How Much Money Do I Earn From YouTube With 75,000 Subscribers

What is going on everyone? My name is
Marissa, and in this video I’m going to talk about how much I earn with a
YouTube channel that has 75,000 subscribers. Sorry, I just had to take a
minute because I’m like, wait, I am talking about myself, sometimes I wake up
I’m like “Shit! I’m a youtuber!” That’s just still crazy to me. So in this video what
you could expect are a breakdown of my Google Adsense revenue, how the heck I
was able to generate a month of over $9,000 in Google Adsense
revenue alone, and how you can improve your YouTube channel to maximize the
Google Adsense revenue amount, and then I’ll go over other income stream
strategies on my channel so that you can model after my channel and making
grow yours success in 2020 and beyond. But before we get into the explanation
of how, just recently, I’ve gone from like $177 a day to two to three to four to five hundred dollars a day, all the way up to
$698 per day on YouTube. I want to tell you guys a
little story that I think is extremely extremely important to the growth of
your YouTube channel and making money online. So I wanted to go back in time
just really quick in this video because a lot of times when viewers and future
creators and entrepreneurs see a channel like mine, even bigger, I’m just giving an
example, they think like “Oh my god, I could never get to that point,” or they
seem a little bit intimidated about the final product that is on the social
media platform right now, the tens and thousands of followers, the
hundreds of thousands of subscribers, people have told me like “Oh my gosh
I could never be a youtuber, I’m not like you Marissa, I’m not all polished and my
videos aren’t all fancy,” and I’m like you know what, people need to realize that
before I had this income level and the polished YouTube channel and
seventy five thousand subscribers, I started with zero, I started, financially,
I started below zero because when I started my journey on YouTube I was like
in super super debt, a lot of people don’t know that but I wanted to go back
in time. I wanted to start with this first video, of
a video from March 28th 2018, when I had about 305 subscribers and I was just
using my webcam in this dark room “I’m Marissa Romero, and if you haven’t
already go ahead and smash the subscribe button if you haven’t done so because
I’m gonna be uploading tons of videos like this.” You fast forward to this clip
where I had 501 subscribers on May 5th, I was just rambling in front of the
camera about who knows what, “Right now I’m actually in Bali, Indonesia
I’ve been here for a little bit over two weeks, I’ve been living the digital nomad
lifestyle I’m here at Dojo Bali co-working space, it’s this really
awesome space that I’ve been working at during the day, it’s
got super high speed internet, a lot of online business owners here, it’s this
little hub where people collaborate.” And on May 16th I had about 706 subscribers
and I had created my first lead magnet and giveaway for my audience, and this is
what I said “Oh and one other thing before I get into the main content of
this video, I wanted to tell you guys that I have a free video training
series that goes over this topic more in depth and you could check that out in
the first link in the description.” And then on June 5th 2018 I made a video
celebrating my first 1000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours as I got approved
for the YouTube Partnership Program. “This is a celebration video and thank-you
video because yesterday, June the 4th, 2018 I just crossed my thousand
subscriber mark and it was a goal I had been visualizing for the past. about 70
days or so.” And now I’m sitting here about a year and a half later in front
of you telling you how I have 75,000
subscribers, I didn’t think this day would come,
like no way, I thought it would take five years, who knows, more than that. But the
point is, just go for it, get started. We’ve all started from zero, you can get
on here and do the damn thing and do just as well or
even better. So just to give you guys a snapshot of my Google Adsense revenue, so
the revenue I’m generating from my Google Adsense, let’s go to my channel
dashboard, you can see this is my channel, this is real, and in the past 28 days my
revenue is about $6,400 which is down because if
you’re a youtuber and you’ve been monetized already on your channel, you
know your Google Adsense is a complete roller coaster. It is constantly up and
down. But let’s go to my channel analytics and take a look at some
revenue numbers just from the past- well you guys know from the past 28 days it’s
about 6,400- but if we take a look at the past ninety days I’ve made $23,000 on YouTube from YouTube ad revenue. Like, for me, that is really
really exciting, that’s a number that I’m so grateful for and I did not think was
possible and so one of the reasons why is because my channel CPM, or the amount
that YouTube pays me per thousand views that’s basically what it stands for, it
is pretty high and it is about $44. A lot of people have this
misconception that you get paid for the amount of followers or
subscribers, obviously in this case for YouTube, but that is wrong. YouTubers get
paid once they get monetized from Google Adsense, they get paid by the views, right?
So the higher your CPM is, the more you get paid per thousand views, and I go
over CPM way more in depth in this video right here where I talk about how much
YouTube paid me for a video that I have with half a million views, so definitely
check that out if you want to learn the details on CPM. But the point is the way
you increase your CPM and increase Google ad revenue is to definitely hone
in on what your top content is. So what do I mean by top content? There will be
videos on your channel that are bringing in more subscribers, that are bringing in
more viewers and overall more growth to your channel and so you want to figure
out which content that is. You can easily do that in analytics,
if you go to analytics and engagement YouTube will tell you what your top
videos are for the past 28 days, and so if you double down on that content
create more of it, get better at it and improve the quality, your Adsense and your
Google ad revenue is going to increase. And so the next thing I wanted to
mention, you guys saw the videos and how I started back in the day with a webcam
and no lighting, no fancy cameras, nothing, I’m not saying
you need a fancy camera and lights but it definitely, definitely helps and I highly
suggest hiring a video editor because if you are not a video expert and if you
don’t have a channel on video editing and travel and producing your
own videos, and if you just want to pump out content it’s important. And Dan Locke
says this too, billionaire Dan Locke says you need to start outsourcing your video
editing because if it’s not what you want to do, if it’s not your number one
priority and passion, you should hand it off to somebody else who’s really good
at it, will make you look really good on camera, and so hiring a video editor and
increasing the quality of my videos was a game-changer. So it was the reason I
had gone from $1,000 a month in Google ad revenue up to $6,000 and in the past
I’ve made over $9,500 from Google ad revenue.
So definitely if you are interested in video editing for your business, your
YouTube channel, your funnels, whatever type of video marketing you need for
your business, check out the link in the description for a free 30-minute video
editing consultation. You can ask any question you want, you’ll talk about
the needs of video editing and marketing in your business, it is a really, really
great call so check out the link in the description for that consultation call.
So I wanted to talk about another revenue stream that I have on my youtube
channel and that is digital courses and let’s look at this video for more about
that. Digital courses, I’ve had digital courses on affiliate marketing, on
YouTube, and I have another course that is going to be released within
the next couple of weeks that is another in-depth course about YouTube and
building a profitable business. My number one advice to
you guys watching this video, this is a great thing to start with, is a digital
course. I know that you have some knowledge that somebody else wants to
learn, and that’s what’s so beautiful about online courses is because you
create this online course, one time, one time! And then after that you’re able to
sell it over and over and over and whoever buys the course and goes through
it is able to access the content and learn the content at their leisure and
implement when they are able to. But the point is you never have to sell the
course. You would build an online course, you would check out what the
competition is in Udemy, on Clickbank you can see what different types of courses
they have out there, and whatever you want to teach on. Trust me, if you think
like “Oh, I can’t make money with that, oh that’ll never be profitable,” Yes! It is
profitable, I promise you. It is profitable, your idea what you think you
can’t make money, you can make money. If this guy on YouTube, I think it’s called
porn reboot, if he’s able to make a lot of money by teaching men how to get over
their porn addiction, you can make money with your knowledge and expertise online,
I promise. So in summary, like I mentioned in that other video, you always have
something that you can share and build a digital course around. As a matter of
fact, in my early days on YouTube I did just this. I sold a course for pretty
cheap, under $200 or actually $197, so $3 under $200, but I thought it was worth a
pretty good amount because I was teaching a lot in there to my students.
And so when I first launched that course I would make maybe one or two sales per
month, not bad, I mean $200-$400 a month, and then after about 8
to 10 months I was up to making about 8 to 12 sales per month on that course.
That’s really, really great passive income. And so the next step for my
digital course, and that part of my business, I plan to create a brand new
course that I’m going to raise the price on quite significantly because it is
definitely a transformational offer that I feel that will change the businesses
and the financial stability of many, many entrepreneurs out there, so
that’s why I’m comfortable raising the price. My courses before have been proven
and students have loved them, I have testimonials, so now in this part of my
business, I feel it is appropriate to raise that price of my digital course
quite a bit. And so the next income stream for my youtube channel with
75,000 subscribers is affiliate marketing, and again, let’s check out this
explanation of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, now I used to
actually only do affiliate marketing, because with affiliate marketing you can
have multiple streams of income. What is affiliate marketing? If you don’t know, it
is promoting and selling a product that is not yours and you receive a
commission. So it’s something that actually you do all the time, you always
refer people to different restaurants, hotels, to your blender in the kitchen,
your coffee pot, and in this case what I would do is refer people to different
online courses, to education, and so alone in the last fiscal year I grossed well
over six figures with just affiliate marketing because I had income streams
from different softwares and tools that I was promoting that gave me recurring
affiliate commissions, because it was a monthly subscription, and I also made
high ticket affiliate commissions, like $1,000 commissions because I
would promote products that cost $2,000 or more. So the point is affiliate
marketing is a really great way to get started online because you don’t have to
invest in time and money to creating your own product and testing it, you can
simply grab an affiliate link online, just about any company, every company in
the world, has a referral or an affiliate program. Even Walmart, even
Target, just type in your favorite brand and if you type in affiliate or
referral program online, I guarantee 97% of the time they will
have a program for you to promote. So affiliate marketing is great, it’s
something that I’m always going to do with my online business and on YouTube,
and I highly recommend it to anyone trying to build up a passive income
stream. Of course it takes effort, like anything else, in the beginning to start
promoting your affiliate offers, but once you do, I’m still getting checks like
this for $1,800, where I’ve received $1,800 dollars in my bank account, and I’m like “Dude, that is cool.” And now that
I’ve worked hard and put up the work up-front, I don’t have to do anything now so
that income just comes in passively every single month. So you’re
probably at the point in this video and you’re like “Well Marissa,
I still don’t know how much you make on YouTube,” I mean my response to
that is “Well, I have to keep some things personal, right?” I can’t tell you all the
money I make, I mean that’s just kind of weird. I’m not gonna put all my income
streams out there, but I would imagine that now you have a pretty good idea on
how much it is that I make with a seventy-five thousand subscriber YouTube
channel and to learn more and get a complete breakdown of all my income
streams, including on and off YouTube you can check that out right here, where I
talk about my eight income streams. So if you’re liking this video, which I know
you are, go ahead and give it a like and keep the party going by continuing to
watch this video where I talk about how to make $10,000 on YouTube
and you can get started today and that video starts right now.
$177 in a single day, $302 in a single day, and it keeps going up and up and up $476 in a single day.

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