Homemade Chicken & Potato Soup Recipes : Blender Settings for Pureeing Potatoes

Hi on behalf of Expert Village my name is
Andrea Spano and I’m going to show you a couple of soups today from my new book Not Just Desserts.
Okay I’m going to show you again how to start pureeing the soup remember the potatoes, onions
grab enough of them, fill it half way and start adding the liquid. You have to add the
liquid cause if you try to puree without the liquid in there it is going to be to solid
it is not going to puree. So we need the liquid in there okay that should be enough now remember
you cover it, close it tightly, you pulse for safety reasons. You see as it is going
and now you can just leave it on and it is not going to explode on you. Okay always remember
to leave the top until it stops because if I pull it off before I stop the pulsing a
lot of times when you pull this off and shut this off a burst of liquid comes out and you
are going to get burn. Okay so when we come back we would have the whole soup pureed.

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