How to fix a washing machine agitator (Kenmore/whirlpool/roper/kitchenaid) #27

Top loading washing machines that have a two
piece impeller like this one are not supposed to work like this. The result of this top
impeller not turning steadily in one direction will be soap stained clothes, and generally,
a poor wash performance when this machine is fully loaded. To verify the cause, you’ll
need to pop off the top cap of the auger with a small flat head screw driver. Look for the
little slot to insert and twist off the cap, and look inside for the plastic “dogs”
either having broken off teeth, or being broken like mine are. My machine’s a Kenmore, so
I called Sears and the friendly person on the other end asked for the model number.
They sent me an exploded picture by email so I could order the correct part. I needed
part number 5 which is a package of 4 pieces. Can you believe this package is only 4 dollars
plus shipping? So let’s dive into this easy fix. First, empty the machine and unplug it
from the wall. Grab your flat head screw driver, and an 11 mm, or 7/16 “ socket, deep or
shallow will do, a six inch extension, and a ratchet. You’ll need some kind of a brush
like this, or if you don’t have one, an old tooth brush will do that you must discard
afterward. That’s it. Once again, pop off the cap. You’ll see one bolt down in the
bottom. Hold the main auger with one hand, and carefully turn the bolt with the ratchet
counter clockwise and completely unwind the bolt. Lift out the augers. Separate the auger’s
now by lifting the top one off. Lift out the centre hub that holds the dogs. Verify you
have the right parts. Carefully with the screw driver, remove the dog retainer, and replace
each dog one by one putting the new ones in the way the old ones came out. Now this next
step is very important. The dogs have a raised shoulder that needs to make full contact with
the auger when this machine is running. If the dog retainer is positioned incorrectly,
the dogs will not engage properly into the auger. Place the retainer down so that the
raised shoulder of the dogs all clear the retainer in all positions like this. Once
that’s done, brush out any debris from the sharp grooves in the auger to insure proper
engagement of the dogs when this thing is running. That’s it. Now lets put this thing
together in the reverse order of operations, and take a look. When turning the bolt back
in, turn clockwise and be sure not to over tighten up the bolt. A proper engagement by
all the dogs is what we must see. Now this $4 dollar repair should last more
than 10 years. I’d say that’s a good thing! Thanks for watching , and be sure to check
out my other videos!

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