Homegrown | How to Cut Onions Without Crying

How do you get from this to a nice dice that you might use in a stir-fry or soup or stew? The first thing we want to do is cut off just a little bit of this root end. We’re going to leave the root intact, but the volatile oils in the onion are going to escape out of there. That’s going to help us not to cry too much when we’re chopping the onions. So see I left the root intact, but I tore off or cut off that little end. Now I’m going to cut off the other end, and, — using our claw hand and chopping through the onion — and then we’re going to chop it again and cut it in half this way. Move that from the board. Now we’re just going to remove this outer layer of paper — the onion skin. Again we want to protect this left hand. We’ve got our nice pinch grip. We’re going to place our hand flat here, and we’re going to make these cuts like this almost all the way through. I’ve gone and cut them to about right here. I’m going to make two more of these. So I’ve got it sliced this way. Now I want to turn it towards me and again with my claw hand, I’m going to make about four or five slices this way: down with the tip and through. Now with my claw hand I’m going to come down this way and through — again keeping in mind the size that I need for whatever food I’m making And you see we have perfectly diced onions. Thanks for joining us in “Homegrown in the Kitchen.”

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