How I Clean my Makeup Brushes Fast and Easy + Mini Beauty Blender Washing Machine Review🤗

hey what is up everyone it’s your girl
talita here and in this video I’m showing you how I clean my makeup
brushes and beauty blenders so when you’re trying to maintain nice clean and
free skin you have to make sure that any tools are using on your face is clean
because dirty tools equal bacteria buildup and bacteria buildup equals
nasty compose so I saw multiple people on Instagram using this cute mini
washing machine to clean their makeup brushes and beauty blenders so I decided
to give it a try I purchased this on Amazon for like nine dollars and you
press that little button right there and it spins and everything is so cute
so yeah I’m also using this makeup brush shampoo that I also purchased on Amazon
really affordable so we’re gonna test these out and see if they work so I am
filling the little washing machine with water and setting that down then I’m
adding the shampoo just a little bit not too much well that looks like too much
anyway yeah and let’s see if this works you put it in and then press that little
butter on it there and it just starts doing its thing yes so at this point it’s tough working
I don’t know if what happened battery operated so I don’t know it just stopped
working altogether and I was just like yeah the same you know it did it cleaned
it a bit but there was some makeup left on it so I don’t think it did all that
of a good job as they portray it on Instagram so yeah kind of tried to get
it to work again but it didn’t that was a waste but yeah I’m just gonna
do with my hands from now on the old-fashioned way doing with your hands
is the best way so using the shampoo I’m just rubbing that onto the Beauty
Blender and like rubbing it between my hands and fill in the sink with water
and I’m just dousing all the makeup brushes in there adding the shampoo and
just gonna do everything by hand right now look at that nice and clean and the
bristles aren’t falling out or anything so no damage it’s gonna rinse that
inside a shampoo set it aside and I’m just gonna continue doing this with mine
for all of them look at that all that makeup is in that water now I’m just
gonna rinse the beauty blenders and the makeup brushes to rinse out all the
shampoo from them with nice fresh water look how beautiful that is nice and pink
no more dirty makeup the water is clear it’s not brown and
nasty anymore I’m just rinsing those so the brush washing machine didn’t work
out but the shampoo really did its job it really clean the brushes got all all
that that makeup and everything and yes so I left the brushes to air dry they’re
really clean and nice and this is how they look after drying so that is it for
this video thank you so much for watching don’t forget to Like comment
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