How to create katana in blender 2.81

hey what’s up guys it’s Mac here and
today I’m going to teach you how to make a katana like this one on your screen
and blender 2.81 since most of you guys are requesting for a tutorial so here it
is. There are a lot of approach that you can execute making katanas in blender
2.81 but I will use my own and if you think that my method is very difficult
or there are better approach than what I have in this video please let us know in
the comment section below so everyone could learn including me or we can learn
from each other from this video so before we begin let me just inform you
that this will be a very long video but you can check out the timestamp in the
description below so you can skip whenever you need. so without further ado
let’s begin. okay our first we’re going to do the katana blade and there are a
lot of ways, before we begin there are a lot of ways that you can do this but I’m
going to show you how I make my katana on the video, the current videos that I
have in this channel. so anyway we’re going to remove these first by selecting
all and press delete. now we’re going to use a plain mesh. let’s just focus on
that and let’s just cut this and it’s just like it first edit mode and got it
and yeah no I know that’s our dude right now it’s got it over I just removed this
but this is over here and that’s got this more yeah I guess that will be
enough because we don’t want the blade to become very thick anyway that’s just
press let’s cut it again in half let’s put a look up in the middle press these
two vertices and just press G two times and put it down a little bit I guess up
to this point yep this point will be enough or I guess
it’s too much let’s do that again half will be fine I guess and now we’re
going to remove the look cut in the middle and press this vertices and this
vertice and just put them together pressing F now we have to select them
all just one guess this one let’s flip it over here and let’s extrude it in the
z-axis and I guess 25 pressing 25 will be fine press ENTER and
this will be our base plate over here now the next thing we’re going to do is
we’re going to do loop cuts so we could have it curved in a little while but
before we do that let’s just save this quick let’s say katana tutorial that
would be fine anyway now let’s continue let’s press ctrl R and just press let’s
make the loop cuts against 20 will be enough here
I guess that is fine let’s just rotate this real quick birthday is the access
to 180 degrees so that we could have the sharp blade on the right side now as
soon as we have done the loop cuts over there we’re going to do a proportional
curving so that we could curve this somehow and in order for us to do that I
just press this button over here or you can just press the O on your keyboard
and let’s choose the sharp one of course we want it sharp because it’s a blade
yeah anyway before we could put the curve over there let’s just go to the
wireframe press be control let’s just select this top part over here here
rather and press s so we could see this circle over here let’s just put it up to
this point and let’s just press control C so whatever that’s happen
scaling happen over there is now gone now press ug and go to y-axis and as you
can see it’s curving proportionally yes yeah this will be enough we’re not done
yet so select this part over here and do the same pattern press G press Y and yep let me know if you want that curve
already so this will all depend on how you imagine things so first we’re going
to do it that way and I guess that’s curved enough for the katana or is it
too much so let’s just I guess it’s just enough for the sake of this tutorial
yes that will be fine anyway let’s continue the next thing we’re going to
do is just we go to make the tip blade over here we’re going to make it pointy
so in order for us to do that let’s make another loop cuts over here and gets
three will be fine and one more over here and one more over there let’s go to
wireframe press B to select this part and let’s place a scale so we could find
this circle thing over here so we could have a proportional scaling so this big
anyway let’s put it up to get this this part okay so we’re going to scale that
and we don’t want the z-axis to come with the scaling so we’re going to press
shift-z and just move your mouse in and out too so that you could scale that
accordingly so I guess this point will be enough let’s just move this this part
over here by pressing G and press Y y axis and there we go I guess I will be
enough do you think now we just have to like put this
together by pressing em just about this first select it by pressing B then of M
then let’s put that in the center I guess that’s enough let’s just move it a
little bit more and that’s it now you got yourself a katana blade just a blade
okay now let’s do the guard part so we’re just going to make the design very
simple let’s just choose circle and let’s just scale that up
I guess this won’t be enough yep let’s focus on that and let’s go over
the top view just select certain points right here 1
2 3 4 5 6 7 s 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 and that’s like this oops shift to select
this part and let’s try to scale it proportionally yes okay that’s that’s
nice you could do it this way or wherever you want anyway I guess that’s
this that design is nice and let’s just fill that up what do you think anyway you could do
your own yes for the sake of this tutorial let’s just do it that way and
let’s make it thick by extruding it downwards press E and press Z so it will
go to the z axis I guess this thick is enough depends on
the blade size yeah against so let’s make it scale it into Y you can see X
access and make it a little bit this way but I think guys let us know in the
comment section below but as of now let’s just continue working on this
point now we don’t want that edge apart over this design so what we’re going to
do is just we’re going to make this object smooth by going here and where’s
that shade smooth yes and in order for us to make it look
nicer let’s just press select the face in the top and the bottom just press I
and scale and just move your mouse accordingly up and down but we’re going
to make it up to here so yeah it will look a little better I guess and let’s
put a lip cut we’re going downwards and another lip cut going upwards ctrl R and
just move it move your mouse up and down anyway that is it so it will look nice
yep so I guess this is the hard part now we’re going to do the handle part we
still have the handle part and handle wrapping so to speak and that is the
hardest part I guess but it depends on the design so here it is the guard
design let’s just scale it a little bit I guess it’s too small yep
yes that’s fine now let’s move on let’s just save this quickly and now let’s do
the hand handle handle part so what we’re going to choose is I guess
let’s press shift a and let’s just choose the cylinder normal cylinder
let’s just press G and this to move that a little bit down negative one yep so it
will have whoops perfect yeah yes that’s fine and let’s select this object press
tab to go into the edit mode and press this face over here let’s just move it I
guess G go back to the z-axis
negative fine well that’s too short control V control Z and let’s just say
12 look oops okay G Z negative 10 yep I guess or I guess that’s too long
of course we’re going to curve this up not that way I’m not going to make it
look that way because it’s really too thick just like everything by pressing a
and scale by pressing s and scale it to x-axis so we make it a little bit
thinner yeah I guess that’s it okay and of course we’re also going to make this
a little bit curved so we’re going to use the technique
we just use for this curved sword we’re going to press this again now before we
do that let’s just put a loop cuts already this handle press ctrl R and
against 15 will do or just ctrl R again again again again press ctrl R and yeah
I guess 15 moly or is it too much I guess it’s too much
let’s just press 12 yeah yeah all day and let’s select the edge part over here
plus this one and of course we’ll go to scale it up to this point only or up to
here okay so let’s press G press Y and move
it over here okay let’s just not make it do curb because yeah yeah I guess that’s
fine let’s remove this XI Y and yes yep yep yep mm-hmm
that looks fine and yes you could still improve these things if you have more
time so as of now let’s just settle with this that’s I think we need to move it a
little further see why yes it doesn’t need to be too
accurate so you just have to like feel the looks of the katana anyway I guess
that’s it yes yes yes and I think we need to smoke this out so
select this object this part and press object over here and make it shaped
smooth that’s perfect mmm-hmm guess that’s fine
let’s just move this further down so it will not be overlapping over here so
select the object press eg frenzy so it will go into the z-axis and just pull it
a little bit down okay so we have our handle and we have the guard the handle
of the blade next thing we’re going to do is the wrappings over this handle
over here okay our the next thing we’re going to do is we’re going to put some
simple wrappings over this thing so what we’ll be needing is another plane let’s
focus on that let’s rotate it y-axis negative 90 yes let’s go to the edit
mode wireframe let’s just delete select this edge and press vertices because
this all that we need let’s just put this down a bit G is the access yeah I
guess this won’t be fine let’s just scale it a little bit and let’s put it
around this line over here okay I guess I’ll be fine so we will what we will be
needing is another modifier or the screw modifier let’s put the axes and two x
axis let’s go back to the solid mode and put this screw in 1.5 and iteration two
like six I guess okay but it’s in the other side mm5 yeah worry about that let’s just put it down
Jesus thing more more MORE and that’s it I guess it’s with more iteration over
here I guess yeah seven will be enough now we’re going to
need another modifier called shrink wrap because we want this to be
wrap over the handle so we’re going to select the target as the handle okay but
we can’t see it yet let’s try to move it from here here so go to the wireframe so
as you can see over here those are the wrappings but we can’t see it yet
so let’s put another modifier called solidify let’s put the offset to just
one not the inside the thickness two points or five I guess and as we go to
the solid mode there we go to be able to see it let’s just fix this a little bit
okay I guess that’s just perfect scale this a bit
because I wanted to be wrapped that way and that’s another add another modifier
code called subsurface so we will have more vertices over there
and then let’s just move it for here yeah so you just have to play around
with this and do it in your own way but Utley at least the things that I’m
teaching you right now are just ideals anyway let’s scale this a little bit
more yep perfect yeah I think that will be fine I guess
let’s just add another one I guess eight iteration so and let’s move this in the
axis J why okay and yeah I guess this will do just for
the sake of this tutorial anyway so as soon as that is done all we
have to do right now is just to apply all of these things in order so of
course we have to dis select it I mean select it and move out of the
edit mode so let’s just call this wrap and let’s just save this really quick
then select this part apply apply shrink wrap apply that and apply this
subdivision so now we have a new wrapping somewhere here so to make it
more look realistic let’s just edit some part so press we’re going to select all
of the lines over here so in order for you to do that go into the edge mode
press shift and right click shift out and right click this part so we could
select everything else so we’re going to scale that then press shift-z go inwards
okay not too much I guess how this one is okay and so we must select this as
well so another this line over here as you can see friends shift out and then
right click and then scale press s and then she’ll Z so the z axis will not be
affected over the sizing is icing over this part okay so let’s put that like
that I guess let’s do it the same way over this partition’s eat our chip off
and then right click then scale shit in to make a little bit of it effect like
that okay so I guess that’s good oops I think we made a mistake over this part
so let’s select this again scale shift Z okay you can actually add some more over
this is here so you could play around more and the science and stuff so it’s
really up to you oops let’s control R then just like that shit see oops wrong
button again here ship out right-click scale
ship Z okay oops scale shell Z okay I guess that’s fine
now the last thing we’re going to do here is the pommel so that we could
close this part on this side anyway let’s just hide this for now and the one
hide press H press this one and let’s get or should I say let’s just copy this
part over here so what we’re going to do is just shift B to copy press ENTER and
press P to separate that selected part and we have this part over here so we’re
going to call this pommel ok and let’s go to the solid mode let’s scale this up
chef easy oops let’s just go to the edit mode then scale show Z let’s put it a little bit down so the
purpose of this one so that we could have a closing part for this wrappings
over there so we have to scale it a little more to make it look nice so to
speak okay I’ll be it then select all this side by
pressing shift out and then select this edge line just like at all then fill
that up by pressing F then of course we want to make this a little bit round
over here so what we’re going to do is just to shift I’ll press that part and I
guess control V yep correct roll B and then you move your scroll wheel over
there yeah guess that will look fine let’s just put another look on over here
to make it looks a little bit smooth and ng at this part okay yes that’s it so this is it guys this is a simple
katana tutorial anyway I hope you like it so this is the final result guys and
I hope you like it and I also hope that you learn something from this video if
you do please let us know in the comment section below but before we end up this
video let me know if you wanted to learn as well how to texture this model so we
could do a follow-up video so that’s it guys if you found this video interesting
and helpful please give this a thumbs up and share it thanks for watching and
we’ll see you in the next one

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