How to Be a Professional DJ : How Do DJ Mixers Work?

Hey guys, in today’s topic we’re going to
talk about how a DJ mixer works. Let’s take a look at this. In your basic DJ mixer you
usually got two channels, left and right. And those are really basically your left and
right sources, in this case two turntables. And then you’ve a selector switch for your
cue, or for your headphones. That’s going to cue your headphones from left to right.
And basically what happens all throughout the night as you’re DJing, is the DJ is basically
one step ahead of the crowd, and basically in the headphones cuing up the next song,
before he actually brings it in, and turns the volume up for the crowd to hear. Let’s
get familiar with the parts of a DJ mixer. In any DJ mixer you’re going to have a gain,
which is to say the volume coming into the mixer from the turntables. You’re also going
to have a section of equalizer, low frequency, mid-frequency, and high frequency. And then
you’re going to have a volume fader which controls the volume that goes out to the house,
and the house is basically what everybody else is listening to. Is also on most DJ mixers
got, a basic cross-fader which fades back and forth between the left sound source and
the right sound source. And you’ve got a master volume, and that master volume is your volume
for the house. That’s a basic DJ mixer.

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