How to Draw Easy Things – Fruit Smoothie + Funny Extra Drawing – Fun2draw Food Drink

hey everyone this is Mei Yu the creator
of fun2draw today it’s going to be fun to draw a nice cool smoothie and this
is part of my fun2draw summer playlist the link to that is at the end of
this video first I’ll start off with horizontal line like that and on this
side I’ll draw a small curve like that I’m going to go up curve the other way and now basically I
just want to draw a nice wavy line this and this is going to be this is going to be the top part of the
smoothing this is where some of that yummy goodness dream over the edge of the glass well made
some some of the drips larger than the others yeah there’s a highlight yeah all right as for the actual cup or glass I’ll draw a straight line going down but
it’s going down at an angle on to another line going down like this and for the bottom part of the glass I’ll keep it to a curved to make a look
ready draw another curved line and for the top part of the drawing I’ll make one big curve so this is going to be scrumptious
strawberry and I’m drawing the seeds kind of like little raindrop shapes just a few yeah one more strawberry ok yeah and I’ll draw a little bit of the green
top yeah yeah for the straw i’m going to draw a really
long skinny rectangle with a curved in and for fun let’s make the strong look
cool with strips you can see the stripes are also curved to that makes the
stronger more three ok for the actual face let’s draw a nice
smile at the bottom like that and this guy’s gonna be running so i summarize
the teeth by drawing a small little line inside big cheek curves and I draw one
Fun2draw eye on top of each curve the first line for the eye the second one so that forms the leaf
shape internal one worker so now we have the side of the eye and
make sure this part is all nice and yeah big people small highlight on top yeah this side and stretch same thing there’s the leaf shape let’s make the side of the eye one more
curve in there yeah ok yeah if you’re one of the viewers have been
requesting for this please let me know in the comments yes so we have big fun2draw eyes done yeah yeah ok for the glass I want to make the glass look loving
more fancier so draw a design like this basically they’re like really big long
letter use their ups again so we’ll draw 3 and after you’re done
drawing this you can check out my fun2draw channel on youtube to see my
other cute drawings like my fun2draw strawberry my rainbow slushy or my
rocket popsicle what’s your favorite thing to drink let me know in the comments below I’ll
draw his favorite drink coming up and the extra there we go I’m glad lots of yours have told me
you’ve purchased my fun2draw apps and my fun2draw food apps and that they’re
helping you with your drawings for those who don’t know these apps are the only
places where you can see how I would draw and color never-before-seen footage
or characters and fun2draw food they’ll make great holiday and birthday
gifts you can draw with these fun to draw apps wherever you go at home school on vacation or places
without website links to download my apps are in the video description for
more information check out my fun2draw app demo video playlist the link is coming up now

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