How to enable AMD Radeon Video Card Support in Blender 2.72 / 2.73 – Quicktip

hello there this is another quick tip from the team @ Today im going to quickly show
you how to use your graphics card as a device to compute renders in blender. I own an AMD video card my laptop I bought a half years ago
actually is a gaming laptop when AMD had just released the A’s series CPU which included
a video card core chip on the CPU die so that way your CPU had
essentially an integrated video card which is a step
above just plain integrated graphics as well my laptop has a dedicated
graphics card however I am NOT able to use that to do any kind
rendering in the current and even the latest beta versions of
Blender I have to use my CPU and so for example last night I just a
simple three second render of an animation
and it took well over five hours. it wasn’t too
complicated its just each frame was taking five minutes each which is
ridiculous so what they did as a 6-2 rout I found a
little bit if the information you can see here this is the original
render time with my CPU in a test scene I set up it took three minutes and 10 seconds once I enabled the
setting slavic use my graphics card inman all my integrated stuff it went down to two
minutes and 54 seconds with my eighty CPU GP you and what they call Turks and devastate
urs add-ons when I removed the Turks and
demonstrators at onset actually went down to two minutes 48 seconds little bit a
variation in there and this was in a completely fair trial
because I had anti-virus scam running in the
background I also had Firefox open but either way I A did a few tests Knights used anywhere
from two or three percent up to a 20 percent
decrease can render times over a long period of rendering for
doing images or large scenes that can add up to huge time savings to let me show you how to do that go to
starr and press run or you can just press
Windows key in our then type in cmd this will bring up a
command prompt you’re going to navigate to wear blinders installed by default
that is here navigate Program Files then navigate Blender Foundation cuz that’s for
binders usually installed and then navigate to the folder blender
December blender got your XC he is stored and then we’re gonna tape
in a simple command is gonna say environment variable he do all that is
do a quick Google search are ago set and that in all caps we’re gonna do say calls sources using
the cycles rendering engine I’m not sure what would happen if you use the blender
and colonel rendering engine excuse me it’s blown cold season care in
Canada fall by underscore opens CL that’s not Open GL let’s open CL another underscore test so I believe that this is still not
as thing in beta stages and then equals all this may look like a
dash on your screen that since the Kate made at first but it’s actually test equals all its that hit enter and because we have no years now start
let your usual way you can do who was acting like a
Slashdot or dos la splendor blender da di XE but a civilian type start blender dodi
XE from there go to File user preferences
or the control hockey control all you go to System and by default if you don’t have an video graphics card or greatest is it
compatible you on the bill this like your CPU is
the computing device right now it sat on a new tab called
open CL from here we have more options depending
on what your system as you may have more or less options I have Devastator I turks at road those two are might have
to do some more research into that but I can choose to use by Enda 10 EP you with a video card core on the CPU die with radiant HD graphics slots built-in I integrated graphics on
my motherboard this still doesn’t allow me to use my full graphics card but it
allows me to use the graphics core that is built into my
CPU and well as long as powerful as a full
dedicated graphics card it is definitely a step up from
integrated graphics and here you can see that it’s using
both so I’m using integrated graphics plus my CPU plus my CPU’s video cock hardcore then you can also select all for and
again like I said a little bit variation between the two I’m gonna leave it selected as all for
that just seems to me that that would be the most fish and that hit save users
settings from here you disrupt your test seem and and see how long it takes go back and
change your settings to back to CPU change it to different settings play
around with it do different scenes to complicate it seems too simple scenes and save olive you renders in one folder and organize them by name call one CPUC line call one GP you scene 1 call-in open CL plus Devastator plus to her X scene 1 and there you will find out
what is the fastest way to render a scene in blender this
should save you a ton of time in rendering which can end up being almost as much as
a modeling in some instances pursuing you doing tests seems like this so again this is just a quick tip from
the team here at blender tacked up combat splintered TV K dot com if you like this video it was
helpful please leave a comment if you’re having
trouble with any of the steps in here please leave a comment and I will reply
to you as fast as possible or I’m sure someone else will if my comp
with any information to post a new video link to it as an annotation if you disliked this
video for some reason please leave a comment why and I will be able to improve my videos
based on your employees in the future just saying the dislike button does
nobody any good that is called criticism again thanks again from Blatter tech to
calm remember create Norway

44 thoughts on “How to enable AMD Radeon Video Card Support in Blender 2.72 / 2.73 – Quicktip

  • To me this only work if I start blender from the command prompt with "start blender.exe", if I use the desktop icon it looks like I haven't enabled it. Is this normal? It's possible to fix it? Anyway, very useful tip.


  • I downloaded blender 2.73. The user preferences, system doesn't give an option to use a video card. Can you update your youtube video for 2.73?

  • Tried it. Got the option unlocked but even if I choose the GPU it still renders with CPU. No difference at all.

  • Hmmmm:

    A8 6600K AMD APU with Radeon –

    CPU compute for my scene 5 min 58 sec
    GPU compute for my scene 10 min 45 sec (WTF!)

    Very frustrating. Wanna play silly games – War Cry, Battle of this or Battle of That, AMD Radeon will work just fine and very comparable to Nvidia Cuda across the range.

    But if you want to do actual work….video editing in Adobe Premier/after effect, or things like 3D rendering/animation in Blender (not sure about Maya/Autodesk apps) but AMD just sucks!

    In fact, even Nvidia cuda/maxwell is build primarily for the gaming community and not serious workflow type jobs…but still much better than AMD at it.

    Wish both would work on a consumer level media graphics card targeting consumer level video editing/animation/3D modeling. 

    One shouldn't have to spend $3000 on a workstation graphics card to get reasonable rendering times…..I just don't get it.

  • It only shows me the fucking CPU bar, you could not have made a more fucking useless profesional video editor.

  • I see OPENCL but the only options are my CPU and the CPU + Redwood. The GPU that's built into the computer is an Intel X4500 and I also have an AMD HD 5670 512MB GPU. I don't so much use it for rendering images/videos but Blender seems to outright quit working or at least be so laggy that I can't do any actual editing if the polygon count is in the hundreds of thousands or millions but I have to have it up to that level to do any real fine detail sculpting.

  • This is interesting: I followed your tut, and once in the User Preferences, my AMD card did not come up, but my CPU under the new OpenCL tab did. Hmm. I'm going to try it out and see what happens. No idea why my AMD Radeon 5700 did not.

  • I have got amd r9 380 and I followed your tutorial the opencl tab appeared but there is only one option to choose "tonga"
    :/ can You help me? please

  • I have just started learning blender but for helping people here I wanted to post it here. I had problem with Cycles Render and whenever i switched to it the blender program crashed and also crashed when i tried opening system in user preferences. So I kind of did the same thing :
    1. I created a batch file with these statements. (Copy and paste into notepad > enter the location where blender is installed>save as > BlenderLauncherOpenCL.bat > in Type choose "all files" > Save

    start blender.exe

    I used this file to then run Blender and now it works flawlessly.

    Then Go to File>User Preferences>System Select OpenCL as in Video and you will see your CPU there and should see your GPU Listed.

    but instead of the name of my GPU the name "capeverde" was there. Which after a few searches i realized is a small Island which actually makes chips for AMD GPU . So It might show that or the place where your chip was manufactured.
    This GPU is not built in and is installed on PCIe Slot on the mother board of my Computer.

  • Listen I am getting a error saying my opencl build failed error in console when trying to use my GPU what can I do thanks?

  • Can you help me with my Blender 2.78 actually it was working fine till yesterday but suddenly when I opened it today I can't even move cursor from one point to another….. user interface suddenly started responding very slowly. It's just like if ur playing Game like battlefield with ultra graphics settings on integrated graphics. I'm a total newbie who just started learning blender.

    I'm running it on laptop – lenovo y50-70, NVIDIA geforce GTX 960M, 8 GB RAM, i7 octa core processor ….. please help

  • thank you SOOO much!!!! i have a 2000$ gaming PC with 2 RX 480s and a not so good CPU. all of my renders were slow because of my mid range CPU. but now that i can use my powerful graphics cards, they are over 2x faster!!!!!!!!

  • I wrote in cmd this whats came out ''environment variable CYCLES_OPENCL_TEST-ALL not defined '' in blender there is only under pitcairn under open cl settings no graphic cads !!!! what i have to do?

  • it didn't work for me, in system prefs it only comes up with pitcairn under the opencl. (I have an AMD R7 370 Graphics Card and an AMD A8 3850 w/ Radeaon HD Graphics CPU)

  • I found Blender Foundation in Appdata I don't have it in Program Files, then came to this OPENCL is not recognized as an internal or external command. What to do?

  • I have already done these but blender just crashes when I select my GPU or it's just not rendering at all… I'm using AMD Radeon 5450… It's compatible but it's not working… Use Eevee instead…

  • Thank you so much! This still works in Blender 2.79 and hopefully Blender 2.8! It cuts my render times in half and I can use my RX570 and APU with Vega 8 graphics together!!!

  • guys I am having a amd radeon tm r5 330 graphic card with open gl 4.4 , I am currently using blender 2.8 and cannot activate gpu rendering displaying no compatible gpu plz help what to do ,thanks

  • Actually, video worked fine for me… but whenever I select GPU to compute and click render, blender shuts itself automatically

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