How to do a Clay Render in Blender (Cycles)

hello everybody and welcome back to
another blender made easy tutorial today we’re going to be covering how to render
your model in a clay version okay so here I have a model that I created I did
not create this this Lantern though I did not create that one this model right
here the Orcrist from The Hobbit I did create and it has a material it’s got
like let me click on it we have a wood material here we have like a silver
glossy here we got like another silver glossy here and then we have like
yeah this right here we’ve got a couple of materials okay so if everything is
all textured and I’ll show you guys I’ll go over here and go to the material view
and you can see we have like a brick material we have a concrete dirty
concrete sort of material here alright but I want to render this in a clay
version so how do I do that well what I thought you had to do was add in like
let’s just press shift a we’ll add in a cube we’ll drag it over here we’ll give
it a new material we’ll just call it like clay material something like that
so we have this I spelled that wrong material there we go okay so we have
this material it’s just like a diffuse white and what I thought you had to do
was select everything deselect the cameras right there deselect this camera
and this camera and lastly that one and also the empty we can deselect so we
would select everything make sure our clay is selected last then hit control L
and go materials so now every single object in our scene has this clay
material so if we press shift-z we can see once it renders we can see
everything has that material except for why I guess we would have to just get
rid of that material okay so there everything has the same material if we
go to material view we can see it okay so that’s what I thought you had to do
but there is a much easier way to do this so I’m going to hit control Z a
couple times make sure everything goes back to the way it was so now everything
has the regular material it’s got the glossy the wood material and everything
like so there’s a much easier way if we come
over to this render layers panel there is an option for material right here if
we hover over even see material to override all the other materials in this
render layer so if we click on this we go to our clay material now this will
overwrite every single material in our scene with this clay material so if I
come over here and we do like a quick render I’ll just set it to yeah 20
samples is okay and also I’m going to check denoising what this does is it
will just make your render look much much better with a very low sample
number so do you know anything I’ll turn that on and then I will hit render and
you will to see what it looks like alright this is going to take a little
bit so I’ll pause the video until it’s done before I positive I want to show
you guys what it looks like for denoising and there you can see like
this this parts really really noisy but what denoising does it kind of overlays
on top I think it kind of blurs the noise together I’m not exactly sure how
it works but there you can see a govern of the
noise and it looks so much better and it’s only 20 samples so it’s going to go
really really fast there it is finished and it’s only 20 samples and it looks
really really nice denoising is a great feature that i can’t wait for it to be
in 2.79 i’m in the build right now you can see up there two point seven point
five or two point seven eight point five okay so this is our render and you can
see everything has the clay material so now all we have to do to get all the
materials back is go over to the render layer and just click the little X right
here and that will get rid of it and now everything is back to normal just like
it was with every single material having like the wood the gloss in and the
concrete so there you go that is how you render a clay version so
thank you for watching if you enjoyed make sure you leave a like and comment
down below if you use this for your own model and stuff like that and if you
want to see this final version of my scene right here that I created I’ll put
a link in the description it’s a blender artist post that
I submitted so go check it out tell me what you think and feel free to leave
critiques so thanks for watching again I’ll see you guys in the next tutorial

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