How To Grind Flax Seed In 60-90 Seconds

Weigh the flax seed 8-10 oz whole flax seed Start the blender at a slow speed (Vitamix blender is used to grind the flax seed in this video) Increase speed gradually Blend for 60-90 seconds Carefully push sides to the center Pour the ground flax into a freezer bag Label bag and put the ground flax seed in the freezer

8 thoughts on “How To Grind Flax Seed In 60-90 Seconds

  • I had no idea that flax went rancid if it was pre ground. So the stuff in the store is rancid? What about the crackers that have whole flax seeds on them? Are they okay to eat?

  • Thanks, One question: I read many articles that 'saturated fat' is bad cholesterol, whereas dark-chocolate has 18% 'saturated fat' (70+ % cocoa ).. it is contradicting the statement on cholesterol? Please clarify. Thanks.

  • I'm concerned with parasite eggs, since we'd be adding the ground flax seed to raw dishes. Would one disinfect them, prior to grinding, in lemon juice or vinegar? Or would that degrade the fatty acids? How about BRINE?

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