How To Get Fresh Lime Juice

So, first of all, if you want to do a lime
juice, the best thing to do is mind your fingers, but cut it down the middle. Then you put it
into what we call Mexican Elbow; put it in this way around so the top bridge of the lime
is facing out at you, so it goes against it. Most people do it the other way around. And the reason for that is when you squeeze,
you won’t get it into your eyes. So, generally, that’s about 25 ml, depending on how big your
lime is. That looks about 15 to me, but 15 to 25ml. And it’s always good to just tip it with a
straw to taste how bitter that is. Yes, that’s a nice fresh one. So, that’s your lime juice. Fundamentally, the best way to cut your lime
is straight down the middle. With a Mexican Elbow, make sure that your lime goes bridge
way up, so that the bridge of it is facing you. This means that when you squeeze it,
it doesn’t fly up into your eye or anyone else’s eye and then you just press hard. You may have generally 15 to 25 ml of fresh
lime. And that’s how to squeeze a lime with a Mexican Elbow.

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