How To Dial In Your Espresso Grinder

hi this is Ben from Clive coffee today
we’re gonna be talking about dialing in your espresso grinder first plug in the
grinder install the hopper and open the hopper throat depending on which grinder
you have this process may look slightly different
the first method we’re going to show you is called single dosing when you weigh
it the amount of coffee that you want for that individual drink tear your
portafilter dump in eighteen to twenty grams and then add that to your grinder the benefit of single dosing is that you
can keep your coffee sealed and fresh and you can eliminate the variable of
quantity you can also use your grinders timer to get a repeatable dose of coffee
the benefit of using the timer is that you can make more drinks more easily
first fill your hopper with beans then we need to set the timer so that you get
the right amount of coffee every time try you’re grinders factory setting
before making an adjustment if no coffee is coming out it means we need to
gradually adjust the grind coarser until you start to see a steady flow always
adjust the grind while your grinder is running when you pull your first shot
make sure that the coffee is evenly distributed in the basket and tamp
evenly the amount of pressure is not as important as being consistent if you
have any questions about dialing in your grinder give us a call

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