Hemp Protein Powerhouse Smoothie Recipe

hey everybody today we’re making the Protein Powerhouse Smoothie, I’m Jenna the founder of Greenblender, welcome to our video series! For those of you don’t know, Greenblender sends everything you need to make amazing smoothies at home and every day I make one of those smoothies right here with you! It’s really fun, if you’re watching feel free to put your name and where you’re watching from in the comments below– we’d love to hear from you! So let’s get right into it. This smoothie is called the Protein Powerhouse because, guess what, it’s high in protein! I know it kind of threw everybody off. Now the main culprit of why it’s so high in protein is because we’re using hemp protein. Hemp protein is one of those things (or one of those protein powders) that’s really easy to digest and it’s also vegan. So it comes from the cannibis sativa plant. Don’t worry there’s no THC in this smoothie. But it comes from the hemp plant, it is one of the best proteins that you can get because it is a complete protein, there’s eight essential amino acids in this protein powder. It has almost no flavor, and it isn’t super gritty, so most protein powders have a gritty flavor or gritty texture to it.. one of the reasons why I really like the hemp protein is that it doesn’t have such a gritty flavor it has a little bit of grit, same with pea protein, but it’s not one of the most gritty of the protein powders I’ve ever tried.. So definitely let me know in the comments below of you’ve tried hemp protein powder. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are on this. The one thing that I really would love to mention about hemp protein is that it’s also very eco-friendly. The hemp plants are very fast-growing and they are growing very densely, there’s no need to use any pesticides or herbicides; there’s no weeds that grow around hemp plants. They’re very good on the earth. So what else is in the Protein Powerhouse Smoothie? I’m gonna tell you: We’re going to do 1.5oz spinach. 2tbsp of almond butter 1 tbsp hemp protein 3tbsp of rolled oats, 1 banana, and 1 apple So I have let my banana kind of get a little ripe and the more brown your banana gets, the sweeter it will become. So let’s throw all this into the blender. Rolled oats, believe it or not, are also a great source of protein. We use gluten free rolled oats, but you can use whatever you want— old-fashioned oats are going to be the best because they’re not gonna be so processed, and you don’t have to cook them, which is the best part! All right banana in… bananas are really awesome and easy to freeze so if you want to freeze your banana, it’ll make this smoothie much more frosty and of course gotta love– i love the apple! it’s going to make it a little sweet, a little crisp. Gonna be delicious, who doesn’t love apples and almond butter together, right? let’s throw my hemp protein. It has a little bit of an earthy flavor to it, but since we’re going to be combining the hemp protein with the apples and bananas and then a very strong flavor of almond butter, you will not be able to tell it’s in there. Almond butter also is a good source of protein, so this smoothie has about 7g of protein per serving, there’s two servings in the smoothie, and it’s also high in fiber so that’s pretty cool. There’s 8g of fiber in the smoothie as well. Really great. Complete smoothie, perfect for your afternoon snack or even a meal replacement because it’s so high in protein *blender whirring* all right! let’s try this out. I can already tell I’m gonna love it.
I always love these smoothies! alright! it is so good, really creamy, the oats and the Almond butter really make it creamy. A little tip from me to you is that if you don’t have your favorite nut milk on hand, you can use a tablespoon or two of your favorite nut butter with a cup of water and it’ll do just the same trick! So until tomorrow cheers everyone stay healthy!

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