you
don’t want to see it from farther away than a certain degree. But if you want, if
you don’t care about that, just leave it on alpha hashed and then you don’t have
to worry about any clipping or anything like that. So that’s gonna be it for
today. I hope you guys and girls enjoyed it. If you did, make sure you let me know
down below. I’ll see you guys in the next one, but until then… buh bye!

11 thoughts on “How to Import Images as Planes in Blender 2.8 Eevee | TutsByKai

  • Man, this addon is so useful, you can import videos as planes too and use them to get good reflections for compositing, it can save you from having to model interiors it’s so great

  • Good video, thanks. However I think when the video was uploaded you checked on to translate video description for viewers. So in my language (Dutch) the title and description says the video is about importing pictures as aeroplanes instead of planes. So Youtube makes something weird from a good video description. Either that or YouTube mixed up my own language settings

  • u cheated. this is an addon that simplifies the process specifically for images. if u want to do videos or anything else u'll have to do it the normal way.

  • Thanks. I was wondering why my image was transparent because the alpha option was on. Now I feel dumb. But making mistakes is the way to learning.

  • thanks a lot for this video!!! At 1:15 your image appears clearly on the plane. Something wrong with my set up beacause a grey plane whitout any image or videao remains on my side 🙁 Any idea? A french blender newbie

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