Henry’s Hot Spiced Apple Cider. Breville Juicer & Vitamix Pro 750

the fall has arrived and welcome to the blending with Henry Show today we’re making a hot spiced apple cider and it’s made with fresh ingredients of apples and oranges and is flavored with aromatic spices of cloves cinnamon and nutmeg it’s sure to be a great hit during the holiday season while you’re watching movies so if you guys are ready let’s get blending with Henry the fall season means it’s harvest time and apples are the number one picked fruit and the main ingredient and many fall recipes you guys know how good the house smells with apples citrus and spices simmering on the stove right it’s so comforting while watching some good movies now often people will use the same method to make hot spiced apple cider which is one of my favorites there’s just something special about sipping this amazing beverage made from Apple’s citrus and spices that is so appropriate during the fall season now I decided to create my own easy to make recipe called Henry’s hot spiced apple cider it’s made with fresh apples fresh oranges spices and it’s 100% plant-based with no refined sugars you can grab the full recipe on blending with henry dot com to create the recipe I’m using the Breville big squeeze slow compression juicer and the vitamix professional series 750 ok to get started we have some quartered seedless oranges and some Delicious Honey Crisp apples so I’m going to go ahead and juice them and we’ll start with the oranges now I like using the slow compression juicer you guys because it’s quiet and it provides maximum juice with little to no oxidation now as I’ll juice the apples you guys you’ll notice that it still looks like orange juice in the chamber now I assure you it tastes like apple juice now this recipe uses two large apples and one large orange so the apple flavor is prominent oh my gosh I wish you guys could smell this fresh juice I mean I can’t wait till this is done so I can taste this okay the chamber is now full so I’m going to go and empty it so I can continue juicing the rest of the apples now I mentioned before how quiet this machine is if you guys like making fresh juice in the morning but don’t want to wake your family you should consider getting this Breville alright you guys were all done juicing ah look at that amazing juice you guys now I know I know you would love a sip of it but just hold tight you guys it gets even better now for the Vitamix you can use the included 64 ounce container but I’m using the 48 ounce container because it’s a smaller recipe and this is about three and a half cups for the whole thing all right so here’s our fresh raw juice I’m going to pour it right in [Music] next is my favorite blenditup bee-free vegan honey now this is the perfect sweetener because it’s made with apples and citrus to enhance the flavor of the cider now freshly ground nutmeg and ground cinnamon cloves are a favorite ingredient when it comes to holiday spices now they give a licorice hue to recipes now I’m using a very small amount about 1/8 of a teaspoon is all that’s necessary one pitted date and you can use medjool or any type now this will add some texture to the cider for a richer pour and slightly have a sweetness okay I’m snapping my lid in place now the Pro 750 has a hot soup preset if you want to drink it hot right away after blending I’m using the variable speed control just to blend for two minutes now I’m starting on speed one and quickly increase to the highest speed now you guys want to allow this to blend for at least two minutes so all the spices and pitted date are well incorporated [Applause] I’m decreasing the speed slowly before shutting off the Vitamix to reduce the foam guess what you guys were all done I mean really okay now while the vitaminx will make it hot if you want it piping hot I’m going to show you a different method simply pour the spiced apple cider into a saucepan on medium heat stir it until it’s heated to your liking and that’s it if you’re presenting this to your guests garnish your plate with cinnamon sticks cloves ground nutmeg and an apple so it gives them an idea of what they’re actually drinking and now for the pour look at that baked apple color and you guys may also put the cider in the refrigerator and drink it cold it’s just as good if you have these you can add these glass swivel sticks to stir the cider as you serve and it also dresses up the presentation typically homemade or store-bought apple cider is made with water and juice and this is a 100% pure juice and it’s fresh now instead of simmering over the stove you can make this in under 10 minutes with your juicer and the Vitamix not to toot my own horn you guys but Henry’s hot spiced apple cider is really good now this is the perfect beverage for the fall season you’ve got to try it all right you guys thank you so much as always and if you want to try out henry’s hot spiced apple cider the link for the recipe is below the video or on blending with Henry dot com as well as the Breville big squeeze slow compression juicer and many options to choose a Vitamix blender I’ll see you soon

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